Friday, September 30, 2005


We got the rodeo back yesterday...whoo-hoo. That means a CD player. I grabbed Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and fucking rocked out. 1974...this record was made 31 years ago. I can sing along like it was yesterday, every angst filled word. I was 14 years old the first time I heard it. And as senseless as the title of this post is, it made perfect sense to me at the time, and it's perfectly clear today. The music defined me in 1974, as a template, as the here and now. And it defines me now as been there done that.
And the curious side effect is that I am in a really good mood, a better mood than I have been in for months...I feel, oh I don't know... jaunty...
On the way home home from the third world grocery, I was singing along with this CD and inexplicably pinched off my nose to sound more like Ozzy...pinched nostrils + fake accent = reasonable Oz impersonation. I thought about how cool it would be to cover this period Sabbath with our band, and how funny it would be to sing with a swimmers nose guard pinching off my nose so I could play like Tony and sing like Ozzy at the same time. That would rock. I wish I was 14 again...sometimes...:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Tom "The Hammer" DeLay was indicted today of conspiracy for ( it's being reported as funneling money ) but what it really is is money laundering in Texas. HOORAY Ronnie Earle, the prosecutor that caused this to happen. As a result, "The Hammer" had to step down from his position as house majority leader. Simply put, this indictment involves the misappropriation of funds by TRM-PAC ( Texans for a republican majority ) to finance the campaigns of repugs to take over power in the house in Texas. They were also able to force a redistricting of the state which virtually garaunteed a repug majority in the Texas house. It worked, even though redistricting occurred two years late or eight years early considering redistricting is only allowed after a census. (you do the math). The plan worked and the repugs pulled it off,redrawing the district lines and subsequently wresting control of the house from the dems.
Dirty, dirty, DIRTY hotentoady piece of repug feces. Thought you could pull it off did ya? HAHA! Gotcha you bastard.
Of course, he's snubbing his nose at the charges and has a high dollar dick smoker attorney to mis represent the "facts" which are unfounded ( sure they, oh, I don't Micheal Jackson isn't a creepy fucking pedophile. He's calling Ronnie a rogue prosecutor...fuck you Tom, and the horse you rode in on. The dominoes are starting to fall for empire...check this....

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean took the opportunity to draw attention to other GOP controversies.

"With House Republican leader Tom DeLay under criminal indictment, Senate Republican leader [Bill] Frist facing SEC and Department of Justice investigations and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove under investigation, the Republican leadership in Washington is now spending more time answering questions about ethical misconduct than doing the people's business," Dean said in a statement.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, described congressional Republicans as "plagued by a culture of corruption."

No shit Nancy...Now DO something about it. The time is NOW.
These asshats have gotten so arrogant they are waving it in our faces with impunity...time to break out the knives...seriously. Time to cut them down.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'll tell you how hot it enough to cook three of my turtles alive, in the shade, in two hours. That's how hot it is. Otherwise it was a beautiful day. Speckled shade on the deck, a nice breeze that certainly didn't belie the 107 degrees it actually was. Well, to be fair, it was only 104 in our neck of the woods.I had no idea it was that hot and I thought, "wow, it's a beautiful day...I think I'll put the herd out for some vitamin S. Checked them after an hour to make sure they were still in partial shade, it's all good. Check an hour later...DAMMIT!:( .
I rushed them all back inside and did what I could, managed to save one of the easterns who was foaming at the beak and nostrils, but her two sisters were gone, as was Lucky, my malayan pride and joy...What a fucked up name that turned out to be after all. That's what I've been saying to myself. Five years ago I got Lucky from a person who had bought her from a pet store that gave BAD advice, she was like a shell full of air...I got her to come around and in the following years she thrived,tripling in size, brilliant colors and quite a personality. Those easterns had been with us for six or so years, given to us by a dear friend and fellow rescuer who had two dozen sick and injured wild caught easterns dumped on her, she called me and I took some in.So many, in fact, it was almost an around the clock operation to treat them all and bring them around, but I pulled it off. Our friend is no longer with us, so these easterns were, in some sense, her me anyway.My tribute to her efforts. hot is it?
Hot enough to break my heart.
The message I wish I could put on the tech support line
If you are in the area affected by Hurricanes Katrina or Rita, please press three now
Hurricanes came ashore. Powerlines fell down. Transformers blew up. Roads flooded. Trees blocked access. There's a fuel shortage. The technicians and the fuel available for generators are being used to keep the telephone portion of the service (and 911) up and running. Yes, we know your DSL is down. No, we don't now how long service will be interrupted. If you use a medical device which requires internet access to monitor your condition, please press one to speak with a technician. Otherwise, hang up now because we don't give a shit that you can't play online poker or get the emailed photos of your niece's wedding in Hawaii.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


There's 5 of them.

You can't make chickensalad out of chickenshit.

You can polish a turd all day *
* The long version of this is: You can polish a turd all day, and at the end of the day all you got is a shiney turd.

Just like a cow watching a train go by.

We put the fun in dysfunctional. Or, alternately, funeral.

And my current favorite:

You don't fatten up frogs for other snakes to eat.

Honorable mention:
Waist like a wasp...ass like a hoss.

Got some favorites? G'wan...share.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just go fly a kite
It was the perfect day to go fly a kite given the weather and the wind today. Although it would be impossible to go to the traditional kite flying grounds of Austin because of ACL, Rob came up with an alternate location that we could try after I got off work. Unfortunately he was unable to secure a kite to fly. It seems that convenience and grocery stores don't carry kites anymore like they did when we were kids. And I can't think of the last time I saw anyone, kid or adult, flying a kite so I guess they are not a popular item these days. I don't know if we'll have any wind tomorrow, but I'm going to try to find a kite anyway. I won't set foot in Wal-Mart, but maybe Toys-R-Us is open. And even if I can't fly it tomorrow, I'd like to have one on hand for the next time the weather conditions are right because I think it would do my soul a world of good to "just go fly a kite" some day.

P.S. It was still hot today, 99 degrees and more of the same expected tomorrow. Maybe, if we are lucky, a cool front on Monday or Tuesday will get us down to the upper 80s where we are supposed to be this time of year.
Go figure
A lot of people didn't evacuate the Houston area. I know this because I spent my day on the phone talking to people from the area who were calling in to find out why their DSL or cable service was down. Although I couldn't say this, I really wanted to ask them if they had considered that maybe Hurricane Rita had something to do with it despite the fact that it didn't take off *their* roof or flood *their* house. I don't mind people calling in to enquire if there is an outage, but with many of these folks you would think it was the end of the world that they couldn't watch the ESPN game day channel or check their email. I know in the back of my mind that a lot of people are shallow, self-centered jerks, but it's really disheartening to be confronted with it call after call after call.

Friday, September 23, 2005


The ATMs in Houston are empty. There is no gas left in Houston. The highways leading out of Houston and Galveston and other coastal cities are jammed packed and not moving.
Some 17 people who left Houston for a coworkers of Ann's one bedroom apartment here in Austin travelled the 157 or so miles in 14 to 20 hours. That's approx. 7.85 mph.
17 people in a one bedroom My boss. who hails from the area has 9 people and their dogs staying at his place.
People are running out of gas on these highways ( mostly gas guzzling SUV drivers I'm guessing ) and are sitting ducks cursing their luck with pockets full of cash and credit cards that are useless.
Parts of NOLA are under water AGAIN...AUUUUGHHHHHH!
A bus transporting some elderly folks blew up this morning on one of those freeways...27 feared dead, the oxygen tanks many of them rely on are suspect.
Bush will monitor the Rita situation from an emergency center this weekend that's located in Houston , I mean Galveston, I mean Matagorda, no, wait...COLORADO...that's right! Colorado. What a chickenshit.
Cheney goes under the knife today to remove an aneurysm behind his fast can one of these aneurysms travel to the brain?( assuming it can dodge the knife) Just that hopeful, die motherfucker sort of way.
A survivor of Katrina gets evacuated to Houston and then moves on to Chatanooga Tenn. to make a new start, only to be shot in the head 5 times and left on a roadside shortly after recieving one of those money cards from the red cross. Shot in the head 5 (FIVE) times for a fucking walmart giftcard? That's just sick.
Our city is being overrun by these hurricane evacuees and people coming to town for the ACL music fest...traffic is more insane than usual. I have compassion for the evacuees and contempt for the out of town ticket holders for the ACL music fest that will block my neighborhood streets and act like they are doing me a favor by patronizing this event.
On a lighter note, it appears that the hole Rita punched through will spare us the rain and give us milder winds, but our city will be filled to the brim with the displaced from both storms. Austin did an awesome job of helping out with the fallout from Katrina, hopefully it has the wearwithall to deal with Rita, and the one after .
I could go on and on, and I will, but later...

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Is a big ass storm. She's been banging into that stationary front all day just looking for a hole to drive through. The air here has been changing all day. It's heavier, it smells different.
Current forcasts say Austin can expect 3 to 5 inches of rain and winds up to 65 mph. With the exception of the giant old cottonwood tree in our back yard that could get blown down and crush our house, I'm not worried...much. 3 to 5 is not a lot of rain, but if it comes fast and furious there could be some flooding.
OK...I'm worried. About Rita, and Katrina's lingering kiss, about a vulnerable NOLA. We're getting our asses kicked .
The response to Rita by the gub'ment would be impressive if it wasn't such a baldfaced attempt to bury the travesty that was the response to Katrina. Don't misunderstand me, I'm glad they got it together, but it smacks of CYA and that bothers me. It's like the response to Rita will nullify the lack of response to Katrina. Nice try asshat.Somehow I don't think all those "negros" from NOLA will be overwhelmed by anything you do. Now and forever.
Bush is trying in vain to bolster his ever sinking poll ratings ( but they don't care about polls...right? Right. ) by making these really lame comparisons to hurricanes and terrorism. So far, it doesn't seem to be working, and that's a good thing.
Rita has kicked the top off an ant hill, and the ants are headed this way...lets just hope they don't bring disaster with them.
We'll keep you posted.
The first day of fall, but we're still sweating
It was 102 degrees yesterday and 100 degrees today. I can't help but wonder how many migrating folks ended up with heatstroke as they drove away from the coast. I've been told that traffic is horrible even this far inland, but I wouldn't know because I've been home with the flu. Who gets the flu in September? Apparently me. I haven't had the flu in many, many years so I guess I was overdue. I actually came down with it on Monday, but went to work anyway and tried to tough it out until my day off today. I almost made it, but ended up going home early yesterday. And slept and slept and then slept even more today. I was relieved to see that Rita will likely pass well to the east of us so there was no need to rouse from my sick bed and make storm preparations. Though I suppose we should secure a few loose items out in the yard tomorrow night and do our usual possible flood routine. Well, it's back to bed for me. Gotta go back to work tomorrow, flu or no flu.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Before we get into what I think about this subject, lets look at the "popular" conception of the man called Jesus. The overwhelming perception is that he is the son of GOD, there was Mary and Joseph and that whole manger thing, and while Joseph was the father of appearance, GOD is credited with knocking Mary up. I have to qualify this by saying this is a coming from a catholic perspective. Myself and Ann. I am catholic by birth, Ann is catholic by birth and experience and by reading both the old and new testaments hundreds of times. My parents were not as overtly catholic as Ann's and by age 12, I was alienated from organized religion by some southern methodists in conjunction with Jethro Tull's "Aqualung". A scathing beat down of the church of England and Catholicism with really good guitar..."It's got a really good beat and you can question all your convictions to it".
I was astounded that these people could wish me the grace of GOD on sunday, but during the week shun me because I had long hair, and shun is a very mild way of putting it.
I had a relative by marriage years ago who referred to a double bladed axe as a methodist axe because it was two faced... 10 years after my initial impressions, they were validated by a crusty old rancher who had seen more than I had seen in life even to today, some twenty years later. I think he was a baptist, but I'm not sure. He may have been a pentecost.
And therein lies the problem...who do you believe?
After years and years of wrestling the whole religion thing, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus is who you think he was. Not what practice of organized religion you prescribe to, but REALLY what YOU think . If you buy into any organized religion I believe you are missing the point and instead choosing camps based on what doctrine best suits your needs. To make decisions based on this only serves to diminish your own faith in who he was.
There's a structure to any organized religion, depending on your "faith". You're "faith" determines how you interpret a book written by Jesus' friends. They interpreted his life in what can only truly be described as folklore and biography.
Open to interpretation and the slant of whatever faith is interpreting. Strict pentecostal women and girls don't cut their hair, wear make up, and wear homemade modest dresses. Some southern baptists don't dance, some of them dance and handle snakes. Catholics disagree with the prodestants, who disagree with the episcopalians who disagree with the methodists...and it goes on and on. If Jesus and his "dad" GOD were so right on, why do we have so much conflict about his message?
Answer that...and don't tell me your "church of the righteous unedited teachings of yaweh" is the right and true way. Because it's not. You can pretend that it is, and in your heart and mind, your right. Because that's what you believe. Just don't shove it down my throat, thank you very much.
This is what I currently believe...
Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph...As he grew up he saw the world around him and had some remarkable ideas about people and society. At some point, he began speaking about these ideas and the people in his community thought they were good ideas too. Thoughts about kindness and honesty and the value of community. It caught on and spread out over a land threatened by another country and government and ideology. Over time, he got in the way of thier aspirations and became a threat. So they killed him in a horrible way, to make a point.
But he had started something that didn't go away after he was killed. His friends, in their writings and actions after his death elevated him to savior status. These writings and actions have been reinterpreted and applied over centuries to meet specific secular wants and needs, to manipulate the masses, whether it be the crusades or what's currently going on in the world today. His true legacy has been usurped and bastardized more times than you can count on all the fingers and toes you can find . A simple man with some really good ideas about how to be in the world, when distilled to their essence still ring true.
So...when I hear this nonsense about "intelligent design" I see neoconservative fundamentalists trying to make an end run around the separation of church and state with yet another play on words set on imposing the will of one groups interpretation of how it was on all of us and it makes me shake my head in wonder at how long this battle has been going on .
There is no place for religion in government. Jesus was a man with a great big heart and some good ideas. Religion is a construct, manufactured by a myriad of people with an agenda.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Just call me Oma
Kyle and Brandy came by with Sean tonight and showed us their new pimp-mobile. Aside from the fact that it's awesome that they have a car so they can get around and Kyle can get a job (this part of Texas has yet to understand the concept of public transportation), the big plus for us is that we get a chance to see them once and a while now. Kyle and Rob installed a CD player in the pimp-mobile (because one has to have tunes to stay sane in the traffic around here) while Brandy watched me dote on Sean. Brandy asked me what I wanted to be called by Sean and I said "Oma" because that's what I called my grandmothers. But I don't really care much what name he gives me down the road. I just hope he doesn't decide I'm an witch and become afraid of me like I was with one of my own grandmothers.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Being the kind of guy that I am, I did some research on the subject before posting about it. Lo and behold I found this link, that not only matched my experience and knowledge regarding this issue but came really close in terms of sarcasm and ripping those jesus pixie dust creationists. So, rather than rewrite this near perfect ( noticible lack of the word fuck and it's derivitives ) description of how we happened...I copied and pasted it. Enjoy...and thank you Scott for reading my mind back in 99.
Without further ah is...

The Evolution of Man

By Scott Roeben


There is an old saying. Several old sayings, come to think of it. Those sayings have no relevance here, of course, but it's best to begin with a statement unlikely to create controversy before plunging headlong into the subject of The Evolution of Man, which is sure to do so.

Why does discussion of our development cause such dissent? Well, at least in part, evolution flies in the face of Creationism. What is Creationism? In brief, Creationism is the belief that Darwin was a few ice cubes short of a tray. But this is not the time or place to discuss the merits or flaws of Creationism. Creationism is very complex. Like astrology. Or other solidly factual belief systems like those surrounding the existence of the Tooth Fairy or leprechauns. No, this is not the forum to point out the almost laughable, gaping holes in Creationism. This is not the place to ridicule Creationism, especially by calling Creationists "drooling morons" or even "deluded crackpots." No, this is a mature discussion of The Evolution of Man.

I should say up front that the use of the word "Man" in this treatise is not intended to be sexist. Rather, "Man" is a generic term for "person." "Man" is often used interchangeably with "Mankind," such as in the case of that astronaut who said "One (STATIC) step for a (STATIC), one (STATIC) (STATIC) for mankind (STATIC)."

Now that we've cleared that up, let us get to the matter at hand. So, where did Man come from?

Where Did Man Come From?

"Back east," for the most part.

But seriously, we have always had a curiosity about our origins. It is almost unfathomable to us that we may have evolved from the apes. The scientific community continues to gather more and more evidence about our progenitors, yet it seems the more we know, the more we discover we don't know. In fact, some of us didn't even know that, which muddies the evolutionary waters even further.

Did Man Evolve From Apes?

Will you please let a person get a word in edgewise?

No, Really, Did We?

There are no simple answers in life. (Unless, of course, the question is "Will I be audited?") There is a reason the Theory of Evolution is called a theory. Mainly, calling something a "theory" is a way for scientists to cover their respective butts. For instance, in the days of Columbus, there was something called the "Law of the Earth Being Flat." Once Columbus made it to the New World, it was clear the Earth was not flat, and the people who had created the "Law of the Earth Being Flat" became laughingstocks. This would never have happened if they had just held a "Theory of the Earth Being Flat." They could've just said "Hey, it was just a theory."

So, evolution is just a theory. When does a theory become a law? If you would like the answer to this, watch "Schoolhouse Rock." We are much more interested in tracing The Evolution of Man.

[Note: From a genome viewpoint, the difference between modern man and the modern apes is quite small, about two percent. From a physical viewpoint, the greatest difference is in locomotion. We would explain these assertions further, but for this you should probably read the book from which we blatantly stole this information.]

How Long Has Man Been A Tribal Animal?

Man has been a tribal animal since he first walked erect, more than four million years ago.

He Walked "Erect"?

If you are not going to take this subject seriously, we'll just end our little treatise right here. You will no longer receive the benefit of our knowledge, nor will you be able to hear us bandy about such terms as "treatise" and "genome."

Oh, All Right, What Were the Stages of
Development of Mankind?

Funny you should ask. Mankind's development can be broken down into the following groupings: Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus africanus, Australopithecus robustus, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Neanderthals, Cro-magnons, Homo sapiens. It is important to remember that not just anyone can make up names for such groupings. Scientists undergo years of training in "obfuscation" and "gobbledygook" before they attempt to name various creatures or phenomena. If you don't believe us, try it yourself. Try naming things around your house: Tabilus endicus. Refrigeratorus frigidaris. Medicinus cabinentus. Sound silly, don't they? Perhaps now you see why it's best to leave the naming to the scientists.

Isn't It About Time for a Chart?

It is about time for a chart.
Australopithecus afarensis 4 to 2.7 million years ago
Australopithecus africanus 3 to 2 million years ago
Australopithecus robustus 2.2 to 1.6 million years ago
Homo habilis 2.2 to 1.6 million years ago
Homo erectus 2.0 to 0.4 million years ago
Neanderthal 200 to 35 thousand years ago
Cro-magnon 35 thousand years ago
Homo sapien 200 thousand years ago to present

There is one thing which is clear from this chart. Our ancestors would have been a whole lot easier to study had they been "linear." However, this was not to be, especially if we have made some transcriptions errors in our chart. Let's take a closer look at some of our hairy forefathers and/or foremothers.

Australopithecus Afarensis

Our most ancient ancestor is Australopithecus afarensis. They lived roughly 4-2.75 million years ago, which according to my calculations would make them 1.25 million years old each. No wonder they look so decrepit in photographs.

Various sources inform us that we know about Australopithecus afarensis because of Lucy. Apparently, Lucy was a big fan of archaeology. Rumor has it that she must have talked to Ethel and hatched a scheme to get into the show at Ricky's nightclub by masquerading as a "hominidae." Ha, ha. Just a little evolutionary humor. Actually, Lucy is a set of skeleton remains which has made us aware of this species. Oh, and this species is also mentioned in books. It occurs to us Archeologists would save themselves a lot of time and digging if they would just look in books first.

Australopithecus africanus

The main differences between the afarenis and africanus were height and brain capacity. There is little humor to be found in africanus, mainly because we do not want to be boycotted by the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Australopithecus robustus

Australopithecus robustus had an average height of 1.5 m. This made life difficult for robustus, mainly because no one has any idea what an "m" is. It is suspected that an "m" is something like a foot, but currently this is just a theory.

Scientists note that robustus had a flat face. This may have come about because it is believed robustus was constantly getting into fistfights over being teased for having "bust" in its name.

Robustus was also vegetarian, which likely means robustus had a rather self-righteous attitude and, again, what better reason do you need to flatten someone's face?

Homo Habilis

Homo habilis is also known as "handy man." This is why you could almost never reach habilis on a holiday weekend.

Habilis was probably the first of the ape-men to make primitive stone tools. These tools resembled "rocks," and in some cases, "stones." With the advent of tools came the development of the "neighbor," which "borrowed" the newly invented tools...and most were never seen again.

Homo Erectus

Homo erectus inhabited the regions of southeastern and eastern Asia until approximately 300,000 years ago, when its rent was raised and it got the hell out. Homo erectus had a similar body size to humans, although the female Homo erectus almost always felt it looked fatter than it really was.

Homo erectus was similar to modern man in a great many ways, although the brain size was considerably smaller--comparable to that of today's professional wrestling fan.

Homo erectus was a mighty warrior, an explorer, an inventor. Erectus invented clothing, in fact, which is used even today by just about everyone except those posing for National Geographic and certain men's magazines.

It is interesting to note that Homo erectus was the first to bury its dead. It appears the previous practice of burying the living became impractical due to all the flailing and biting. Homo erectus, like all our progenitors, was able to adapt.


Before and during the last ice age there appeared a very distinctive type of man, the Neanderthal. We're betting that what made the Neanderthal distinctive was his body odor, but there's no consensus in the scientific community to support that (yet).

Originally, it was thought Neanderthals were direct ancestors of man. But skeletal remains of modern man have now been found dating from the same time as the Neanderthals, suggesting they both arose from a common ancestor (a guy named Stu). This is quite a revelation, especially to the people who have managed to read this far.

Neanderthals became extinct some 40,000 years ago, mainly because they were utterly inept at mating. Fossil records show quite clearly that while mating rituals for the various types of hominids developed in predictable, advancing increments throughout history, Neanderthals, inexplicably, did not conform to that pattern.

Please note the following official-looking chart.

Australopithecus afarensis : Ugh.
Australopithecus africanus : Ugh?
Australopithecus robustus :Your cave or mine?
Homo habilis......................: Want to see my stone tool?
Homo erectus ....................: "Erectus"? Get it? "ERECTUS."
Neanderthal ........................: Come here often?
Cro-magnons.......................: I so DO NOT know that guy.
Homo sapien........................:Me either. I'm SO not with him.


Cro-magnons have somehow developed a poor reputation in modern times. The designation "Cro-magnon" is often used by modern women to make the point that a man is acting in a manner which is "uncivilized" or "crude." In truth, modern men act in a manner with would be seen even by Cro-magnons as "crude," especially that part about making smooching noises when an attractive modern woman walks by without the benefit of a bra.

Cro-magnons were perhaps best known for their paintings. They used paints made of manganese and iron oxides to paint the walls and ceilings of their caves throughout what is today called France and Spain. Many of these beautiful paintings have been preserved and can still be seen. The only drawback to viewing these artistic marvels is the unfortunate fact that to do so one may have to go to "what is today called France" and deal with "what are today called rude jackasses." Some would consider this a small price to pay to view these historic paintings.

Of course, we cannot discuss Cro-magnons without mentioning that during the seasonal migration of herds, the Cro-magnons used cunning hunting skills and tools--even managing to develop extremely advanced tools for hunting (possibly even a bow and arrow). Cro-magnons were the precursors to our modern day deer hunters--grown men who delight in the merciless slaughter of gentle, innocent creatures. Again, the Cro-magnons would appreciate it if we could come up with another term to describe these guys. Unfortunately, there was no "Nimrodus moronicus," but I'm sure the scientific community will think of something. As we said, they're good at making up names.

Homo Sapien

The evolution of Homo sapien began about 200,000-300,000 years ago. At first, you might say this is a very rough estimate. This would be extraordinarily rude, but we will try and put it behind us.

The Homo sapien physical structure is similar to that of Homo erectus, however, Homo sapien had a better sense of color, mainly due to the advent of swatches about 235,000 years ago.

The Homo sapien brain capacity averaged an impressive 1,350 cc, surprisingly the same size of today's humans. Well, most of today's humans. The Homo sapien brain dwarfs that of the average DMV employee like a skyscraper dwarfs a dollhouse.

There is much more information available about Homo sapien. Just not here. (Get over it.)

Conclusion (One Hopes)

One thing is clear. We are what evolution made us. Especially if you exclude the relatively recent advent of the sex change operation. We are all the result of adaptation, mutation and, often, ghastly orthodontic headgear.

Yet while we arrogantly pride ourselves on how far we have come since we first began our evolutionary trek, how far have we really come? Even with all our modern machines, we are, essentially, still wrapped in loincloths--warring, hunting, mating. Well, some of us are mating. Mostly guys in rock bands.

It might be argued that because of evolution, and natural selection, we are the result of the survival of the fittest. Our ancestors who best adapted to their surroundings, and who reproduced most successfully, spawned others who had to exhibit equal cunning and virility to pass on their genes. Some feel that in the not-too-distant past we were our strongest, most intelligent and most virile. Now we have labor saving devices. Machines do much of our thinking for us. Even reproduction has been assisted (and in some cases replaced) by our technology. Could it be that since we no longer have to rely on our strength and cunning that we are, in a sense, devolving?

Thankfully, we have answered enough questions already, so there's no need to try and answer the hypothetical ones, too. We will leave the difficult questions up to those who have time to read and conjecture and spell check and the like.

Instead, in order to fulfill what we see as our evolutionary imperative, we will now devolve into our big, fluffy, highly-evolved couch for a nap.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Nicked this from Billy...

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Get a tattoo...another one.
2. Learn to play the mandolin.
3. Record a CD that actually gets some airplay.
4. Get my Journeymans licence.
5. Go to England and meet some of my kinfolk.
6. Go to Nova Scotia and meet some of my kinfolk.
7. Open a deli/and or catering business.

Seven things I can do:
1. Play a mean lead.
2. Sing like I mean it.
3. Intimidate people without saying a word.
4. Disarm those same people when I open my mouth and speak.
5. Tell a good story.
6. Hit a target at 100 meters with a 12 gauge slug...and score a kill. Consistantly.
7. Draw a really pretty butterfly.

Seven things I can not do:
1. Tell a convincing lie.
2. Kill a spider.
3. Take gangsta rap seriously...I mean come on, lines like "my grill be lookin' like a disco ball" and " I need to work at it like a crack addict in rehab" hardly lend creedence to the
cause. It's fucking funny, but come on niggas! Get real.
4. Write a gangsta rap hit...White Chocolate was already taken when it occurred to me.
5. "...Just kill a man..."but Cypress Hill can...or else they are full of shit. You decide the legacy of gangsta rap here. Can they indeed just "kill a man"?
6. Hit a live target at 100 meters with a 12 gauge slug and kill you...unless you give me a reason .
7.Play a mean lead consistantly.

Seven things that I find really attractive about the opposite sex:
1. Eyes.
2. Boobs.
3. Hips.
4. Low rise jeans and mid-riff tops.
5. Ass...all manner of ass.
6. Brains.
7. The pooch. There's nothing like the pooch.

Seven things I say the most:
1. What the fuck?
2. Oh...COME on...
3. I meant to do that.
4. Son of a bitch...
5. Sorry piece of dogshit...
6. Chinga-derow...
7. Ho chi min trail...

Seven books I love:
1. Killing Custer...The author escapes me.
2. Brave New World...Huxley
3. A Clockwork Orange...Burgess
4. Cruel Shoes...Martin
5. The Stand...King
6. Get in the van...Rollins
7. A Seperate Reality...Casteneda.

Seven people I would like to see take this quiz:

This was more work than a regular post...dammit.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Shiner bock and pizza...and i tunes...taking turns on songs...thousands of them. It's really kind of unbalancing. To trace the romance musically over birthdays and anniversaries. Romance is the key word here. This is my girl. Hot rod rock and roll . You have my heart. always.
I turned 44 years old today. I usually don't make much of my birthday, but I decided that 44 was a pretty cool number and scheduled myself off work today. My birthday plans were simple; I wanted to hook up my computer up to the stereo and spend the day lounging around playing my favorite songs out of the iTunes catalog which is so much easier than sorting through 700+ disorganized CDs. Unfortunately our bank account was in the red and I needed to buy the some connectors to accomplish my goal and Rob wouldn't get his paycheck until later in the day. So when my parents made an offer to take me to lunch and buy me a couple of pairs of jeans for my birthday, I happily took them up on the suggestion. As it turned out I got to do both. Necessity might be the mother of invention, but I'd gather that desire is the father because I managed to come up with a way to connect the computer to the stereo using stuff we had around the house. It might be overkill to use the band's mixing board for such a purpose, but what the heck. I've had a grand time listening to stuff I wouldn't have been bothered to find otherwise. Rob came home bearing birthday gifts of flowers and beer. For dinner, rather than going out to eat, we ordered pizza and sat around doing one of my long-time favorite things to do I'm not sure what you'd call it, maybe "you pick, I pick", but it's something I started doing when I was a teenager where two or more of us would sit around and take turns picking which song to play next. It's a game I brought with me when I hooked up with Rob and he took to it pretty well, introducing me to a wealth of music I would not have otherwise heard. Which is pretty much the whole point and despite having been together for over ten years we still manage to pull something out of the hat from time to time and surprise each other. All said and done it was a great birthday and I hope I don't have to suffer too much tomorrow at work after all the beer I will have drank this evening. Ah well, even if I do, I'm sure I'll think it was worth it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


You could have knocked me out with a triple vodka tonic, a shot of jager and a half a valium...but the pResident publicly (in front of cameras no less) took responsibility for the dismal failure that was, and is, the response to the aftermath of Katrina. Wow! Seriously, that cocktail I just mentioned would knock anyone out despite anything that conniving bastard could ever say with the exception of " I resign " . Has he miracuously seen the error of his ways? Did Jeebus come visit him in the middle of the night and show him the burning, sulfurous afterlife awaiting him and his family and administration if he didn't change his ways "right god damn now" ? OR... Is this the only card left to play considering he has tanked ratings wise? Last I heard he was at a 39% approval rating. An all time low in a series of all time lows.Bless his heart...and I mean that in the most derisive southern way you could ever imagine.
Moving on.
While this notion of "intelligent design" has been making the rounds for some time, I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it. Mostly because of the way I was raised I think. My Dad was a big archaeologist...we were constantly going out on digs. Evolution was an accepted fact in my household. God and religion was man expression of faith.
But lately there's been a big push by the religious right to teach ( and I believe, eventually replace evolution ) creationism and "intelligent design" in the public schools. Another attempt to blur the lines between church and state, among other things.
If you want to have your faith, fine...believe what you want, but please keep it in the church, and more importantly, keep it to yourself. I have never seen a darwinist riding around town on a bicycle knocking on doors hawking the origin of my life.
I have been harrassed by an unending army of various religious people knocking on my door for as long as I can remember trying to convince me of the righteousness of thier particular brand of god propaganda, and for all of those who have knocked, and all of those who invariably will, here is my rebuttal to "intelligent design".

1. The box jellyfish. four brains, twenty four eyes, and enough venom to kill an adult human with one sting. Explain this one to me, please. Was god also working on the right formula for LSD when he designed this one?
2. Mosquitos and wasps and hornets. How about these miscreants? Would supporters of "intelligent design" say something like " God created them to sting people who have sinned or are considering sinning". I don't think so. If that was the case, these little critters would land on your shoulder and whisper in your ear "God says don't even consider ( insert sin of choice here ) or I'm gonna have to sting the fuck out of you".
3. AIDS. If you believe the Pat Robertson types, this is punishment for being gay, or a junky, or a sinner. If you believe the conspiracy theorists, the government designed it to rid the world of gays and blacks and other minorities. If you believe the primates in africa, they were just passing it on as payback for all that zoo oppression. It seems to me, that if there was such a thing as "intelligent design" there would be no gay people, no junkies, no sinners and no sick monkeys in africa. Or zoo's for that matter. Or any government that would ever give cause for people to think they would ever do anything to hurt us. It would be a perfect world, like that walgreens commercial only way more boring.
And finally, 4. Retards. What "intelligent designer" would allow the ongoing production of disabled and deformed and damaged models? Seriously. You would think that those kind of bugs would've been worked out from the get go. "Ooohhh...webbed fingers and toes combined with drooling stupidity is no good, time to re-shake the "intelligent design" etch-a-sketch and start over". Supporters of "I.D." would undoubtedly explain this as "punishment for sins", or maybe " God has a problem with booze ".
What kind of god would visit this kind of ugliness upon us? Not to mention the thousands of other ugly things visited upon us on a regular basis?
I'll tell you what kind.
Were doing this to's called evolution. I don't think we're finished yet,either. I've seen Waterworld...have you?
God is an expression of faith, and we've even managed to screw that all up. Go knock on somebody else's door, or better yet, go home.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Click on the bold text for details...

"'re doing a great job"...Bush, a few days ago praising then F.E.M.A "director" Micheal Brown. Who resigned today after a shit storm of questions about his character (padded resume, no experience in emergency matters) and his performance. So what exactly was this "great job" Bunnypants was refering to? The collective blowing of smoke up our asses? YES.

Blackwater mercenaries have deployed enmass to New Orleans to "maintain order". These are the same privately funded armies that have been engaged in black ops in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have been provided with all amenities the survivors of Katrina have not...Is there something wrong with this? YES. They are mercenaries...ex rangers and seals, heavily armed and patrolling our gulf coast. "Protecting us". Sure they are. Where did they come from and who invited them?

I couldn't find a link for it, but an elderly woman was tackled by police and forced onto a truck and "evacuated" from her home, despite the fact that it was not affected by the flooding. She was armed with a knife and a gun and adamantly refused to leave. She was tackled by law enforcement and forced from her home. I heard audio of this incident on several radio stations throughout the day. Curiously enough, I can't find a link to the story, albiet it was a half hearted effort on my part. I heard it people, take my word for it.

POLITICS-US: Pentagon Foresees Pre-emptive Nuclear Strikes What??? WHAT???
Read the article for details...if there was ever a case for removal of this asshole president and his cold war cronies, this is it. We can recall the cold war with the Soviets...they were communists, and while a lot of people beleive commies were an incredible threat to our way of life...communists had the collective and that ideology that didn't include the militant Islamic peoples hatred of our very core and a equally fervent desire to destroy us. The cold war was a stalemate for one primary reason...neither party wanted to be evaporated in a cloud of atomic dust.We simply waited the soviets out and outpaced them technologically until they ate themselves up with thier own bullshit;It's a simple explaination, but it's fact. The militants we are in conflict with now could give a shit...they are hellbent to destroy us and by our actions we are drawing them together into a national Islamic front that wouldn't hesitate to drop the bomb on us regardless of the consequences...that is if we are able to retaliate. The neo con mindset is "why wait? Lets hit 'em now and then we'll see about retaliation". Remember...Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thier response? Surrender. Much better than incinerating us, and whether they are or not...they are making noises about it,Iran and North Korea anyway. This is truely some terrifying shit. And if your'e foolish enough to believe this could never happen, remember...Reagan and Bush the first provided them with the initial technology that has gotten them where they are today. Imagine that...we cut off our nose to spite our face and now look at us.
Really...LOOK at us.

I couldn't make this kind of shit up. I wish I could.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I know I'm weird, but...
Tell me one of you has watched that Sci-Fi channel commercial "Unraveled" and while watching it you thought about how the unraveling is just going to get to his upper torso/arms and then what's left of his body is just going to float there, unable to go any further. That's how I see it, but Rob imagines that he's just going to unravel himself completely.

Being broke ass poor, despite Ann's penny pinching attempts at saving up some money, I was relegated to value shop for groceries. This is what I got for less that 25 dollars:
An 8 lb. bag of chicken leg quarters ( Ann is not a big fan of chicken, but come 68 cents a pound I will stretch my cooking imagination to make it agreeable to my better half's palate, and trust me...I can).
3 packages of flavored noodles @ 59 cents each.(store brand)
2 1 lb. tubes of 23% fat ground beef.(store brand)
1 package of spaghetti noodles ( store brand)
A jar of peanut butter and grape jelly ( brand)
A loaf of, you guessed brand bread.
2 Cans of store brand soup
Cello bag of carrots and a five pound bag of russet potatoes
A 20 pack of store brand tortillas
And finally...a store brand bag of chips.
And as far as my better half's palate...the chicken was marginal, but the noodles were "pretty good for 59 cent noodles" .
I guess I should forget about any iron chef aspirations...I can cook, but more often these days I feel like that cafe lady with the hairy ears.
Pretty boy's luck has jumped off me and on to someone else apparently, as my scratching has left me even with a sometimes in the hole record. This is shared by the other scratch heads in the group. Currently I have turned 10 into 7...not bad, I rationalize to myself. Surely a warning sign.
We are suddenly flush with meters... I bought one, Wolfie bought one at a pawn shop mainly because he thought it was made in california. As it turns out it was made in Taiwan. Mine was made in Thailand. Taiwan and Thailand took turns testing continuity today...Taiwan's beeps louder.
I could bitch and moan about lots of other things, but the fact remains that no one is listening, they have their own shit to deal with. And in the short run...the dogs still love us, we still love each other, and we still have a roof over our heads.
That's my America.
How's yours?

That's what I thought...Hang in there America

Hollered at the (apparently) reanimated vice pResident at a speaking engagement in Mississippi, followed up with a few fuck you Mr. Cheneys and a reporter casually asking if he'd heard a lot of this."First I've heard" was Darth cheneys response. You see, he's been on vacation in Wyoming and couldn't be bothered to return until now. There were reports that because of this experience, he cancelled his trip to New Orleans, where he could have been ( and should have been) drawn and quartered and fed to all the abandoned animals there as his flesh is not fit for human consumption. Here's a hardy go fuck yourself from us DICK (there's a good reason that's his first name). You make me sick.
I love it. Not the ongoing struggle along our gulf coast, but incidents like this...a citizen giving empire the what for. It's awesome. Apologists will say it's uncalled for and unpatriotic, I say it's about time. And long overdue.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Over the past week, we have had a volt meter crisis...the foreman's dissappeared on the stadium job...some college student ripped it off, or it is in some mechanical room waiting to be found. The one my journeyman had ( a very nice greenlee meter) was reclaimed by his former IJ, I put a new battery in mine and it would only do continuity no matter how many sweet words I whispered to it, or how many times I "tapped" it against the wall (imagine the manipulation of old TV antenna, complete with foil) it was resolute in it's ability to register continuity and NOTHING else.
So, after work today I went to the home depot and bought a new one...I couldn't really afford it, but I needed it, we needed it.
You've got to have a meter.
On the bright side, I'm using the old meters case to isolate my nutdrivers from the chaos that is my tool bag. Silver lining indeed.
So we are back in the saddle again, and I have a new meter...and that rocks.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Anonymous asked whether I thought the mayor of New Orleans and the governer of La. had anything to do with the lack of a meaningful response to Special K,I mean Katrina. Well...according to FEMA documents, they were not to respond until local and state government requested it. The problem with these documents is that they are dated after the mayor and the governer requested assistance. So the answer is no, unless you buy into the notion that they were being punished for being democrats. If you buy into that, then yes, they hindered the rescue efforts by being democrats requesting assistance from a republican administration...who by the way swear up and down that this is not the time for partisan politics.Then the answer is yes...because they are democrats. Either way you slice this up, it still smells of bullshit...GOP bullshit. And the dems are feeding right into it with all this talk of racism, trying to one up bunnypants with cries of racism is pathetic politics. Like I said yesterday, lets stick to the facts and the racism will come out on it's own if it's there.
Go to for a timeline of the ( lack of response). There's even a pictue show for those of us with little time ( or literacy :) )
Go on...go see the truth as it unfolds.
Something else that really bugs me is the abandoning of animals...dogs, cats, like they are dispensible. That's really fucked up. Even if I had to walk out of NOLA, my dogs would be walking with me. More about that tomorrow.
A few thought about Katrina
Katrina and it's aftermath has been garnering a lot of my attention these days. I've watched and listened to more news this last week that I probably did the entire year. There's a lot I could say about the situation, but the thing that struck me most was the lack of understanding about the folks who couldn't evacuate. There seems to be a huge population in this country that doesn't know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings, no transportation and no money to get out of town, nor have the money to stock up for a possible weeks worth of groceries and water until help can arrive if you can't leave. Rob and I are a lot better off than many people in the affected area and we would have a hard time getting of town if we needed to do so. And I disagree that the lack of response was a matter of race, but you'd be hard pressed to convince me that it wasn't a matter of economic status. I don't think it was as simple as someone thinking that it's just a bunch of poor people so we can drag our heels, but rather the fact that there was a lack of existing infrastructure and resources to draw from in the first place which hampered relief efforts even further. This country has a long history of ignoring the poor and impoverished whether it be on our own soil or in our foreign policy. You see it in the cry to "free" the people of Iraq (they have oil), but we ignore Rawanda and the Sudan (they have nothing.) I saw a hell of a lot more ass-busting to get the employees from 9-11 back to work than I see for the victims of Katrina. God forbid that someone making $50,000 or more a year might be out of job, but we don't care so much about restoring the minimum wage worker's livelihood. I'm sure it's not as simple as that, but still, I have to wonder what world our policy-makers live in. It sure as hell ain't the same world as mine.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


For more of this bullshit, check this LINK for more insanity than I can begin to relate.
But the biggest spin of all is the racist spin...the growing accusations that this administration (in the words of Kayne West ) doesn't like black people. And it's being spun by the liberal media and most especially air america radio, and this is what I heard on Randi Rhodes show today:
" The moronic apple doesn't fall far from the lynching tree" - a reference to Babara Bush and her son the pResident.
"Bush gave his black butler a half day off on labor day so he could donate blood, because his (Bushes) didn't match, because it was white"
And finally..."I bet Barb would've felt right at home down on the plantation 400 years ago"
Interestingly enough, our local air america affiliate went dead air after these comments. Signal drop? Cloud cover? Or the sense of reason? You decide.
That this administration has failed the gulf states miserably is a painful obvious reality is simply fact. But to throw the race card...fuck that...the race deck, is insanely dangerous, even if it's true.
And there are many salient points that, if taken in the right context to make them true.
Bush has executed 100's of minorities while gub'ner of Texas with what you could describe as cavalier disregard for the judiciary in Texas, who curiously rolled right over for him.
He openly mocked Karla Faye Tucker prior to her execution, and while she was white and female, lends creedence to that lennon song "woman is the nigger of the world" and underlines his backassward ways and narrow mindedness. Now, I'm cool with her execution...she was a sick fuck who brutally murdered some folks that no dosage of jesus could wash away,but he didn't have to mock her. But he did, and that says something less than favorable about his character.
Lott is a racist bastard, I have no proof, but look at this dude...he's got hoods somewhere, in a variety of colors.
For the opposition to raise the race card, and start throwing around words like murder is, in my opinion, irresponsible. Sure, the majority of victims are black, and poor, and couldn't leave even if they wanted to. But the focus needs to stay on mark...not fly off on this racist thing. There are lots of impoverished blacks along the gulf coast that couldn't get away, and the question is where was the relief and rescue?
If we keep asking that question and stay on the mark, the racial thing will answer itself. And while I'm sure the soft bigotry of the republican party will play a part, it still doesn't answer the bigger question...where were they ( FEMA and homeland security) and why were they so invested in declining help from the aforementioned countries and companies ( WALMART???) insisting on doing it themselves in such a pathetic fucking way?
If you want to know my opinion, it's about the rich powerbase intent on culling the herd, regardless of color. It's about greed and pride and control.
Racism may play a role in there somewhere, but for the liberal media to be screaming so loud about it so soon is dangerous and irresponsible.
Let's stay on the mark.
And that mark is incompetence.
And this administration is near hemmoraging on it.

Monday, September 05, 2005


As you all know, I'm a new grandfather, which on the face of it, heralds a new stage of life. A new person in the world and family, a new role for me to play as parent, and inlaw.
All families are different, I know we ( the we being Ann and myself ) are different. The other side of this family tree is different too. It's like that smoke you know is real, but when you try to grab it, it's not there. As a divorced parent, without custody, I was not always in the know...I was excluded from important matters on all levels until the shit hit the fan, and then it was laid in my lap...all my fault. This was proved false, thanks to a therapist who had her shit together and could see what was going on. I readily admit my failures as a part time parent...I've already done that, and put it behind me. But the shadowy family from a shadowy planet find themselves in a unique position of control, and I fear the same kind of bullshit played regarding my son will be repeated and refined regarding my grandson. Then again, I might just be being paranoid...but that's what I kept telling myself when Kyle was growing up, and it turns out I was way more than half, go figure. I hope I'm wrong about this...but time will tell.
As it happens, I am more right about things than I am wrong...testament to my former career, and as far as that goes, I'm usually proven right after the damage is done.
And then there's the world we are all living in right now. It's a mess...war, disasters, political corruption and lies, a president who can't find his ass with two hands and a map and rove.
I can say with some relief, that I'm not one of those rat nibbled dead bodies in New Orleans, or some bloated waterlogged corpse pressed up against the roof of my attic waiting to be discovered by those relief crews that were more than a day and a dollar short in terms of response.
I haven't been blown to bits by a "improvised explosive device" on some road in and around Basra.
But I am treading water and dodging bullets because of the fallout of this administration's inability to tell the truth, it's centrist greed, and it's inability to spin the lies into something palatable. I'm choking on the bullshit, as so many others are. Lots of folks are talking about it, but so far nobody is doing anything about it. Talk is cheap...lets see some fucking action already.
Bush said there was no way to anticipate the levee breeches in New Orleans...LIE...the levees weren't complete when he and his slashed funding and diverted it to the war in Iraq.
There's a place to start...hammer on this obvious lie until they break ( and they would be the Bush administration, before any of you apologist neo cons dare to ask who they are ).
Just look at what's happening along the gulf coast of the united states of rich white america and ask yourself what would happen if there was another terrorist attack on our soil.
Two monkeys trying to fuck a football does not qualify as a response.
And that's exactly what's happening, and it disgusts me. And it frightens me. And it makes me jumpy.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Way back in the day, I smelled like patcholi, which smelled like weed, which was way cool with me. For a very brief period of time I smelled like lilac vegitalis, because my dad said that's what he liked to smell like like when he was a young man.And then there was the British sterling shampoo phase, there's nothing like washing your hair in barton creek with British sterling. So hippy, yet, uhhh...british...and sterling. Then it was patcholi again for a while, until smelling like weed was suddenly a liability. I wore aramis for a while, and then smelled like cinnabar by proxy because my girlfriend at the time bathed in it. After another brief flirtation with patcholi, I discovered fahrenheit, and smelled like Richard Gere for a few years.
And then I grew tired of it all and just smelled like me. And the soap and deoderant I used. Considering my soap was Aveeno stress relief with chamomille and ylang ylang and lavender, but generally left no scent on me after about 15 minutes past drying off. Which means I've been walking around smelling like a camel wide filter and vodka for the last 12 or so years.
I bought some axe unlimited the other day, mostly because I really liked the commercial of the hot chick rubbing a frying pan on her ass, and that other one of all the hot chicks humping the hot water pipe down stairs from the guy showering upstairs...with axe.
I didn't want the Tag effect of chicks tackling me in the store or on the street, axe has a more subtle pheramone response.
They long for you ... from a distance.
Which is a good thing for a middle aged, overweight, tattooed married guy like me.
Plus, it smells good.
And it doesn't give Ann a long as I don't use it without the fart fan running in the bathroom.
Hey...I can follow rules.
And axe rules.

Friday, September 02, 2005


I've got a lot of favorite movies...action, war, space, science fiction, crime drama and love stories. That's stories. And my absolute favorite love story movie is Forrest Gump. The one movie that makes me cry, every time without fail. And it's also a barometer...when does Rob start to cry? It changes every time, commensurate with my own emotional state and what's happening in my world at any given viewing.
That unwavering notion that everythings gonna be alright no matter what.
And that's the kind of simple message of hope I want to send out. Things are not right in the world now, but someday we will be just like peas and carrots again...the right mix.
Right after we bulldoze that abusers house down.
I'm overwhelmed by metaphor.
The real shock and awe
Not bombs over Baghdad, but the paltry response to the disaster in our own country. Like Rob, I too have started and deleted several posts, unable to find the words to adequately express my dismay and my anger. And part of the problem was evident in the calls I've been taking at work the last few days. We have a large customer base in the areas affected by Katrina. The majority of customers that still have some service are understanding when we can't dispatch a technician to fix their problem within 24 hours, but there are those few that have sorely tried my patience. As an example, I had a caller today who was fortunate enough to live a bit east of the affected area yet literally screamed at me because we had not fixed his DSL issue in less than 24 hours. He was furious that we were short on technicians because some had been sent to help sections of the state that were completely without phone service. I find that level of selfishness inexcusable and I had to do a great deal of tongue biting during that conversation. On a brighter note, my employer has set up a donation fund for employees that they will match dollar for dollar. A dollar for dollar match was enough to make this ex-Human Resources Manager smile, but the suggested donation amount made that grin go from ear to ear. The suggested amount was just $5 each. It appears that I work for a company that actually has a clue of what it's like to not be able to afford even Ramen noodles that last few days before payday and yet still have a desire to help folks in even greater need. Five dollars would turn into ten, but I'm hoping I can come up with $25 which will turn into $50 and that's pretty damn cool.

I have started several posts and deleted them all. There are no words that can describe my feelings. I want to go there and help, but civilian help is not being allowed, so I sit on my hands and wait. I hear the news on the radio, I see the images on the TV.
And I see the inept response from FEMA, dismantled and rolled into that joke that is called homeland security. It's pathetic. I see the media wavering between condemning the bush administration for this piss poor response and stopping just short of the line. I heard the mayor of New Orleans calling it like he see's it...calling bullshit. I see suffering on one hand and the relentless spin of the right on the other.
This is wrong, gigantically wrong, and an illustration of how wrong this administration is in general.
There's a cough in the water, and it's headed into town.
Because of the slow response, things will get much worse before they approach middlin'.
And it breaks my heart.