Sunday, December 31, 2006


Match this kyle...:)
Happy new one y'all...
Hoo - whee!
Adios 2006
I'm not sad to see this year end. It hasn't been a particularly bad year, but it's definitely been a pain in the ass. That's mostly due to my job which started out on a rough note due to recent policy changes that occurred at that time I was promoted (February) and despite promises of how it was going to get better, things just got progressively worse and worse with each passing month. That will all soon be behind me since new policy changes put in place this weekend will make it impossible for me to meet the goals I need to meet by January 15th. In addition, I'll only be earning the base salary ($11.53 per hour for a 40 hour work week) so putting forth any massive effort seems rather pointless. Had I remained a tech, I'd be getting a raise to $14 per hour on the 1st which just proves how absurd some situations can be. There have been times when I regretted taking the promotion, but I have learned a lot of new things over the last 11 months and much of that was learning more about myself rather than the actual job duties. So looking back, I'd have to say that overall it was a worthwhile endeavor even if it ends with getting fired for the first time in over 30 years of employment. But enough of looking back - time to sweep the old out the door and make a toast to the New Year and better things in the future.


P.S. The universe has sent me a sign that Christmas is over

Saturday, December 30, 2006


It just kind of struck reststop did...dark and ugly...

Dubya do you think they'll hang Saddam?
Dubya do you think they'll like this song?
Dubya do you think they'll try to break your balls?
Dubya should I build the wall?
Dubya should I run for president?
Dubya should I trust the government?
Dubya will they put me in the firing line?
Dubya am I really dying?

Hush now baby, baby, dont you cry.
Dubya's gonna make all your nightmares come true.
Dubya's gonna put all his fears into you.
Dubya's gonna keep you right here under his wing.
He wont let you fly, but he might let you sing.
Dubya will keep baby cozy and warm.
Ooooh baby ooooh baby oooooh baby,
Of course dubya'll help to build the wall.

Dubya do you think it's good enough--for me?
Dubya do think it's dangerous - to me?
Dubya will it tear this little boy apart?
Dubya will it break our hearts?

Hush now baby, baby dont you cry.
Dubya's gonna check out all your armor for you.
Dubya won't let anything effective get through.
Dubya's gonna wait up till all of you die.
Dubya will ignore it when more of you die.
Dubya's gonna keep america wounded and sore.
Ooooh baby oooh baby oooh baby,
You'll always be oil to me.

Dubya, did you really have to lie?

Friday, December 29, 2006


I just saw a headline at CNN that says Saddam will be hanged at 9 pm my time. OK...I got that, 9 pm cst...but...but...why? What's the point? Sure, he gassed some kurds to death back in the day in retaliation for some percieved threat on his life, but...but...wasn't that right around the same time he was posing for pictures with Rumsfeld? He was our buddy then, right? So why doesn't he get a pass?
The irony of this scenario is spinning by so fast that I have vertigo...(falls out of chair...get's back up again ). Let's run it play by play.
Saddam kills a bunch of people...check.
Bush kills a bunch of people, as gubner of Texass and as the decider...check.
Saddam gets hanged for his "indescretions"...check.
Bush gets 2 more years in the whitehouse...huh?
It just doesn't add up.
In any sensible way.
Excuse me, I have to go vomit now...


(click on the pic for a bigger pic dude!)
I ran some pipe...Hoo-Whee!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I don't normally do requests, but, the comment inspired me to actually explore the reasons why I enjoy my trade so much. First and foremost, it's the sense of accomplishment...of creating something that while completely utilitarian, can also be a work of art (pipe bending is a perfect example, you take a straight piece of pipe and bend it, by hand, to fit the contours of your path).
I am constantly presented with to make something work out and look makes me think and plan and use my brain as well as my hands. Speaking of!
I have the coolest tools at my disposal, all of the hand tools are mine personally ( it's like buying shoes or vintage clothing...the tools make the man, man) and an array of power tools that are fun to utilize. Sure, we have the usual drills and saws, but we also have power benders for bending pipe that's larger than 1 1/4 "...heat guns for bending PVC pipe, tools that require skill.
I spent much of my adult life dealing with people in crisis, and during that time I never thought much about the skilled trades beyond " I could never do that " or " I wouldn't want to do that ". I was surrounded by people of similar opinions and goals in life and that brings me to the people. The trade is populated by an amazing diversity of people. I've worked with and for rednecks, hippies, redneck hippies, old school punks, hip hop brothers. Alot of the old timers are second and third generation electricians who carry a wealth of hints and if you pay attention, you constantly learn new ways of doing things or affirm that your way is better.
After almost three years, I can say that I am ( and feel ) competant as an electrician, I still have a long way to go ( understanding the nuances of the actual electricitry ) , but the mechanics are firmly in place. And for that I owe a debt to the journeymen who got me this far...Rusty,Lee, Wolfie, Adolph, Carlos, Kevin, Steve, and most recently Ryan. They don't call it the international brotherhood of electrical workers for nothing.
If you are a union electrician, you are paid well. A journeyman in the Austin local 520 makes in excess of $ 23.00 an hour, more than that if you are the foreman. The benefits are good.
But mostly, in the end, it's looking at that 300 plus foot pipe run you did at the end of the day and saying " that looks good".
You get home tired and dirty...with a sense of satisfaction and a plan for tomorrow.
If you aren't afraid of : hard work, dirt, constant noise, heights and the possibility of being electrocuted ( possibly to death ) then I say go for it. It's a very dangerous, yet satisfying trade.
I think that about covers it...for now.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I'm sure you've seen Annabelle's posts about her current work situation, as I have. No, that's not entirely accurate, I have been living them with her and trying to make home life as stress free as possible. Since she has not burst into flames or killed the neighbors I think I have had some success. I have also been thinking about this job predicament she's in and trying to make some sense out of it. First off, let me say that she is my girl and, as expected, I am biased. But...I have never liked the management model of the company she works for. To my estimation, it is some quasi- japanese business model that boils down to profit over employee satisfaction, kind of a slave shop but with computers instead of sergers...imagine if you will, 45 people slaving away in front of compaq desktops from 7 to 10 hours a day dealing with every miscreant on the lower 48. Imagine computer illiterates inundating you with the stupidest questions and queries known to man...
Now, Imagine you are the supervisor of these 45 people, almost to a number are under 23, in college and the job is essentially beer money to them...and don't even get me started on the cadre of fat dykes in goodwill clothing that can't get work anywhere else. This company will hire anyone, no matter how recalcitrant or otherwise socially displaced and then bow up up when the sun doesn't shine out of thier asses. Imagine you are the supervisor expected to create rays of sunshine out of each and everyone of those asses. Your monthly bonus depends on it, nay, your ability to remain gainfully employed depends on it.
Unlike our parents, who got jobs and stayed with them for life until retirement, Ann and I are of a mid generation that got 2 or 3 jobs and that was our working life. Our employers appreciated us and the work we did and retained us for as long as we were willing to work...and provided for us when we got to retirement age.
Not so much anymore.
More and more companies are shifting to this japo-fuck-you model and more and more people are changing jobs like I change my socks, and when they transition into thier forties I wish them the same anxiety and uncertainty that we are experiencing now...they did it to us, they fucking deserve it back in kind.
My mom had a saying that I fuck up everytime I try to resay it, but I manage to just get the gist....
"As they are now, please do not diminish them, because you will surely someday be" or something like that that, but it was about respecting age...and experience...and it's value.


These are the main panel cans for the job I'm currently on, Ryan (6' 2") is to the right of the giant can... just to give you an idea of how massive they can be; With the exception of the small one on the far left, he and I hung them all.

Hopefully, you can get an idea of how much power it takes to provide electricity for a retail store.
More to come.
:)...unlike my better half (bitter, currently?) I'm loving my job.

Monday, December 25, 2006

It's really an odd feeling to work on Christmas Day. Or any other holiday for that matter. The friends and family are celebrating, asking you over for dinner or a BBQ or what-have-you and you can't go because you have to work. It's a crunch on non-holidays as well such as when the good friend, who works M-F, 8 to 4 ask you to come to happy hour on Friday afternoon but you can't because you are working until 8pm that night and have to be back to work at 8am the next morning. And after the 1st of the year I start working until 11pm or later on weeknights plus a mandatory weekend shift every single weekend. If I'm lucky, I might see Rob on Sunday, provided nothing bad happens to me on the way to my car some night (it's not a very safe trip from work to car after about 9 pm.) And so I'm faced with a real dilemma. Because you see, I'm going to be fired on the 15th if I don't somehow cause my employees to drastically improve their performance. And while it might be possible to accomplish that, there's a part of me that really wants out of this job from hell and it's trying really hard to convince me to just do nothing and let myself get canned. Add to that the part of me that thinks not matter how hard I try, I'm never going to be good enough so why bother and it's a pretty tough fight between those two and my normal frame of mind which is to do the best I can do and what ever happens, happens. To say I'm conflicted right now would be an understatement. And even though this has all been roiling around in my brain for the last two weeks, I have, for the most part, kept the upper hand and continued to bust my ass at work despite the circumstances. I'm most likely a fool and it's probably all for naught, but if nothing else, I'm being true to myself. And I suppose in the long run, that's all that really matters.


James Brown passed away today. That's a christmas present I didn't need. 1933 to 2006...74 years old, man that's a long time. let us reflect on his many accomplishments. He was a leader in intrastate police chases while under the influence of PCP, after brandishing a shotgun on some real estate agents that were stinking up his "private" bathroom. Man! What an icon!
Seriously...he was an innovator, the true king of R&B and soul, and all that shit people are saying about him is true.
I mean the So. Carolina highway patrol shot his tires out from underneath him and he didn't fucking cool is that???
I will miss James Brown...and I want his cape...seriously.
I just hope god's ready for your bad ass ,James, peace out brother!

"I feel like a sex machine, when I'm not fucked up on PCP...OOOOWWWW!!!"


Clem and Jane wish you a merry christmas...

Just one more...


Sunday, December 24, 2006


I know I said I was out til 07...but these were too cool to not share. No more text nigga's! enjoy...

The reason for the season

Ann and her mama

Brandy, Sean and Kyle

The core fam...dude, we rule.

The best gift ever

All grown up...

His corner since he could fit in it...check the nutcracker...

Merry christmas niggas!!!!! :)
Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year
I'm working tomorrow so tonight is going to be Christmas for me. Works out since my family switched to doing the feast and present exchange on Christmas Eve at some point in my childhood, probably about the time I was old enough to attend midnight mass without falling asleep in the middle of it. I did my Christmas shopping today on Christmas Eve as I usually do, but it was even easier now that we've all moved to swapping cash for cash (or gift cards) as presents. This is even sillier than the old sweater and house-shoe exchange that we used to do. I did specifically request a sweater this year and I'm gonna laugh my ass off if I get a gift card or cash instead. Rob gave me a very nice (and very large) candle plus some beautiful champagne flutes for us to use on special occasions like annivesaries and New Years. I gave him a keyboard. Easy to tell who's the romantic, eh?

Here's wishing you all a wonderful time in what ever way you choose to celebrate the season.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Ryan and I have been cracking each other up this week with a variety of inane, pop culture morphs. Our favorite is the prayer from FMJ..."This is my rifle...", only we go: "This is my scissor lift, there are many like it,but this one is mine. Without me, my scissor lift is useless, without my scissor lift, I am useless"... or...rifiing on that line from Snakes on a plane..."What's up with all these motherfucking scissor lifts on this job that don't motherfucking lift?! I don't know about your contractor, but you have a scissor lift problem". and then there's " Robbbb, Robbbb, Rob Lobster!!!!" .
Today we did three 250 foot wire pulls...4 conducters, 4 neutrals, 1 dirty ground and 1 isolated ground...10 wires pulled through a 1 inch conduit x 3, 1 of which we had to run the conduit first. We followed each other around in lifts across a pitched ceiling that started at 20 ft. and our end point was 35 ft., navigating around all manner of airborne obstacles ( sprinkler pipes and HVAC ducts ) as well as shit on the ground (palets of lights, gang boxes, HVAC vents and hoods). Driving around in a lift reminds me alternately of Aliens, where Sigourney walks around in that lift loader of the future and Tron...for reasons yet to be defined, maybe it's the sound effects.
It was a gruelling day that started at 7am and ended at 6pm ( not counting the 35 minutes I spent looking for my keys...dammit! they were in my nail apron! ) DOH! Here's a shitty phone camera shot of me in all my safety gear...George, being old, cut off the top of my old people are wont to do.

Wer'e done until Tuesday...and so am I.
Merry merry everyone!!!!See you next week!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here we go again
There's a saying that life is a series of lessons and you either learn the one you are working on and move to the next one or you keep repeating it over and over again until you finally get it. I'm apparently in the wash, rinse and repeat mode when it comes to jobs. It sort of goes like this: Bust ass, then get shit on and end up looking for a new job where I can repeat the process all over again. Mind you, I'm still employed at the moment, but the end might be very near. I'll let you know on or before January 15th.


Good buddy got out of parchment farm yesterday. He called me today to let me know and to thank me for coming to see him. was the least I could do, and I was glad to do it. Nuff said on that subject. He's out and reunited with his heart and home and that's good enough for me. You don't normally hear it in this context, but it couldn't of happened to a nicer guy.
In sort of related electrician news, I pulled wire with Ryan at 35 feet in the air on a lift, the pulling part made the lift rock back and forth like crazy, which freaked me didn't help that Ryan said " Did you take your dramamine today"? before lift off. The elevation doesn't bother me so much, it's the rocking back and forth and the terror of the lift falling over ( can't happen, but fear is fear right?)
Further challenges await...

Monday, December 18, 2006


Click on the little deflicted thumb for a BIG deflicted thumb...ouch.
Photo by Ann...thanks honey.


Dear Matt...
I saw the "teaser" clip of your little soap box thing over the weekend, and while I was initially impressed ("Hey! Matt Damon's giving Bush and his FAS "twin" daughters the one-two about the war! You go Matt!!!" ) Then the reality of what was really happening sunk in.
Grandstanding on a monumental and obscene scale. On the face of it I agree with you, the burden of this war should be shared by each and every able bodied american of an age to serve.
Which brings me to you, mister born on October 8th, 1970 . Let's see, that makes you 36. And that gives me an idea, why don't you join up and go over there and serve your country?And I don't mean some candy ass good will tour in the green zone...I mean combat in Anbhar. You could take Affleck with you and your whole entourage with a project greenlight crew and film the whole thing. And if you live through it, you can sell the film and make another kajillion bucks that your overpaid yankee ass doesn't deserve.
Well...what about it big man at the microphone? What's that? You have "other priorities"? Like Cheney, I guess.
Pick up a gun or get over yourself, you've been hanging out with Clooney too much lately.
Hugs...mean it! :)
Th' Rev.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


My buddy and our drummer, Swampy...AKA Badger...AKA Bill, gives me lighters. Sometimes for no reason, sometimes on occaisions. On my birthday this year I got a lighter in the shape of a mini microphone... a shure sm-58...mesh head old school shit. But get this, it's also a flashlight! I got a coffin shaped one a couple years ago with a skull and iron cross crossbones and a turtle one that when you pull down on his arm fire shoots out of his mouth. They totally rule. As does my bro...


Wishing you all the best ...

Ann & Rob

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Every morning break there are two taco trucks waiting for us in the parking lot. The first time I scored it was from the woman in a sonoma pick-up truck with an oven in the bed (covered with a camper shell) and some ice chests with drinks. Since I have a minimal at bestgrasp of spanish, I searched the bin labels and recognized pollo (HEY! That's CHICKEN!) and papas (That's POTATO!). I got one...and spent the rest of the day in the grip of a acid indigestion/gaseous clay/nausea/feverish haze. It was miserable. I thought I had some rolaids in my bag (salvation!) only to discover one lone powdery tablet at the bottom of my bag. I felt like shite for the rest of the night, and the next day I was told of the "real" taco truck.
This dude has the best Carne Guisada tacos I've ever had...ever . They rule.
But, lunch is another story.
We get 30 minutes, and our location makes it difficult to go anywhere and botulism taco woman is the only one who comes back at lunch. So, I got some lunch stuff tonight and packed my lunch.
Check this:
For tomorrow I have:
Bologna,ham and cheese sammy
Peanut butter and apple jelly sammy (yes...I forgot the honey...again)
2...yes...2 pudding cups. Chocolate / vanilla swirl and chocolate / cookie dough
4 cans of coke.
My daily rations will be the envy of everyone on my crew, I tell you!!!
The ENVY!!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


You should never watch 4 episodes of Six Feet Under back to back even though you and A&E think it's a good idea. If you have issues with: death, dysfunctional families or death, they will come up...spectacularly well written and produced in your mind.

If you worked on a crisis intervenion team in a psych hospital, it's not a good idea to wind down after a shift filled with violence and dispair by drinking/drugging with your co-workers while watching movies about the war in Viet Nam. Sure, it makes for some great stories later on in life, but your reality will be forever skewed and your soul will be damaged.

But, oddly enough, you can live with that.

If you are at the grocery and decide not to buy any honey (for honey and peanut butter sandwiches for your work lunch ) because you are certain there is some in the pantry at home...there isn't. And you will have to make do with grape jam and PB instead, because Ann wasn't wearing her glasses at the store and got jam instead of jelly, and she thought jam did'nt even exist anymore.

Jam should not's like marmalades retarded cousin.

We have the cuddliest dogs ever...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Holacaust my way over there...please...I'll do the world a favor. I can't believe anyone would negotiate with the likes of this pile of hate and shit...and his latest calls to eliminate israel just underline his insanity.
Really, call me.


Oh my god...I am paying for my sins apparently. I'm at the haverty's job site and our task was to dig out the main feed pipes going under the building, cut off the offending, retarded looking 90 degree bends behind the couplings, attach new couplings and replace the 90's like they were meant to be. We spent all day on this little project, and at the end of it, had removed 2 and a half of the offending 90's, covered ourselves in mud and cuts and smoked a shitload of cigarettes when it wasn't our turn to dig , saw, chip hammer, or otherwise try to remove this bullshit.
If this is electrician purgatory, I am in heaven! I fucking loved it.
This site is a wasteland of clusterfucks gone's amazing.
And today the general contractor cut our schedule by 10 starting tomorrow it's 5 tens...10 hours of overtime a week, just in time for christmas...HOO-WHEE!!!!
Stay tuned for pictures...tomorrow...maybe.
Sign me...
beat down but smiling.
Update: I forgot the most interesting part of all of this, usually the trades break down like this: Electricians: predominantly white rednecks, a few black dudes, a few hispanics. Construction/drywall: wetbacks, erm..."guestworkers". HVAC: white rednecks, an occaisional hispanic. The HVAC ( heating,ventilation and air conditioning) crewon this job are...brace yourself Special K are raisins! Yes sir... certified, dyed in the wool gooks.
Chuck,Dink, Slope, whatever you wanna call em, Vietnamese. Not one of them over 5 foot 1. And since there is no music allowed on this job ( :( ), we are serenaded by the beautiful sing songy ness of vietnamese. I joke, I use slang names, but really, these people amaze me. And the language is like music, sometimes grating, like when one of them fucks something up, but generally a very pleasing sound. I did'nt like the gooks that were shooting at my friends in nam, but these guys are cool. They squat or sit on thier hard hats during breaks, eat noodles at break and lunch,and chain smoke like motherfuckers. Attributes that had been presented to me in film and lore as sterotypical are just that, but it's become clearer to me that this is a cultural thing. That's just how those "little motherfuckers" are, like I'm a white redneck electrician...and let me tell you...they kick some ass when it comes to HVAC...and they have their own microwave! How cool is that?
Now, K, I know "raisin" is a term you use to generalize old folks, but alot of those raisins are asian and on the bus...if memory serves.
This isn't like saying "NIGGA" is it? Bwahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Yesterday was SO many memories. When I got home, I followed a thread from crooks and liars that started with a Bon Scott era AC/DC clip at YouTube and ended at after 3 in the morning...
Today I went to waterloo and bought "let there be rock", Joan Osbornes "Relish" (What if god was one of us) and a Sabbath DVD..."last supper". We put up christmas lights to this today...To this stuff...old days, old ways...rock and roll...the sabbath DVD rules for the heros.

And look what happened...
What if god was ONE OF US?

Update....11:45pm...I watched the season closer of the wire, it ruled. I had the late night munchies, so we went to kerbey lane on south lamar. Had'nt been there in a while, service was spotty, food too...I forgot it was a pay your server joint and left a tip at our table and tried to pay the "hostess" (you know,by the CASH register) she informed me that unless I was paying with a credit card she could'nt help I track down our waitress and pay her...I jokingly made a comment about the hostess's inabilty to do simple math. As we exited the lane, said hostess followed us outside and called me on my comment...the emo-busboy apparently ratted me out. She says " That guy behind you (emo-busboy) said you said I was a bitch who didn't understand simple math".
As Ann was saying it was a joke, I was saying yes and the bitch spun on her heels and went back inside...Before the door shut I got off a loud "FUCK YOU".
Made my weekend, that.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


We came,we saw, it was awesome.

front: Mike, Toody, Sister. back: Bill, me, Debbie.

L to R: Sister, Debbie, Toody, Bruce, Mike, Bill, Lanora

Me and Rita...

It was a blast...

Friday, December 08, 2006


It was very cold this morning, and I was still hobbling around like Chester from Gunsmoke. We pulled wire, all day. 150 foot runs, 5 in each pull, 4 500's and a #8 ground. Something happened to my ankle mid afternoon ( in that fucking manhole ) and suddenly I wasn't Chester anymore, I was walking like Hazel...50's sitcom staple. It was like my head and shoulders were in a deathrace with my legs. I was not amused, but I'm sure the people who saw me were. I'm back to almost normal gait at this writing.
At the end of the day I got the news. I've been moved again to another "hot spot" starting monday. Oh well, it's the nature of the trade I guess. I know alot of the guys there and have worked for the foreman before, so, new site, old friends.It's a crew of 18 working 2 shifts so there'll be some overtime involved I'm sure.
I'm gonna miss working with Kevin and Tiny, but I'm sure we'll cross paths again.
I confirmed our brunch with Toody this evening, I told her I had some surprizes for her and she said " I can handle that honey, see you at 11" ...Fearless, that one!
I took swampy's advice and there'll be a stop at the florists beforehand tomorrow. Swampy is another surprize...amongst others.
Look for pictures and commentary tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Saturday is fast approaching, and my anxiety is turning into this mix of excitement / let's get it over with already kind of mish-mash. I got a confirmation call from sister tonight, who is bringing another old friend with her. I'm glad I set this whole thing up after everythings said and done, not just to see people I have'nt seen in 30 years, but rather to pay respect to the woman who touched all of our lives in significant ways. That's it really. I for one can say frankly, that had Toody Byrd not been involved in my life, I would probably be dead, or worse, in some prison somewhere, not to say that I was that bad...I was just impulsive and misguided, and, well, stupid. Toody kept me, and all of us really, from falling off our own particular brinks we flitted around.
So saturday has a special meaning for me. A reverence if you will. And, as Mike says "she's gotta be what?112 years old by now"? I want to believe that she will be here forever, doling out homespun nuggets of genious to the following generations of lost boys and girls.
She should be sainted as far as I'm concerned.
I'm gonna take a shitload of pictures...that's for sure.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This is the manhole we pulled our wire from.

Here's a close up showing my first ever "forming up" over the reminded me of those volcano science projects from grade school.

Here's the building we pulled the wire to...taken from the distance from the manhole, about 150 ft..

Exciting stuff, huh?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


You know what I mean...Limberger, shrimp, sardine, open sewer. We've all smelled ourselves...and, unfortunately, others in our proximity. The smell of stale knickers. As repulsed as we are, it defines us in a way. I smell like Suzi's chinese kitchen grease pit. Is it time for the Wire replay yet? No?have I killed enough time? The Icy hot isn't burning my nostrils anymore... I think I'll look for that TSOL CD.....:)


I don't know if it's been the colder mornings (low to mid 30's), being outside in it or having to make my 47 year old bones bend in ways and contort in confined spaces, but I suspect it's a combination of these things making me HURT.
This morning, I hobbled to the shower Tim Conway style circa Carol Burnett. I was good after the hot shower, but dammit! I'm too young to feel like this. I need BW to conjure me a spell to make my bones and muscles young again! At least 35...please??? It would go a long way in solving the problems of the world, I swear!
My world, anyway.
Pictures of this fire base tomorrrow, promise...described by a member of another trade as the worst site he'd ever been on. Now, I don't know about all that, there seems to be a bit of personal connected to that comment. We're just doing electrical work.
Actually, I was cutting and gluing PVC pipe most of the day,taking me back to the days when I was a pool nigga, and much to my surprize, I enjoyed it out of context. But not as much as I enjoyed saying pool NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Even though it was on thursday, the real birthday deal did'nt happen until last night and today. Ann and I stayed up late, drank way more than normal, played music really loud and sang along with every song, danced with each other and the dogs. I brought in the 7 tennis balls I'd collected from the current job and played crazy fetch with sully, in between go-go dancing to the totally awesome TSOL song "Flowers by the Door" (a totally go-go dancer amazing song) . Theo and Irene got into the act as well. It was cool.
Slept in this morning and headed out to brunch around and margs with our buddy Joel...he got me these for a gift:

That's my lunchbox in the background....HOO-WHEE! :).
You know, I don't feel blessed very often, but today I did. My girl, one of my best friends, good food and can't ask for more.

Friday, December 01, 2006


"Sorry 'bout that, Niggas"...

"Sorry 'bout that, Jews"...

"Sorry 'bout that, impressionable young boys I assfucked"...

"Sorry 'bout that, congregation of 40 million...oh, yeah, you too honey"...

I read this at CNN...amazing! I never thought it was this fucking easy!
Read this bullshit from CNN, The HUGE moving conveyor belt section is particularly gag inducing..."Therapeutic culture" ??? Please. This "culture" hasn't been "therapeutic" in at least a generation, in the real sense of the word anyway.
So let me make sure I understand how this works...Show your ass...apologize publicly...ZING!!!...problem solved! Well, in that case...

"Sorry 'bout that, world"...
Man! Do I feel better, or what?