Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I had this bright idea to write my autobiography on this blog...and I did. I tried to be humorous and insightful and give my half dozen readers some insight into how I ended up being me. There was a specific post from the high school days involving a girl and a hitchhiking trip to Houston. I tried to find the post without success, but I did find the girl tonight.
Awhile back, I joined classmates.com...what can I say, I had a buzz. Anyway, ever since I've gotten emails from them excitedly announcing how many of my "old friends" had joined and when I tried to see who they were I was thwarted with "you can contact all your old friends once you become a premium member (read:pay us money). The final straw was an email telling me that "David Richter has sent you an email!!!(but you can't see it until you pay us money) .
Fuck you classmates.com...you suck. Not only do you exploit peoples sense of nostalgia, but you don't even provide a contact address so I can tell you to fuck off.
However...I am smarter than you. I re-registered using Robert instead of Rob and commenced my search for David unhindered by your pop ups an' shit promoting "gold" membership.
So...while looking for David, I come across this name...BG.
Sister!!! God Damn!!!
I opened another tab, pulled up whitepages, and within 5 minutes had a number that I was almost certain had to be her. I took a chance and dialed. What's the worst thing that could happen? Nope, I'm not her you troll...click!
It was her! And I was asleep in the back of that car all over again...rolling towards Houston.
We talked for a long time, but not long enough to close that 30 year gap.
We'll see each other soon...a couple hundred miles down the highway ain't nothin'.
Big smile...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006


There's lots of knick-knack-brick-a-brack here at clubspit. So,why would I suddenly start buying bobbleheads?

Because I can...that's why. I like them...is that not some cool looking shit?
We met our dear friend and guitarist, LT, at La Feria for brunch this morning in honor of his birthday and quevos rancheros with a pork chop...and margs...and bloody mary's. It was just the band and Badger's brother in law, Ted, long time supporter of us wolves. It was fun.
Good friends, food and drinks...
Have a great halloween weekend!


Thanks Uncle Tupelo! And whoever wrote that song...wow....:)

Oh...one more comic...an inside joke

Thursday, October 26, 2006


My first experience with that song title* was back in the 70's and that was a Budgie song. Later on (sometime in the late 80's) that song was usurped by ProPain's totally original song of the same name. Both are very ugly songs seperated by a decade of ever increasing ugliness. I love them both equally since I remember the respective levels of ugliness.
So...I'm sitting here listening to my new mp3 player and I can play the guitar like a motherfucking RIOT!!! Ooops...sorry, but Love is what I got.
Ann's taking her turn in the sick bed...thanks BW, for the spell...worked like a charm! I'm not sick anymore...my wife is. Are you by any chance related to Aunt Clara from bewitched? :)
And yes...I remove labels but not the plastic protective covers from my gadgets. Go figure.
Whose fist is this anyway? followed by Cheap day return...and then Black Days...wow.
Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam...ok, and your point is?
So I get this call this after from the union dude who presides over the evaluations reminding me of my evaluation on saturday(?). It went like this:
Me: Hello?
Him: Is this Robert?
Me: Yes...Hi XXXX....
Him: I'm just calling to remind you of your evaluation this saturday
Me: No...I said I'd call you to reschedule.
(remember...the last time I saw him was at class last thursday, deathly ill)
Him: No...you said this saturday ( getting agitated)
Me: But it's halloween....
Him: No...Halloween is Tuesday.
Me: But all the parties are this weekend.
Him: You're gonna be partying on saturday morning??? ( clearly agitated)
Me: No, But I'm meeting a friend for brunch...It's his birthda....(cuts me off)
Him: (flashpoint!) Well then I guess I'll just catch you next time (sounds of items flying off his desk I guess) hangs up.
Me: XXXX???Hold on a sec...oh, he hung up.
You know what?
I know what I said last Thursday.
You know what else?
Fuck this guy. I mean...he's all union and a third generation electrician, I respected him alot more before this phone call.
And you know what else?
Snap your fingers, snap your neck!
Here's a COMIC made by my son...very fucking funny...enjoy.
Identify the songs/bands in this post if you can...Uh-hahhhaha...go get some percocets....uhhahaha! careful with that mic.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Still working
I was weighing my options when a coworker beat me to the punch by announcing his resignation. This was quickly followed by the announcement of a mandatory six day work week that must include an 8 hour weekend shift. Now faced with the prospect of extra work due to a coworker leaving plus extra hours that now have to be put in on every weekend, I was tempted to say, "Fuck you, I resign as well." But it felt so wrong that I just couldn't do it. And if learned anything over the years, it's that if something feels that wrong then I better pay attention and take another path. What path that will be I'm not sure, but it doesn't involve a resignation letter at this point.

Monday, October 23, 2006


I woke up last thursday all stuffy and sneezing and hot, which was odd because a cold front had come in. I felt like shit all day,all coughy and running nose. I went to a class at the local and sat for almost 4 hours in a room with the ac set at 68f...I was shivering when I left. I ran the heater in my car full blast on the way home. I wore a jacket to work friday morning.
Let me clarify some things:
I never get sick.
I never run the heater in my car.
I don't bust out a jacket until it's below 40f.
I like 68f.
I made it through friday but coughed like a TB guy...it hurt so bad it bent me over, when I was coughing, all other activity stopped. The shit coming up was evil and green.Evil green.
I went to bed early friday, and with the exception of posting here and a short trip for some mexican food saturday, stayed there all weekend. When we got home from dinner saturday, our new neighbor ( more on her later ) came over and asked for assistance getting into her house...she had locked herself out (again). So...I got the screen out of the bathroom window and got the window out of the track, but I was too big to crawl through. So I helped her up and over. She was wearing baggy shorts.No panties. I didn't need to see that. Especially with Ann right behind me,seeing that I was seeing the carpet matching the drapes if you catch my drift.
Sunday was spent in bed. I woke up this morning still clogged, hot and miserable.
So I stayed home...again.
Lot's of TV and cuddling with the dogs. Saw Dawn of the Dead...my new favorite movie of the moment.
Felt good enough this evening to go with Ann to eat, buy some headphones for Ann, a new, more work friendly mp3 player (creative labs ZEN) and Dawn of the Dead on dvd. Ann got Mirror mask...she's currently watching. A very strange movie. She's loving it.And if you knew Ann, that's saying alot.
So...to sum up:
Squirrel shot
Mexican food
Man...I hate being sick.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last Straw?
I got a phone call tonight at 8:00PM from my boss asking why I had not done something last week. I'd been about as close to quiting as I could be all week and thought I might get some escape from all the madness today. I wasn't scheduled to work and thought I could do a pretty good job of ignoring the ton of work that needed to be done and heck, it was SUNDAY. But it was a bit hard to ignore a phone call from your boss. I'll sleep on it tonight, but there a good chance I'll be turning in my resignation tomorrow. There doesn't seem to be any end to the 15 hour days of this job and every week that goes by there is a few more additional duties that get added to the already impossible list. I'm tired of having to work nights, tired of working weekends, tired of working 60 to 80 hours a week.




In the new cave...and a rare shot of Ann's ink...HOOO-WHEEEE!=


Thin Lizzy touring Jailbreak in 74...While this isn't at the armadillo, it's the same stage set, lights, guitars...I was there all over again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Thank you witty comics for providing me with an outlet...get it???OUTLET???HA!
good night!


By lunch for one...

WAY after for me...

Ann and I were treated to this at dinner tonight...

The camera does'nt do it justice. It's currently pissing doom...hooray!


Teenagers piss me off...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006





This what I did today. ALL day...and I loved it.

Myself and a journeyman on the crew started landing wires in the panels.


9:30am...Break time!


3:15pm a...

This is the jouneyman's panel.

3:15pm r...

This is my panel.

We landed all the ground wires and neutral wires...tomorrow- The conductors! This much wire can make your head spin...:)

About this crew...the foreman is young, but talented and even handed. The journeyman I worked with on these panels is also young, and also very good. Both of them have made me feel welcome and competent. The other IJ's and apprentice are cool too...there's one older than me (!) who has taken to calling me a hippy...HA! He has no fucking idea! We also have a journeyman who commutes from San Antonio, who came up in the mirror punk scene down there when I was doing it here, so we have some common ground. He can bend some pipe, that one.
All in all...a good crew.

Monday, October 16, 2006


My daily mantra upon leaving the house each morning for work. Begat out of anxiety on my first day at this new project I'm on, and now just for the sake of...the mantra. The dogs seem to like it.
So...I went to my evaluation on saturday ( yeah... that evaluation ) and while I have to go back next saturday to complete it...half way there! I have to say not so scarey after all and I did pretty good. Even if I totally blow it next time my combined credits will put me at 80%.
I don't expect to blow it though.
I went to see the kids on sunday and got the generational portait...it was a nice visit.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


But in this case, I will. I recently saw this clip at youtube of tortoise's fucking...mistakenly called turtles...watch clip
This is a rocking clip! Thanks to Anon for leaving it in the comments of my previous post to remind me.
There has been at least one other clip of "turtle porn" to surface since.
But...back in April 2000, I, the Larrry Flynt of "turtle porn", purveyor of "Chelonia chutney shots" and "Eastern Box Turtle bizzare three toed insertions" posted this turtle porn classic at New Grounds...watch clip .
At the time, it was reviled as "short" "stupid" "sick"...read the other reviews to get a clear picture of how a visionary in the area of turtles fucking was "Van Go-ed" by other flash "artists".
Read it and weep.2000: turtle porn=BAD...2006:turtle porn= CUTE...Who knew???
Me...SIX years ago.
Toot! Toot!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006


The Boondock ones that is...

Which Boondock Saints Character Are You?

You are ... Murphy MacManus. You're impulsive, outgoing, and quick to make friends. People think of you when they want to have a good time, as you're quick to get drunk as well as make friends. Actually - the reason you might have so many friends may be the fact that you have a huge bar tab from buying everyone drinks when you're smashed. Sometimes grave and emotional, you believe, like your brother, that God has sent you on a mission to kill all of the bad people.
Take this quiz!

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| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Murph...I can live with that.

And that poem...wow.

"Now you will receive us. We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry. We do not want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim; it is your evil that will be sought by us. With every breath we shall hunt them down. Each day we will spill their blood 'til it rains down from the skies. Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal - these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behavior and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost. There are varying degrees of evil - we urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain. For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day you will reap it, and we will send you to whatever god you wish.... And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, so that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. And we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patri, et Filii, et Spiritu Sancti"

-Speech given near the end of the movie, in the court, by the brothers and the father.

So...I was looking for old pictures of me and Jon last night to offer a contrast to what we looked like in 1985 in our first band (Left for Dead) and could only find tiny thumbs from the Clubspit page.
But I also found this at some dudes myspace page:

That's a picture of me and my friends on Texas independence day a couple of years ago...What it's doing on a myspace page about some dude from Ft. Worth is beyond me. I guess I should feel good that we are badass looking enough that he would feel compelled to nick my image, and in a way I do...but... You fucking poser thief! anyway.
And speaking of myspace...Jeez! What a clusterfuck of a load of shit...

Work continues to rock...see ya.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I got together with my bud Jon yesterday and we had us a hootenanny...it was fun. Thanks to Sandee for taking pictures...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I'm really enjoying my current job. I had a hand in this one:

This is where the power comes in...those cans were heavy....

Vandals hit the site last weekend...

Some of my handiwork:

That's my pipe on the left, another electrician ran the others and I had to come back and match him.

All these impossible angels make sense to me now...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


When you start out in the electricians trade, by far the biggest expense is tools. I was lucky to have bought many of the essential tools when I was a pool guy. Initially you buy what you can afford and then later, when you get some raises, you buy Klein tools. The choice of electricians everywhere, or at least the one's I've been around.
Anyhow, as you replace your perfectly good Husky nut drivers with a set of Klein nut drivers ( hey! They have COMFORT grip handles), you end up with a spare set.
My old foreman Rusty has been at this for years and has lots of spares, he passed on many of these to me...gimmes...shears, a crimper, mini screw drivers, volt tic, etc.
That's part of the deal...you know, helping your brothers out and all.
I find myself in a similar situation. I'm working with an apprentice in need of some tools ( specifically nut drivers) , I heard him asking the foreman about what were the essential size nut drivers if you could only afford 2 or 3. (It's 3/8's, 5/16's and 1/4 ) So...I told him I had the standard 7 piece set that he could have. I dug them out tonight. I also found a set of allen wrenches that I had forgotten about...also in the bag for Will.
It's a good feeling to be able to help a brother out.
But there was a bonus for me as well.
In my search for above items I also found:
My Jesus Lizard "Down" tour shirt.
My "Holy shit! Man walks on FUCKING moon !!!" T shirt from the onion.
My Crass logo with lady liberty inside shirt.
My pen sized cns gas sprayer.
A super bright mini light.
And last but not least......
The long missing Social Distortion CD "Somewhere between heaven and hell"...Ann and I have been looking for this since the remodel.
Like I said....

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've never really liked our porch light, and I got these really cool jelly jar lights from a remodel a couple of years ago...they're really old. So I got motivated yesterday and switched out the porch light. Hiding the boxes became a challenge, and this is what I came up with:

After incorporating the turtle shell of the dearly departed E1, I had a thought, I have other shells of dearly departed. So I did a little memorial for my turtles that have passed:

I'm pleased with the outcome.


At brunch this afternoon, I had the distinct displeasure of sitting across from the poorest specimen of trans-sexual I have ever seen.ever. There are assloads of trannys in this town, and by and large, most of them are passable (which is the point...right?). With the notable exception of Leslie (Is'nt he cute?)

The one I saw today was way scarier. It had giant tits and a gut to match (they had to be implants, no amount of female hormones could produce anything so monolithic), those dark black painted on eyebrows that look like nike swooshes, or your senile aunts. And blue mascara. Blue! It was hispanic, so naturally, albiet stereotypically, it had a hickey displayed prominently on it's neck. I felt sorry for what ever drunk dude gave it, right before he went to grope some poon and ended up with some estrogen deflicted cock instead.
A woman in the group was wearing a T shirt that proclaimed : Let's focus on ME.
Good choice, but sadly ineffective.