Tuesday, March 02, 2004


The peanuts character quiz...I didn't find it on my own. You see, I stole it from burntfuse.
There I said it... I've already been chastising myself and applying the cath-guilt for not crediting someone who stole it from someone else. Could you imagine the chain that could develop from the associated guilt?
I stole this from Jane,who stole it from ramilda,who found it at kari's ,who stole it from....
I just feel funny about this kinda stuff. It's hard to explain,but I do.
What I don't feel funny about however, is this idea I stole from special K.
I have never tried to think of 100 things I like in one sitting, but it feels like a challenge so here goes:
1. War movies, any war, any period... but especially the one's about Viet Nam.
2. Sappy movies like Forrest Gump, I have seen that movie 100 times and I cry every time...it's a good cry too.
3. The blues... johnny winter and robert johnson in particular, but any blues really
5.fishing with my son.
6.camping out,which brings me to:
7. The Rio Grande National Forest in southern Colorado... I camped there in the same angelic spot every spring from 1984 to 1994,Ann and I honeymooned there, in the same spot... it's a magical place.
9.Sleeping with dogs on the bed in winter... snuggle city.
10. Being part of a pack...did I mention dogs?
11.When I get that distortion sound just right on my guitar.
14.Green bean cassarole.
15.Turtles... especially when they recognize YOU as one...it happens, I'm not crazy and the feeling is awesome.
16.The smell of skunk weed.
17.Getting tattooed.
19.Storms and the way they roll in from a distance.
20.Fast cars.
21.Old trucks.
22.The looks on people's faces in reaction to me.
23. My return look to those people.
24.Maudie's patio and all the people that work there.
25.Good conversation.
26.Good drunken conversation.
27.Drunken conversation.
28.Drunken, drug addled conversation.
30.Playing to a live audience that gets it.
31.Playing to one that doesn't.
32.Guitars... they are beautiful things.
33.Egg salad (done right)
34.Rocks no salt - Wait! can I switch order?!
35.The way Jager makes you gag but you love it just the same.
36.The colors black and red together.
37.The color green.
38.Catholic iconography
40.New Orleans
41.Voodoo-ie stuff.
42.Knives...I used to collect bone handled folding knives from back in the day.
44.The way Theo looks at me when he wants a pet.
45.The way any of my dogs look at me when they want a pet.... I melt.
46.Waking up every morning knowing Ann's got my back (can I shift order again?). I can't tell you what this woman means to me.
47.My uncanny memory, it's like I have TIVO in my head.
48.My friends, I'm lucky to have a very diverse circle of friends, in my business many generations and groups are represented...it's a rich environment.
49.Beef...high end beef.
51.Blogging and the consequences.
52.The internet.
53.People watching.
54.The diversity in the world.
55.Knick-knacks...especially bhudda statues.
56.The spirit of punk rock.
57.Neil Young's "harvest" - takes me back, everytime.
58.That I have stories about the Armadillo that are really true.
59.I think about the people I went to high school with, and with a VERY few exceptions I smile at the memories.
60.Birds in my front yard.
61.Husker Du...nuff said.
62.7-11's regular grind...every morning 16 oz., like church only tastier.
63. 4:00pm in the winter....we close early,less traffic.
64.Jam sessions...fuck practice! We know those songs already. (rare)
65.That I've made it this far.....
66.microwave ovens...I once feared them, but now they are my friend.
67.The mach 3 razor by gillette.
68. Aveeno stress relief body wash...believe me I need it.
69.Cajun spices.
67.My G&L ASAT guitar...like a telecaster only more so.
68.Sovtek...the poor man's Marshall amp.
69.Chicken wings.
71.Corn on the cob.
72.Garlic mashed potato's.
73.Black-eyed peas.
75.Shooting guns....at targets... I don't hunt except for:
76.I love to shoot rats
77.Pork chops.
78.The sound of a VOX wah-wah pedal...there's nothing like it.
79.The smell of good Hash.
80.Tit's...all kinds of tit's.
81.lo-rider jeans on the girls that can pull it off... ouch!
82.A smooth running fine point pen.
83.Colored pencils.
85. Drawing tattoo flash.
86.Looking at Tattoo flash.
88.The goth thing done right...it has to be done right.
89.Black dogs.
90.A good argument.
91.Sleeping in ( this could be on the list of things I miss)
92.leaving for work early - no traffic (rare)
93.Reeses peanutbutter cups out of the freezer.
94.Rolling around
95.Club cigarette papers
96.Ice cold beer.
97.Garlic bologna.
99.Chex mix.
100.Me.Yeah, I like me...it took 44 years for me to be reasonably satisfied with me, but I am. I like where I'm at.
Whew! I could've poked out the 100 things I don't like in half the time.
Thanks Kat for making me think a bit...time for a rocks no salt :)

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