Sunday, August 31, 2008


G'wan...make some...


Here's a couple more nuggets for you...

I think Helpless is one of his best,and to be able to perform it with the Band at the Last Waltz concert?Damn...and that's Joni Mitchell back stage singing the girly parts-I'm not sure,but I think she and Neil had a thing going on at the time.
And remember this-I'm not a hippy,I'm a decoy-just ask Clark :)

We went out early for a long planned re visit to the trail,and after I got over my geographical retardation and finally found the damn place,we had a high old time.(Thanks in no small part to my personal GPS system,Ann)

Irene was feeling a bit hippy this morning.

This guy and gals are my friends and sometime hiking buddies.One of the pluses of this hike is it's leash free-and there were lots of other dogs coming and going on our way in and out.But it was all good-no drama.Irene gets on well with Shania (l) and Faith (r).Irene wasn't sure what to make of the smaller breeds she encountered-dachshunds and a mini collie were especially interesting.

Zombie eyes !!!

Just some interesting berries-I liked the color.
An almost perfect Sunday morning...except for the geo-tardation and Cris's truck trying to give him a mastectomy,it was awesome.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

You already know I love Steve Earle,but who I REALLY LOVE is Neil Young...he just fucking kills on so many levels.And when I made my journey back to Colorado in my 65 chevy truck with everything I owned and my dog Buddy,the cassette of his decade album took me there,along with a 1/4 pound of weed.

I could sing every song and I did.This one was one of my favorites.
As I drove to my short lived future in the mountains he was on repeat.
Never mind that Loverboy was playing when my truck blew up on the way back to Texas...that's just an embarrassing foot note you can read about in the archives if you can be assed to find it.Just type in loverboy in the search bar, hilarity ensues.
A good time was had by all...shit,they had a pony ride!
The pics tell it all...enjoy.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Stacy pool...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Even though I talked about it all day.After 8 hours in the hottest building in North Austin-no power,no A/C and all glassed in already,trust me it's fucking hot.I wore a white T shirt today,and by 8:30 I had sweated through it and all my tats were showing through.
Then there was the drive-I mean crawl down MoPac-with no A/C in the car and the dinner to be prepared,by the time I got home from the grocery it was after 7 and the pool closes at 8.Fuck it,I'll do it tomorrow.
I'm doing the rough in-pipes and boxes-for data/comm and fire alarm systems-this is a huge building with lots of offices so to do a floor means the same thing over and over for 4 days per floor,faced with this kind of tedium I try to come up with faster more efficient ways of completing the task to keep it interesting and not lose my mind-so far so good.After tomorrow we have a 3 day weekend to look forward to-yes!
Speaking of the grocery...I continue my boycott of HEB and have been shopping at Randalls.We pay a bit more,but let me tell you-I have not been accosted by herds of unruly wb children and there mothers,there are no scraggly bum types lurking in the parking lot hitting me up for beer money and no crazy talking to themselves people wandering the aisles.It's worth is a relaxing experience now instead of a psych hospital PTSD relapse.
But Irene got her car time and porch time tonight with more porch time to come as I head out to the grill to put on the steak (overtime!) and turn the corn.
I'm working out my holiday pictures for the calendar -I'm especially excited about October!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I went swimming at Stacy pool this evening,it was awesome.I'm going again tomorrow,and the next day and the day after that.It was so relaxing.I can't believe I've lived within 10 minutes of this place,have walked my dogs in the park for 20 plus years and have never been swimming there-I guess I was just always a Barton Springs guy-or something.I did about 6 laps and had good conversation with some regulars.Then I just soaked,leaning on the deck-very cool.
Blueberry,over at Texas Oasis posted a song by Steve Earle from his Washington Square CD and it got me to thinking about old Steve...I love his music,and his career path is riddled with heartbreak and addiction and some of the most fabulous music ever created.He is a gifted songwriter,and riffing on BB,here's my offering to the school of Steve Earle.This song was originally written for (?) and done by Waylon Jennings-no slouch himself-but this version by Steve fucking rules.

"Six more missions-I'm gone"-my credo during the psych wars...

Apparently,I'm running for president....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday,Theo was at deaths door by all appearances,he was doing that old dog stop in inexplicable places and just stand there staring at the floor pre - death thing.We thought for sure he was going to snuff it.
I spent the entire day playing old tapes of Sullivan in my head,and staving off the tears-I had to go hide a few times,lest I be seen weeping and labeled a pussy,causing a beat down to prove that I wasn't-I just love my dog.
I shared my news with like minded friends and dog lovers who commiserated with me.
And lo and behold,I come home and he's back to his grumpy old self.
I was relieved,and I've loved on him accordingly.I was braced for his death and was almost disappointed that he disappointed me-he just won't give up the ghost.Maybe he's trying to teach us something-if it's how fucking sad can you get before you break-he wins.But I think he just loves us too much to go just yet.
In my life I've had lot's of dogs-Buddy was the greatest of all time,and Irene is an awesome little girl,but Theo is special.A big dog cursed with dysplasia from the get go,but lives to 13 years old...covered in tumors,hardly any hair on his tail.
But when he snuggles up to you on the bed you know you are loved.
His rumbles,his barks-his way of communicating,he is one of a kind.
And to think of a life without him just fucking kills me-I know it's coming,and probably soon...
And all I can do is love him-how many cuddles and pets does it take to repay a lifetime of canine dedication?
I don't think there's an answer to that.

I was talking to a coworker today about the pictures I've been taking of Irene.And he said,"you're making a calender right?"?And I thought-"I am now"!

We went to Stacy park tonight,and I took this and some others.I tried to get the lifegaurds at the pool to let me pose her in the lifeguard stand,but I have to get permission from the city and do it after hours,they gave me the number and told me it shouldn't be a problem.
So it's an Irene in Austin 2009 calender!

Monday, August 25, 2008


*personal protection equipment

Ha ha ha! I love my dog-she so gets the jokes


I blew out my old tennis shoes that I walk in the other day,and since I had/have some overtime coming,I spent some of it on some new hiking shoes.They are amazingly comfortable-no break in period-I just put them on and went...

To Cole springs,just inside of the (not so much anymore) small and quaint city of Buda,about 30 minutes from our house.There's lots of development going on as Austin and San Antonio gradually merge into one big cluster fuck of housing developments,with Buda in the cross hairs.

When Kyle was a wee child,I used to take him fishing there.Kyle had a tendency back then to throw his fishing rod into the water as a part of his casting.On one trip to Cole he dumped his rod into the creek from a cliff about 10 or 15 feet tall,I had to climb down it,get in the water and retrieve the errant rod-with a new (still in a bandage)ankle tattoo.How I avoided typhus or some such other waterbourne malady is one for the books.

I had a great photo opportunity when we first arrived,clear water with large fish schooling.I broke out my camera and turned it on..."no card present"-AKK!!!My memory card was in my computer at the house.So we drove home to retrieve it and went back.
I was sadly disappointed upon further exploration.The surrounding development has choked the life out of much of what was a beautiful place-the water all fuzzy and silt laden.I never saw any more large fish,or any turtles.Just minnows (which could live in a filthy toilet)and lots of trash.
Irene still enjoyed herself,but I was saddened by the loss of another special place...raped and pillaged by development run amok.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chess makes my head spin
I've never played chess before. So Rob lays out the board & tells me how all the pieces move and makes his first move. I sit there and see so many possible moves that my head spins. But I finally move a piece and then he moves a piece and suddenly there's all these new possible moves. It was mind-boggling. I eventually started taking out some of his pieces and sacrificing my own just to whittle down the options. And got lucky - our first game was a stale-mate, but my brain had to call it quits after that one game. Now I can play dominoes or a card game like Shanghai Rummy for hours, but I think chess is something I'm going to have to take in small doses, at least until I'm more used to it.

Once upon a time,in the winter of 1993,Max Cavalera (Sepultura,Soul Fly) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel)got together and made the ugliest record of all time (for the time).It fucking rules to this day,although I'll say it's ugliness has been eclipsed in this day and age.But it still stands up.
They were called Nailbomb,and the one album they made was called Point Blank.

I got our first copy out of the used bin at Waterloo records for 5.99-in 94 I think.We loved it,especially this song...World of Shit...enjoy

About a year ago I was at Best Buy (a surprisingly good place to find hard to find music and unusual music)buying a country covers version of AC/DC songs and a baroque cd of AC/DC songs when I came across a remastered Nailbomb with 6 bonus tracks-the only copy...I'll get it next time I said to myself.
I never got around to going back to get it.
So,Irene and I were out today after work looking for an old Rose Tattoo record (never found it)and ended up at the Best Buy-and lo and behold there was Nailbomb,in the wrong slot,at the very front.I snagged it up figuring it was karma.
I mean that cd must have been waiting for me to come back and get it.(I'm sure the cover "art" had nothing to do with it still being there-HA!)
The next stop was to get some wife beater shirts and a chess set at Target.I learned to play chess on a checker board with checker pieces as chess pieces with coins denoting king,queen,knight,bishop and rook stacked on top of the checker pieces when I was 11.My dad went crazy for chess,and we played often-he even had a travel set!
As it turns out,Ann isn't familiar with chess so much-so I get to teach her.Tonight.

I am so gonna smoke her ass-maybe...:)
update 08:55p
It was a stale mate...I must be rusty-yeah,that's it-rusty:)

Friday, August 22, 2008


Happy birthday Dad-I still miss you and think about you every day.

After 2 weeks plus in the grueling Texas sun digging holes and ditches,I'm happy to report that I am still alive and,despite the heat and the rain and the nasty port-o-let,I've enjoyed the experience.

Ann is having a shittier than usual time at her job recently,but it hasn't infected our home life,beyond her being bummed out-surely a dream job is just around the corner for her-she deserves it.Or to win the Lotto!

I saw my doctor today-the billing department was falling all over itself apologizing to me for a clerical error on my billing information-now,whether this was a result of me paying them or true remorse,who knows,but they kissed up regardless.
And the really good news-my blood pressure was 122/78 !!! I've put on a few pounds,but my doctor commented that it's probably muscle mass and that I looked broader in the shoulders-heh-heh...Hooray hard work and exercise and moderation.

Theo can't hold his bladder through the night anymore,he wakes me ever so gently between 3 and 4 in the morning to let him out to pee.A bit annoying,but then I think "what if I had to pee really badly and someone else had the key to the bathroom"?I drag my ass out of bed and let him out.*
*And stand on the deck while he takes care of business because his vision is not so good anymore either and I think he's afraid of the dark.

My foreman-who is old school and crusty-gave me props today,and said I was welcome on any of his jobs anytime.He commented on my 3 1/2 years experience as "a good 3 1/2 years"-Very cool coming from him.

Got another time and a 1/2 Saturday tomorrow-woo hoo!Like Ann always'll always work out some how.

And finally- It's really nice to know how many people out there care about me-in general and to my latest medical know who you are,thanks a bunch.

Good night!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You spin me right 'round, baby right 'round
Augh, that song is stuck in my head from having heard it on the radio, but that line is so appropriate for what's going on. I had a really bad day at work yesterday due to an unpleasant encounter with upper management and I'm sure it's no coincidence that my lower back flared up later that evening. I haven't felt that kind of pain in months. I don't think I'm spinning all the way 'round to the back situation of months ago, but it was definately a wake-up call. It's silly that I would let Mr.I'm.So.Much.Better.Than.You get under my skin, especially knowing that he thinks all females are incompetent and that all workers older than him are losers. I've got two strikes against me before I even walk in his office so I'm an idiot to ever think we might have meaningful discourse. I've been actively looking for work, but not finding anything that would be an improvement. I'd happily go back to temp work if it involved office jobs, but based on my inquiries so far, it looks like I'd just be doing the same call center routine for a lot less money. At this point though, even that sounds like a viable alternative.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A lot of this work has been outdoors-it's a parking lot expansion.We had to hang these pole lights (20 ft. tall) using a bucket truck to hoist them up then guide them to the pedestal stab 'em in and bolt them down.Since I can't operate the bucket truck (yet),I was the ground man-even though we did this in a steady drizzle,it was still a cool experience.I believe the foreman has a lot to do with it as well.
Take the last job I was on...I was late several times (I'm never late) and even took a sick day when I could of (and usually do) suck it up and go in.I just didn't like the way the job was being run or how the foreman treated the IJ's and apprentices.
I have not been late once or missed any time on this job,even though it has involved some back breaking work and shitty weather.
I enjoy working for this foreman-he vetted me on what I knew and has let me go for it,he's open to suggestions and busts his ass right along side us.Very cool.

Doctor update...
I finally got my meds this afternoon,but not after a very annoying and protracted go round with the billing department.Thanks to some overtime,I'll be able to square up with them when I go in for an appointment on Friday afternoon.
All this dude focused on was the money.The good doctor and I are going to have a chat about that-of that you can be sure.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Several months ago I went to my doctor.He refused to see me over 4 co-pays amounting to 80.00.Now this was not because I was unable/unwilling to pay,it's because the billing clerk said,"Oh,it's alright Mr.Clattenburg you have blah blah blah,I'll just bill your insurance.Fine by me considering I was working short hours and Ann wasn't working at the time because of a back injury that prevented her from doing so and eased her back in to full time one shift at a time.
Well,as it turns out,the billing clerk was wrong-not only that,they humiliated me in front of a waiting room full of patients regarding my inability to pay-because of a mistake they made.Had they hit me up for 20 each time,no problem,but 80 when the citie's fixing to cut your electricity? Big problem.
Flash forward past the trip to the ER and the cat scan and the ekg and the terror of my fucking life that lasted til 5:30 in the morning.
The docs office called me after that and said he needed to see me in regard to my ER visit.Now,I thought that was funny,considering they wouldn't see me before-so I assured them I was taking my meds everyday and as soon as i had 80 dollars to give them I would come in to see them.80 dollars is hard to come by when you're so far behind on other essentials-house-power-food that you have to juggle chain saws and wolverines just to get by from week to week.
Flash forward to last Thursday-That's when I tried to get a script refilled.It's now Monday night,and while the pharmacy gave me an "emergency" supply of 6 pills-I'm out as of tomorrow.Between Ann and I we spent 45 minutes on the phone with the doctors office,promised call backs which never came-and those 45 minutes were wasted breath.
So I'm left with one conclusion-80 dollars in past due co-pays is more important to my doctor than me continuing to live.Not to mention despite my assurance that I would pay when I had the money-they sent my bill to collections.Jesus Christ on the cross!*
I was assured a call back tomorrow-I'm not holding my breath.
What is the world fucking coming to anyway?
This guy has been my doctor for 15 years , I have never fucked him around even when I didn't have insurance.*
The insurance I have now is adequate,but apparently confusing to the billing department.
I guess the Hippocratic oath has finally bowed to the monetary note.
This is not over-they don't know who they are fucking with...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


That's what we pulled today,not a continuous run,but between columns where the parking lot lights are to be mounted.We pulled to 8 separate columns three conductors at a time.Through the pipe in the trenches we dug this week.It was awesome,I'm exhausted.
By mid day wed. I was seeing sun spots from all the glare,so I bought some cheap sunglasses...I have always been of the school of cheap sunglasses because I either lose them or sit on them or otherwise destroy them.I have always bought the John Lennon round style specs for that Ozzy sort of image-not this time! I bought some vintage 70's aviators-$5.99 at Walgreen's (see my profile pic for the awesomosity if you want)a steal if you ask me.I could crush them with my ass tomorrow and not care.Hell,I probably will.
But 3000 feet of wire?Now that's something.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Everyone in the bunnypant's crime family are pissing and moaning about the shit going down with Russia and dare they invade a sovereign country???!!!
They can't be fucking serious,can they?
After what we did to Iraq?
We don't have a fucking leg to stand on in this one,and everyone knows it,especially Russia.They aren't afraid of us anymore-this is school yard shit,with Russia thumbing it's nose at the bully.
Do you think they give a shit what Condi has to say?
I assure you they do not.
This reminds me of a song that's been running through my head since all the politico-assholes have been chiming in...
Enjoy the end of the world as we know it...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Experiment
I've spent the last few weeks at work doing what I said I wasn't going to do anymore which is identifying problems, pointing them out and trying to get them fixed. What can I say? I was bored just looking the other way. And so tomorrow I'm participating in an experiment to see if it's a possible solution to one of the problems. I'm going to take the one duty that is the most hated and most distasteful task in the job description and do just that for a whole day. Yes folks, I'm going to spend the whole day doing nothing but supervisor calls, both incoming calls and callbacks. We ran some statistics and there's a good chance that it's more workload than one person can handle by themselves, but we won't know until we try it. I actually came up with this idea back when I was a team leader, but realized I wouldn't be able to get any of the staff to volunteer for it and anyone that we forced to do it would quit. And although I've been one of the staff for a year now, I wasn't willing to propose the plan until today. We've spent the last year trying all sorts of other solutions that simply have not worked. I don't know if this one will work either, but it was time to try it. Like I said before, there's no way any of the other staff would volunteer for this so I offered to be the one to try it. I do have a get out of this clause in my agreement - if it drives me insane, makes me even more miserable or turns me into an evil crabby person, then the plan will be scrapped. But if it works as well as I think it might then the results would provide large benefits to the company, the providers, the customers and even some small benefits to myself. I'm not completely altruistic here, there are some perks that would come along with the torture of non-stop supervisor calls. Whether the perks would be enough to balance the stress of such a position remains to be seen.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Once upon a time,about 22 years ago,my mom got Kyle a plush dog.His name was Samuel.And Kyle was like Linus and his blanket with Samuel.They were constant companions.

Flash forward to his daughter Mac...on her first birthday,Ann and I gave her a plush toy dog.
Now,they are constant companions-Kyle calls it Poochy-dog-Mac knows this name.It's with her always,everywhere she goes.
I never thought when I picked this stuffed dog out of shelves full of critters that it would become her toy of choice-I just thought it was cute.
Like her...go figure.I guess it runs in the family.

The trencher and/or rock saw we are using...

In action...

This is the middle section of the trench we are digging,follow it back and to the left to that group of hardhat guys and you'll get an idea of what I've been doing this week.While the trencher is a good thing to have,this ground is soft so about a third falls back into the trench and we get to clean it out with shovels.I guess it builds character,or at the very least,upper body strength.
I'm wore out...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Suffer through the intro for the most powerful version of this song I've heard so far.
I first heard this on a commercial for the ASPCA on cable-it still reduces me to tears,every time.Sarah absolutely nails it on this one.This is song writing in my opinion,to be able to riff on a song you wrote and stretch it to new and powerful limits.
This song is the shit-

We've been in the ditch this week,trenching a two foot deep pathway 500 feet long.We have a trencher/rock saw,but you still have to clean it out before you can lay the conduit in it.This particular trench was not on the original prints provided us,so there is an additional 5 feet of road bed to trench through and a never ending stream of dirt loader trucks coming and dumping more dirt,which is not a problem,the problem is they keep driving over sections of our trench,filling them back up.
Further complicating things is that our laborers (contracted out),haven't shown up,so instead of laying pipe,we are digging ditches.But hey,it has to be done,so the three of us are doing mission impossible-or trying anyway.
We got rained out today,and while it puts us behind and we'll have to bust ass tomorrow,it was nice to come home at lunch and shower off the dirt and lounge with the doggies on the bed for the afternoon.Ann got cut early today as well,so we got some extra (well needed) down time with each other.
It's hard work,and while I'd rather be doing electric work-this is electric work in a broader sense,and I don't mind it so much-it has to be done,so I'll do it.
I've been trying to get road runner pics,but with all the activity around the site,they are skittish.
Cross your fingers...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Irene and I went to Zilker for some photos and a short walk this afternoon-now I know why we usually go early in the some cool pictures though.

My Flikr page is up...go check it out: The rev's picture show

Isn't electricity awesome? I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.

And I thought working with crazy kids was risky...

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I like to pose Irene in inexplicable situations-she doesn't mind,and the results are amusing.

Here's another,shot this evening...I'm setting up a flikr site devoted to these kind of pictures...I'll post a link when we've got enough for you to see.
Irene rules...
I heard this on the way home from work yesterday on was during an interview with Ricky Skaggs,who played with Bill Munroe at age 6 and Flatt & Scruggs at age 7.It ai'nt any of them,but you get the idea...

Since my initial post on this I've listened to a statement by John and read a post at daily kos by Liz.It would appear that they had already dealt with this matter within the family (where it belongs),and had hoped it would never become a public issue.
Fair enough...except,they are public figures.He was running for president for cryin' out loud.The media lives for this kind of he thought it wouldn't come up is beyond me.
Had he won the nomination we would be fucked now-essentially handing the presidency to McCain (who is also a cheating horn dog bastard btw) and forcing the american citizens to suffer through another term of bush crimes.Even as I write this,conservative talking heads are falling all over themselves to somehow generalize his indiscretion to the dem party and Obama.It's pathetic on a number of levels.
But the question is really this-what does any of this have to do with the ability to govern?It certainly brings up questions about character,but he's not in the race,and when you consider that Vitter and Craig are still serving,the point is moot.
And there are so many other more important issues to focus on-the most recent being the war that appears to be growing between Georgia and Russia.
On a side note,the olympics had their first homicide...go China!

Friday, August 08, 2008


For those of you who ignore the news media (for good reason) or those of you in a coma,our family man former candidate for president and vice president has admitted,to the media,about having an affair that he previously denied having.
I have several problems with this.
#1...He purported himself to be a family values kind of man-we all were shown a man who loved his wife/family,a man who trumpeted family values.Yet,he was tapping some other woman while his wife was battling CANCER.
He tries to diminish the impact of that by saying the affair happened while Liz was in remission.So...does that somehow make it OK?No,it doesn't.Imagine for a moment you have a life threatening illness,how would you feel if your spouse was out dipping his wick while you were trying to regrow your hair after radiation/chemo therapy?That's just shitty,shitty behavior.I understand the turmoil of dealing with a loved one's cancer,but pussy is not the answer.If I was Liz I would...oh,I'm not,so I don't know what she'll do.Ultimately,it's between the two of them.But he's still an asshole for straying on his sick wife.It's kinda like what Newt Gingrich did,only Liz is still alive-the death bed divorce still trumps this dalliance.
#2...While conservative media (and everybody else) is jumping on this like a duck on a june bug,the truly deviant behavior of an increasing number of republicans gets very little press,or at best-neutral press.WTF?There are closeted homosexuals in the GOP who have been outed that supported legislation repressing gay rights,while they were happily butt fucking away in some hotel in the hamptons.The latest example of this is that scumbag republican from Mo. Muschaney,has been arrested for the sexual assault of a 14 year old girl,which was apparently an on going thing and witnessed by the girls mother.I saw one short article about this.If you weren't paying attention it would have skimmed right on by.
When dems stray,it's hetero and there aren't children involved,but it's so outrageous!!!Nothing like that homo butt sex those family values gop ass pirates are practicing.Where's the media outrage about that?Not to mention the pedophilia aspect that came up yesterday-
More later...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I was back in the bedroom the other night watching TV and of course,I had good company.Usually when the camera comes out these two either a-mug for it,or b-leave the room.This night I guess they were too blissed out being with their Dad to even wake up.

Irene,the wonder dog....

Theo,the grumpy old wonder dog...
Moving on...Since I've boycotted HEB,I have been shopping at City Market and Randall's because they are close to the house.I could go a bit further down the road to Central Market,but it is owned by HEB and is full of people I'd rather not be in such close proximity with on a regular basis,not all folks who shop there are like this,but some people take grocery shopping to incredibly pretentious levels and they are at Central Market.
I'm having to learn to navigate again...The store lay outs are very different.
It's still hot...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


My son left this on the porch for me yesterday,he made it himself.He's an aspiring toy maker/film maker (in fact he's cast me in a film they are working on-since I look so hard core-:)-I'm a killer-who knew?)Anyhow,it's a riff on my love for turtles morphed with a turtle skull version of the old band logo of a skull in a top hat.It inspired me to clean off my desk to display it.You cant really see the detail,but he's got the joint wrinkles and articulation of a box turtles legs down.I love it.

I like odd caps-I bought this one a few years back at my corner Haji mart-funny that they would market stuff to the undocumented workers that cash their checks there every Friday,but these stores are teeming with mexi-centric merchandise-which makes it even funnier that a white trash mother fucker like me would dig it and buy it.I grew up with hispanic friends and absorbed some of the culture-so the appeal is not lost on me.

I found this cap at my new job site...totally mexican,on the back it says "escorpion"
in red letters.I know the dude that lost it is totally bummed,I found it in a ravine.
I also saw some road runners out for breakfast,but,dammit,my camera was at home,so you can't see one de-legging-winging a giant grass hopper like I did,he just looked at me,as if to say "how dare you interrupt my breakfast"?I haven't seen a road runner in years,so 2 in one morning was a real treat.
It's been so hot that Irene has not been getting her rides,but thanks to the hurricane making land fall,temperatures here were low enough this evening that she finally got her ride-she was killing me with that moon eye thing she does when I tell her she can't go.
And,finally,I have been working outside this week.The heat is killer,but the journeyman I'm working with is very cool-a bit odd,but I like odd.And I am still learning new things-the knowledge you can glean from all the different backgrounds and experiences of the union guys is astounding.When I turn out next year I will have a wealth of knowledge,thanks to those guys.
Alright,enough...time to eat dinner and go to bed.

Monday, August 04, 2008


On Saturday afternoon I went to HEB to get some items for dinner and some beer for Ann.I was stone cold sober (this is important).The deaf cashier-let me say that again-the deaf cashier that has an attitude and more catholic icon bracelets than a catholic should be allowed,refused to sell me the beer.When I asked why,she wrote on the back of a register tape "I can't sell it to you by law"...I asked what law?She then wrote me another note asking if I wanted to speak to a manager.I of course,said yes.
Well,the manager might have been 18.He was a cocky looking mexican kid with P Diddy diamond earrings and a puka shell choker...that's right a PUKA SHELL CHOKER.Deaf cashier wrote him a note,careful to not let me see what she was writing.He says to me,"I have to back up my cashier,no sale"I asked why (at this point I'm still being my mellow self)He said he didn't have to give me a reason why.
It was then that I lost my mind...I don't know how many times I said fuck and motherfucking,I was loud,I was angry.I informed him that I had been shopping at that store longer than he'd been fucking alive and he just lost a long term customer.His response as other male employees gathered around?"Whatever".
Professional,huh?I almost hit him right in his smug ass P Diddy wannabe looking punk ass.Have I mentioned that I hate P Diddy?What kind of fucking name is that anyway?
Kyle said I should have hit him,that he would have.Oh youth...
No jail for this old man.
I will never go back to that HEB...ever.
I sent an email to the corporate office this evening-a very civilized email.
We'll see what happens,but in the meantime-FUCK HEB.
Oh...I forgot why the sober part was important:I can't tell you how many times I've gone to that store shit faced drunk and they sold me beer and or wine over the years.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I remember a time when she was a little girl,and neither one of us had any tattoos.
Who knew?Right?

One of my favorite bands-and songs...

What a beautiful place,and Irene and I got to share it today with some friends.
It was off leash almost the whole time,we encountered other dogs,but it was all good.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I'm meeting my friend Cris and his rescue dog faith at bull creek tomorrow morning.As it turns out,his wife is coming too,with Shania...bonus.We had planned this hike without Suzzane and Shania...I am so stoked for this.Irene gets to meet 2 new friends.
You know there will be pictures when it's all said and done.
Suzzane says that Irene is my spirit guide...I think she's right.
Here we go...
Sizzled Flesh
It hit 102 today, not unexpected for this time of year. I worked until around 1:30 then headed home trying to not get heat stroke in my un-airconditioned, no driver's side window rolling down Tempo which, thankfully, is white and not black. That bubbly window tint that used to annoy the shit out of me? So glad it's there now even if it does turn everything a weird shade of purple.

I cooled off a bit inside the house for a while, but then it was back out on the porch to spend time with our neighbor, Jen, who spent the morning loading up her truck with the last of her stuff to move off to far north Austin. One last farewell gathering, hanging out on the porch listening to music, drinking quality adult beverages and storytelling.

And so we were hanging out on the porch, pretty much oblivious to the heat since the conversation was so good when we noticed a guy on a motorcycle. He was pretty noticeable since he was pushing the bike along with his feet and then he'd try to get it started, with no luck. Back and forth he went. Jen hollered at him to ask if he needed gas and he said no, he wasn't out of gas and didn't know what was wrong. We watched him for a little while longer and finally he parked his bike on a side street, made a call on his cell phone and then sat dejectedly on the curb across the street under the shade of our neighbor's tree. And there he sat. And sat. And sat. And we started to feel sorry for the poor guy, out there sitting on the curb in this heat looking so dejected and we decided we absolutely had to go offer him a beer. After all, this is South Austin. You just don't let some stranded guy sit on a curb in the heat without offering him a beer! Across the street we went, Jen, Rob, Irene, me and of course, the beer offering. He declined the beer since he was heading back to work, but we had a nice long chat and then Jen, Rob, Irene and I headed back across the street.

I was about 50 feet away from the porch when I realized I no longer had the feet of my childhood that allowed me to walk and stand barefooted on asphalt and concrete in 102 degree weather. Not sure why it took so long for the pain to register, but once it hit, I hopped-skipped that last 50 feet as quick as I could. And discovered my feet are burned... sizzled... Oops. I just hope I don't end up with blisters, that would suck.

I love my dawgs...

Friday, August 01, 2008


I'm worried...let me tell you why.I used to be a big coffee drinker way back in the day,but that was mostly to enhance/hide the fact that I was speeding my balls off (like I said,way back in the day).
I was a coke guy for years...coke in the morning,at break,at lunch...32 ounces of carbonated goodness.
But lately,I've been drinking coffee again...flavored coffee.My favorite is 1/2 white chocolate caramel 1/2 regular coffee.The back up for that is 1/3 hot chocolate 2/3 regular coffee.
I have always had the firm belief that only girls and metrosexuals drank flavored coffee.Hell,Annabelle drinks coffee-black,the way it should be.
If I suddenly develop a taste for pastel shirts,I'm gonna throw myself into traffic-before the idea of a pedicure is even sprouted.
Time for the BIG heat
It's August and that's traditionally the hottest month of the year around these parts. After such an incredibly hot summer with the hottest June on record and the 7th hottest July on record, I wouldn't be surprised to see us set even more records in August. It's odd because usually around this time of year I'm thinking about the beginning of the really hot weather, but now August seems more like the light at the end of the tunnel, the beginning of the end. In a few weeks (or three or four) we'll be over the hump and starting a downward trend. And this will probably the first year in my life that I won't be sad to see summer slowly disappearing during September. Because this one folks, has been brutal with 38 days that were 100+ degrees this year so far and we are likely to add plenty more this month. I don't think it will be enough to make me welcome winter the way Rob does, but I might be a bit more forgiving when that first really cold front blows in and has me digging in the closet for my winter coat (though that might not be until January.)

As I've posted previously,I have been in touch with my first wife via this here blog,email and the phone.We recently exchanged some pictures from our days together.
Now,while that's a basically private thing and I have no desire to exploit our new connection-I could not resist posting just one of the pictures she sent me because:
It's hysterical...we were so young...and,we look fucking awesome.

Plus it gives me a chance to tell a story.
Austin did this summer event for years called Aqua Fest.It ran for a solid week with theme nights.It was held on auditorium shores,a vast multi purpose city owned park (for lack of a better description).Aqua Fest was fun.They had "western night" as one of the themes.This picture was taken at western night in either 1978 or 79.
OK,So not really so much of a story-more an explanation.