Monday, July 21, 2003

Another one bites the dust in Iraq, a "crack" (are they referencing ability or substance of choice?If we're really commiting to this it better be crack the word...Somalia.) contingent of marines arrive in Liberia under heavy mortar fire, Rummy's talking about a plan for war in North Korea...Wow,I'm not a well schooled diplomat,but it seems to me shit is getting seriously out of control.
The UN (irrelevant body that they are) is back in the picture as we ask them to bend somemore rules to compell countries who had the good sense to decline the first time we invited them to this bloodbath to commit troops and resources to a war we will never win with the current "strategy" we're using.
Australia's sending all thier troops to the fucking Solomon Islands...I wonder why?Is it to quell the chaos going on there or to avoid the chaos we are generating in the middle east?
And all the while the economy tanks in the good ol' USA...
Afghanistan...Iraq...Liberia...maybe North Korea.
We're being pulled to the end by an idiot and his minions.
Another short burst...more to come.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Ahhh...the gentle flow of estrogen...This was supposed to be a bit of the old in-out/in-out and look what it's turning into...A fucking quagmire...I would quote the Jesus Lizard "I think the stitches should be removed,I'd like to see the opening again".Bunnypants doesn't have a clue.
"combat is over"....right...jackass,ask thay guy that got his ball's blown off at a checkpoint.Is he a defender of "freedom" or a guy who has no balls thanks to you sorry motherfucking repugs in the whitehouse?Tell me that you pieces of shit.
If combat is over why do we continue to die?Combat is NOT over and we will continue to sacrifice american lives for a load of bullshit...Dubya bullshit...the great pretender to the throne.George W. Bush:N; Liar,thief,Ne're do well, Hotentoadie,Murderer,the list goes on and on.End the list in 2004......
Ann responds to Rob's post "Crybabies":
I'm not sure which is more amazing: that the military actually gave an ending date for anyone's "tour of duty" or that any soldier actually believed it. I can't fault the solider for wanting to come home (who wouldn't), but losing faith in the military because your tour of duty has been extended is a little ridiculous. As Rob said, it's a WAR and if you don't want to end up in a war then don't enlist in the military in the first place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

On my way to work this morning I heard a soldier in Iraq pissing and moaning about his DOR being cancelled and instead of coming home by august his tour of duty has been extended indefinitely.He said he had lost faith in the military and doesn't believe anything they say anymore.
I say way to go smart guy...too bad you didn't figure that out before you enlisted...the military has always been full of shit and you just need to suck it up and hope there isn't a RPG out there with your name on it.It's war...what the fuck did you expect?Did you really believe that bullshit about how happy those assholes would be now that we've introduced them to "freedom"?
That was my initial gut response.I still believe you should keep that kind of shit to yourself and soldier on,but let's look at it from the angle that makes us a target for the ashcroft crew.
We shouldn't be there in the first place...people are making comparisons to Viet Nam and they're only half right.This is going to be worse than Viet Nam in the long run.We have forgotten what war is about a long time ago...we came we saw we kicked ass is no longer the rule but the exception. The whole point of war is to conquer and prevail,not half assing it into a situation and then stumbling around with our thumbs up our butts dodging RPGs while the top brass talk alot of shit and get nowhere fast.You can't establish an interim government until every last vestige of resistance is crushed...CRUSHED.
We haven't done that in Iraq...or Afghanistan for that matter.We need to kick thier asses into the ground first...cut off the fucking head and parade it around washington on a pike...then they'll believe we mean business and we can install a church of the subgenius government if we want to. They already hate us so what the fuck...give them a reason.
If we were truely focused and righteous we would be pounding the shit out of Saudi Arabia right now instead of dicking with small potatoes like Iraq and the 'stan.
Back to the crybaby soldiers...I hear you...I'm sorry this administration has landed you in the shit storm your'e in but you have to deal with it...I know you will. But please save your crybaby shit until it's over and your'e home...
Look at the bright side,when you get back you can's the american way.
COMING UP NEXT:Two legged dog runs just like Sprewell or whatever the fuck his name is...america...your'e getting S-L-E-E-P-Y........

Monday, July 14, 2003

Is it lies or disinformation? Everytime I turn on the news there is some variation on a theme excusing the bush administration from lying thier collective asses off to attack Iraq.
Here's a short side bar: Back when I was a social worker a goldfish dissappeared from a teachers classroom...coincidentally a boy on one of the dorms goldfish had died that weekend.When we seached the boys room there was a gold fish darting around in his fishbowl!When questioned he replied "what goldfish?".That boy was none other than GW Bush!Just kidding...but I think you get my point.
Let's look at the "facts":
Day one: Oh's true,according to the BRITISH
Day two: OK...The british are full of's the CIA's fault
Day three: CIA stands behind the "intelligence" then Tenet falls on the sword.
Day four: Bunnypants say's even though the CIA are a bunch of bungling NABOBS I got thier back.
Day five: Years of deception are narrowed down to "16 words"...bunnypants say's he's "moving on" (what goldfish).The issue of WMD's is pushed further under the carpet.
Day six: Aunt Jemima Condoleeza "converted" Rice say's something about WMD's being a miniscule reason for the US of fuckin' A to invade Iraq.....
UNCLE!!!!The american public say's...I am so overwhelmed by all this bullshit!!!YOU WIN...I can't deal with it anymore...who cares?!?
And there you have it...America beaten into submission by endless volleys of NONSENSE...fooled again.
Another side bar: My dear departed mother used to tell me:"If someone tells you your'e stupid enough times you'll begin to believe it."
America is there...if we believe this shit we are truely stupid and deserve whatever we get.
The nightmare is just beginning...and I scream to america WAKE UP!!!!
Yet another sidebar: The kid got to keep the died.
One more: My dear departed mother also used to tell me..."Don't allow yourself to get painted into a corner...and if for some reason you find yourself in one throw out all the rules to get yourself dirty."
The moral of this story is: If you lose your goldfish to a lying sack of dirty to get it back. Don't let the goldfish die.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Over the last seven months or so I've been puzzling over the thought of why I've been mucking around with computers for 20+years if it's not what I'm supposed to be doing in the future. The Human Resources stint was pretty easy to explain since that was the first department to get to use computers for something other than data entry and number crunching and the first department to get PCs. Eventually, I did get that job in the IT field that I thought I always wanted, but after I got laid off, I wasn't so sure I wanted to do that anymore. I decided after six months of looking for a job and not finding one that maybe I ought to do something I really wanted to do, something I LOVED to do, but what in the hell do computers have to do dying material or making pottery or all those other things that I think I want to do for a living? Looking back over yesterday's first attempt to dye a shirt I realized that if I hadn't approached the situation in the same way I've approached computing problems then my husband wouldn't be wearing that first hand-dyed T-shirt today. No big Ziploc bags to line the coffee can (per the instructions)? Use a couple of plastic grocery bags - the point is to keep the shirt from touching the metal, not to hold water. No measuring spoons? Use the top off a plastic soda bottle (holds about a teaspoon - close enough.) No glass measuring cup to mix the dye in? Use an old carafe from a coffee maker. No wooden or stainless steel spoon to stir with? Use a stick found on the ground in the backyard. No gloves to keep your hands from getting stained? Decide that having blue hands for a while is not the end of the world. Have absolutely no idea what you are doing, but just a vision of the end result? Figure it out as you go along. THAT is what working with computers has given me: the ability to visualize an end result and aim for it even if you only have the vaguest idea of how to get there and little or none of the "tools" other people think you need.