Friday, October 31, 2008


I spent the last part of this week in the basement installing PVC conduit.Fun,but almost impossible to make it look good,thank god I was a former pool nigga so I know some tricks.
Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...if you can call 7am "in".
Annabelles not feeling great so we boycotted the trick or treating tonight.I couldn't be assed with it either,so we left the porch light off-and so far so good,the munchkins are taking the hint.I will deliver a bag of treats across the street for my little pumpkin and her brother tomorrow though.
I did the flyer for the baby shower we're throwing for the kids on the 9th...I don't usually do "cute" so it's kind of rough...

It should be a good time in that family oriented kind of way.Food,music,fun and babies!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And I still don't want to go....

Screw that-forget about that....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


But it is little Friday-payday for us union electricians,so I'll suck it up and go on in and give it my best.
I've decided I want portraits of the dogs in intimate settings...while that might sound strange,it's important to me to have images of my dogs that show the love.Here's the first one of Irene in the pocket.I started saying that when she first started curling up in the crook years ago.She loves it and I do too.It's a pet fest for her and she frequently will sleep in the pocket all night long.
To have something-someone really love you that much is nothing short of amazing to me...The peace she provides me when she is in my presence is god sent.
I am no stranger to violence...I lived with it coming up and I dealt with it in the extreme in my time as a social worker.While time has taken the edge off,make no mistake,I am still capable of it-in fact,I am good at it.Fuck with me and see what won't like it,trust me.But that is a very small part of what I am,but it's there and still very much alive.I am not afraid of anything.
I had a big kid threatening me in my office once a long time ago and I said to him "You know,I've seen a lot of scary things in my life and you don't scare want to talk-talk.If not,get the fuck out of my office...he gave me hard looks for a minute then stormed out.He was back in 10 minutes time-and we talked.It was an affirmation of my calling in those days,I didn't get shanked and I helped in some way...but I'd still rather be in the pocket.

Got this in my email when I got home from work today...I was thrilled!Thanks Carolyn!:)

Me and my buddy Pat in 1975 or 76.
What a pair of hair farming dope smokers we were!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Annabelle warned me she would be snoring tonight and she was right.I went to bed and had Theo snuggle up with me and I'm laying there on my back with Theo in the crook of my left arm with us making the grunty noises that we make with each other and there's Ann-honking away...poor thing with her allegies.I usually have the TV on as a distraction but tonight I just wanted to lay in the dark and listen to the roar in my head and think about stuff.
I write a lot about Irene,but not so much about Theo...I guess he's my secret dog.Actually he's Ann's dog,very much a mama's boy,but over the years he and I have formed a bond...mostly we snuggle...and by that I mean we lay beside each other and spoon.He is an enormous dog...when he's stretched out he's taller than me.He rolls over on his back and presents himself and lets out the biggest sighs and pushes into me like he loves me so much.I am like another dog to him and I'm cool with that.He's looking at me now with that lets go back to bed look.He gives me a "boof" and I'm like what Theo...are you ready to go back to bed? And Ann...who is also awake now says no,that's his outside bark,and sure enough,he needed to go pee.
So now he's back in and we are going back to bed.
It's amazing to me the connections you make with a dog after 13's like Theo has transcended dog and is human to me.
I pal around with Irene,and don't get me wrong,I love her with all my heart...but Theo is home and hearth.
And heart.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Porch time rules.She loves to sun bathe...
I met Jen for lunch today and Annabelle joined us after she got off work.It was really good to see our old porch buddy,we dished and laughed-it was good tonic for me-I needed that.When Jen pulled into the driveway Irene lost her mind!When she is really excited her tail doesn't wag it rotates like a propeller...I'm surprised that she didn't go air born.
We had a good visit and after Ann and I had a nice nap.Irene and I are off to Walmart to score a blanket because it's going down to 36 F tonight-woo-hoo!
We are hard on blankets and comforters for some reason...I'm sure the dogs have nothing to do with it,nor my habit of smoking in bed-ha!
Back to the grind tomorrow...I'm ready I think.

That's the title of a song I wrote a long time ago.It was a good one as I recall.Mostly about the drag rats I was working with at the time,but there was a sub text about lurking things in the shadows...intentional or not,it was there.And while it added the creepy I like when I write a song,for some reason it's on my mind.
I'm having a very difficult time today...I was in the shower this morning and just decided that I couldn't go in to sinuses were fucked up like they usually are,but normally I would suck it up and go on in.But it just occurred to me as I was rinsing the aloe vera all organic shampoo out of my hair that I bought at the HEB for rich stuck up types yesterday (I also bought organic deodorant and -gasp-patchouli oil!so now I smell like the filthy hippy I was in the 70's-ha!)that I was emotionally wrecked.Not in a bad way,just overwhelmed in that crybaby sort of way...and that just won't fly at a construction site-"Hey-check out that big tattooed guy-is he crying"??? See what I mean?
Yesterday I went way back in the woods,and while it was really cool to see Carolyn and spend time together I must have bumped into one or more of those things lurking in the shadows.
I hit rewind and looked at my life over the last 30 odd years.I have Annabelle-my best friend...I have my son and my daughter in law and the grand kids.I have Irene and Theo...I have so much to be thankful for,I have a good life,as hard as it is sometimes.But these days it's hard for all of us so I'm not special in that regard but I am also not alone and I take some solace in that.
I miss my mom and dad-I miss mark.
But I'm pushing my way through the brambles and tree breaks of my tangled up history and tomorrow will be better.
I'm gonna go play my guitar now...I think there's a song in me.

Pay close attention at 0:49 and you will see a bottle explode on Davids head...knocking him the fuck down.
His reaction is amazing...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


You should be so lucky...I love that woman and I guess she loves me and Annabelle because we keep talking,every weekend like clockwork.
Anyway,I had to share with her my reunion with Carolyn.And as I told the story I realized how lucky I was/am to be able to do this in the first place.
It seems I've had a friend for 28 years and didn't know it.
I already told you about our dinner out,but today we met at Pease Park with Irene in tow
I am awash in emotions...She was my girl from 14 on and here we are...she's 50 and I'm almost that's a long fucking time to not be in touch but still wonder about it all.
I feel like I was given a chance to close a circle and I did...with the special bonus of Irene coming into her life.
This dog saved me from myself,I don't know if she knows that or not - but she knows I love her and she loves me.We came together under fuzzy circumstances (ask Kyle),but as far as dogs go she is the love of my life.
And to be able to share that love with Carolyn will ride with me to the end.
I wish I could explain to you all what this means to me,but I can't.
I'm working on it though...there has to be a song in this somewhere...

Put it in your heart-where tomorrow shines...truer words were never spoken.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


And by the way,that's Tony Iommi on

Friday, October 24, 2008


"Oh please send you a friend"
Dylan rules...

And if you feel like like a good cry is on your agenda...check this one out.

"The same thing I would want today I would want again tomorrow"...

There it is...

Just kidding...I couldn't wait for 3:30pm to get here.Work has been an unending slog of climbing up and down 10 and 12 foot ladders installing metal clad cable and twisting up joints (not those kind).When you spend a good portion of the day standing on a ladder it kills your feet.By lunch time I'd be limping around and finally started taking an aleve after morning break with minimal effect.The good news is we are ahead of schedule and in spite of the discomfort I'm really happy to be in the company I'm in-they are good guys and we work together well.
But 2 days off looks really good...
On to my dinner with my first wife...I initially thought it would be on familiar ground for both of us,but it turns out she had gone to another mexican restaurant on Lamar with her sister (Lamar is crawling with them)so my good fortune in regard to strategy turned out to be one sided after all.
50 looks good on her,but 2 things struck me...she still has that sparkle in her eyes and the very same laugh she had when we were young.After a very few awkward minutes the conversation was easy.We caught each other up on ourselves,family,friends etc. and drank a shitload of margs.It was fun.I hesitate to say it was closure,but more of a closing of a chapter in our lives that didn't get dealt with when we split up.
I felt like a circle was finally complete.
There's that circle game shit again :)
Here's the funny part (to me anyway)...our waiter was max attentive,and at one point late in the evening while C was in the bathroom he came by and asked how we were doing.I remarked that we were fine and then shared with him the fact that we had been married but hadn't seen one another in 28 years.He gave me that Monty Python nudge nudge wink wink look and said "well,good luck with that dude".
I let it go for what it was and laughed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's game...
28 years is a long time

That's longer than my son has been on the planet...which makes sense,since I was married to her before I was married to Kyle's mom.What's important here is we haven't seen each other in 28 years.
And tomorrow,we will be face to face after 28 years.I'm a bit nervous...but doing the things I've been doing for those 28 years I think I can handle it with grace. I can't wait to lay eyes on her and talk about those 28 years.
Divorce is an interesting thing...when we split up it was quick and clean (our youth no doubt had a hand in that)when Kyle's mom and I split it was contentious with years of animosity until circumstances mandated that we line up together for the sake of the child we both love.And now that said child is a man with a family, it is his family that bonds us and allows my fond memories to emerge of our time together.
Ugly things happen but they don't have a half life unless you allow them to.
28 years is a lifetime,and that we are here on this plane and in contact is amazing to me.
I don't take relationships lightly...these people are important to me.
I'm still nervous though...go figure.28 years...dammit.
At least I'm not bald and fat.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I spent most of the day climbing up and down a 10 ft ladder running MC between boxes.By 2 my left foot was killing me...I was limping around like Chester from Gunsmoke.Ladders will kick your ass.
Annabelle picked me up after and we ran some errands,one of which brought us close to Central Market...(HEB for rich stuck up people)-But they have some amazing shit there,so we went.
Dinner tonight ended up being fresh pan fried swedish pork and potato sausage links with corn,carrot and asparagus medley drizzled with a soy ginger sauce.Very nice.
And now it's almost time for Raising the Bar...I tried really hard to not like this show,but it's actually pretty good.
Not as good as Sons of Anarchy...SOA fucking rules,but that's another post.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


What a wonderful way to cap off an otherwise awesome weekend.There was a chill in the air that signaled the fall and gave the doggies some extra pep.
My hiking partners...
My original hiking partner...
Bull Creek is a beautiful place...
Let me say that again...The recent rain has given the creek a bit more life.
And then there's nap time...

Can you feel the love ?:)

Friday, October 17, 2008


I tried to watch Hamburger Hill tonight,and I just couldn't do it.This was a mainstay of our days in CSO...we would deal with crazies all night and then gather at my place for a marathon of beer,drugs and war movies.
And while it steeled us back in the day,all it did tonight was upset me and make me sad.
It's hard to explain what we went through back in those days of CSO...I used to think I understood it but I don't know so much anymore.It was crazy,it was frequently violent,there was blood and fisticuffs.We ate it the fuck up.
And now I find myself a casualty of those days.
I have a normal life but if pressed or accosted look the fuck out,because I will crush you...that's just how my brain works now.It's not my primary state of being to be sure.
But it's always "fuck with me and see what happens" underneath.
So you can imagine my conundrum...repelled by violence but capable of inflicting it.
There's no danger of it leaping out unprovoked...I'm a peace loving man,but god help the asshole that decides to fuck with me.
Does that make me unbalanced or prepared?
I wonder sometimes.

I've been listening to this in the mornings before I go to work...the fall out is it rolls around in my head all day-better than KC & the sunshine band I guess...:)

I've got a devil in me...

My biggest mistake...

The first time I heard this it was by Poison 13...another legendary Austin band,but bigfoot does it well...kind of a tribute really...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


An awesome song...enjoy.

The new job is going well...I am however,really tired of that god damned rotary hammer.
I drilled 19 out of 23 holes on wed.- 38 if you count the pilot holes.
It's nice to be with the old crew again,drill not withstanding.Anyway-it's later than I like so I got to crash...As my bud Don would say-"peace out".:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had a close friend back in the day that shared my love of the blues and drugs and alcohol that lived on the close border of Stacy park, near Leland street.We amazed in our drunkenness many times while listening to this song about the street so close to our stupidity.I don't know what he was thinking about at the time but I was thinking "I can play that albino shit" And I did,and I can.I loves me some Johnny!

This is the Barton Creek Greenbelt,the only map I could capture,but it is one of my favorites.You can find maps and locations of the others via Google,but they either A-won't allow embedding or B-won't allow copy/paste actions or C- I'm a bigger retard than I thought.Ha!


On my last job I worked almost exclusively with pipe...the bending,the calculations,working with pipe is the art form of this trade in my opinion and I love working with it.Not so much with the MC.I completely understand its value to contractors though,it's faster than running everything in pipe and I imagine it's a money saver in the material department as well.
What I don't like about it is this, no matter how good you get at installing it it's still funky looking,it can be easily damaged by other trades and it turns your hands black.
But enough artistic indignation about a fact of life...To be able to work with most of the guys I started with is really cool.This will be a challenging project,but if anyone can do it,we can,and at a profit.The safety guys on this job are very focused on safety,but they don't bird dog the living shit out of you.
The job site is very close to the house...saving more $$$ there.
And...last but not least,3 taco trucks roll up at break and lunch!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I just soldier I'm suppose to do...


I guess i wasn't satisfied with the sardines from yesterday,because today I thought to my self "self...why don't you buy some smoked oysters"? So I did.
A tin of what appears to be balls of goat shit in cottonseed oil...
Here goes nothin'...
These things are actually tasty!Bring me some crackers!!!
First we encountered some cave men...
Things appeared to be norml (get it?haha...)for awhile and it was a usual Sunday hike on the greenbelt.
Just me and Cris and our dogs out and about in the woods...
People do strange shit sometimes...this is an example of when it works,very cool stumbling across this.If it lasts,historians will be scratching their heads over it down the line...
On our way out,things took a turn for the worse,we hear this woman screaming for help...hysterical...(It's important to note at this point that Cris and I served together on the crisis intervention team back in the day)We fell into action like it was in our nature.We found the girl...her friend had had a seizure and was down for the count.Cris went straight to the victim and I handled the hysterical girl (thanks BTW Cris-way to triage:))and ended up on the phone with 911 telling them where we were.

We stayed with them until the EMT's arrived...
And arrive they did.
It was an amazing turn out...
Hope your Sunday was less eventful.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I heard this song when I was like 9 or 10 and I was hooked on the came grand funk and everything after.
What song got you?
Tell me...

I look at that scar by theo's left eye and I remember one of the fights he had with Sully.Both times they happened I wasn't here and Annabelle had to deal.They bit her both times...on the stomach and the thumb and on the fuck you finger.
When I got home there was blood spatter everywhere,furniture was turned over,things were broken.It was war.
Since Sully died - and god rest his guts- things have been ultra mellow around here.
Theo and Irene are like peas and carrots.
Dogs are interesting this house I am the alpha...Ann is my second and then it's Theo and Irene.We all accept that order.
But lately,I've had the itch to shake things up,bring in some new blood.
Nah...not until Theo passes anyway.
That would be another mistake...but you can be sure,whoever it is will be black.
I bought some sardines at dad loved them...he especially loved kipper snacks.I could only get Queen of the coast.I was jonesing for something nostalgic.
Little fish in a can are inherently creepy and they smelled like something Irene would roll around on,but I was not deterred...
Big mistake.
I was reminded of an electricians saying-you can go down on your cousin,and while it tastes the same,it's just wrong.

On wed. I found a half eaten breakfast taco wrapped in cellophane in my tool bag.I knew who did it because he was right next to me eating it at the morning safety meeting.So I take it and go in search of Levi.I couldn't find him or his tool bag.But I did find the cigarettes in the ass crack guys tool bag unattended.I deposited it in one of his zipper bags.I didn't know it at the time,but the bag I picked was rarely used.He didn't find it until Friday...And of course Levi ratted me out.
The conversation went like this...
"Rob...I've got a bone to pick with you"...
And I was all like..."What Matt"? with that Cheshire smile on my face.
"The next time you put a taco in Levi's tool bag,make sure it's Levi's bag".
I fessed up to him,relating that I had looked for Levi's bag but found his instead.
Seems he kept smelling a fart,only no one would own up to it...HA!
He said he would get me back...but I'm off to another job on Monday...
Revenge will be delayed...but I assure you,it's coming.
Until then,I am the king of pranks!:)

Check out old man river at a rally on the 10th...

I love it that he takes the mic away from bat shit crazy woman that says Obama is an arab.Now, where do you reckon she got that shit?There are other videos of McSame supporters spouting hate and vitriol out there.And they got it from him and that thing called Palin.
What the fuck???
This is the most pathetic example of craw daddying I've ever seen in my life.
Good on the media (for once) for showing what a bunch of race baiting lying assholes this ticket and the GOP really are.

Friday, October 10, 2008


You just got to love those zombie eyes...

Well,I'm off to a different job site starting Monday, and while I won't miss the commute I will miss the crew on that job.Most of the guys that I started this adventure with are there,as is the foreman that first taught me the trade and the foreman I've worked with the most.
It was cool riding in with Don this week, it gave us a chance to catch up.That's one cool motherfucker.
The job I'm going to is manned by people I've worked with for a long time as well,some of them culled from this last job and the project manager is a foreman I worked for several times as well.Basically,it's a hand picked crew and I have some pride for being included.
Ann and I have been talking about rearranging the front of the house for a while now and part of that plan involved moving my desk to a new spot.Well, Ann was off today and moved my desk.The monumental task being cleaning it off!Observe the results...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


There seems to be an explosion of children of late around here,as I write,the neighbors great grand kids are playing hide and seek with some other neighborhood kids,and the playing field includes parts of our front yard.We can hear them counting off and shrieking in joy.
Yesterday,the Cul de Sac across the street was jam packed with kids playing stick ball (I think).There were parents out watching from their front lawns.
Now,there was a time when I would be outside waving my fist around like a grumpy old man screaming the age old "you darn kids get offa my lawn"!That was before my own grandkids.They have cured me of my hatred of most children.
The fact of the matter is,these kids have been here,they are just old enough now to come out and play with each other.The wheel has just turned to this point in time and we are witness to it.The days of a quiet neighborhood are over-they have come out.
And you know what? I don't mind.
There is a little girl across the street,who, for some reason,really likes me.When I come home from work-if she is outside,she greets me with a giant "Hi Robbie"! and an enthusiastic wave.Her dad and I are friendly neighbors so she's had some interaction with me.She also knows I play guitar.She got a beginner guitar last christmas which sadly,has already bitten the dust.When I learned that,I dug out an old acoustic that has been sitting idle for YEARS-cleaned it up and gave it to her with the promise of giving her lessons.I'm looking forward to that-that guitar is almost as big as she is!But if I can foster the love of music to anyone I am happy to do it.
Just doing my part for the neighborhood I guess.
I might add that she is only the third person ever allowed to call me Robbie.The first being my mom,the second being my dear friend Lisa.
Bottom line is,I like what's going on around here.It still feels like home,only noisier and more carefree.

I've been running this thing for the last 2 days...6 holes yesterday,7 today.
This is an older drill and has some quirks.Sometimes when you penetrate to the floor below the entire bit falls through!Sometimes the bit binds up and shears off the pin holding it in place and you have to move the stand and bang on the fucker until you free it.The water supply valve the spinning bit throws water everywhere.
Always exciting...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My son called me yesterday with dire news...his stepfather was involved in a single vehicle roll over and seriously injured.That's all you need to know about that.In the bigger picture it's really none of my business and by extension, none of yours.But shit is what it is,and these bare facts are important to the rest of this.
My son has been thrust into a crisis...and while he is not the only support available to his Mom,he is an important one.And based on my conversations with him he is rising up to the challenge.He is my conduit for information regarding his mom and this is a big deal to me.There was no love lost when we split up,but she still means a lot to me and I am still connected.But enough about me for a change.My son is manning up and hanging in there for his family.I don't know where he got the where with all and I don't really care right now.I just know that I am proud of him.Juggling all the challenges he's already facing and then stepping up to this.He's got the balance.
They all are on my mind and in my thoughts.
I talked to my niece today right after lunch-I was sitting on a box of fittings by the gang boxes...I had called her with a question a week or so ago and she was just getting back to me.It was about her wanting babies.There was a cross communication about it,and she somehow got the impression I thought it was a bad idea.I think it's an amazing idea-they would be beautiful babies,and if it's a boy,she better include my name in there somewhere!While you might think this would be an awkward conversation,we cleared it up right away and it was all good.I know that our overlap when she was not doing so well and I was a social worker had a lot to do with that,plus the fact that I've been a part of her life for all of her life made that possible.I was 20 years old when she was born for crying out loud.
She shared her progress with the skulls I sent her recently and shared plans for her right arm sleeve.It was a short call while I was at work...I normally talk to her on my porch on the weekends.But I had a smile on my face when I got off the phone and the afternoon went by faster as I thought about her dad fucking with me about her tats.It's really not my fault-really-HA!I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again...if I could have had a daughter,it would be her.And I'm sure Kyle would have no problem with Wen as a sister.
Speaking of family-I was at the bank downtown last week and ran into her brother...also heavily tattooed-sorry Bill :).He's followed a similar path to Kyle...and me really,got to go over fools hill to see the light,and things are going well for him now-I hope it stays that way.We were not as close as Wen and me for obvious reasons,but he still holds a special place in my heart.
We've all been through a lot,but here we are.Still connected.
That means the world to me.

This morning, as we were finishing up our stub outs - (drill an 1-1/4" hole through the ceiling between the 2nd and 1st floors,install a 10 ft.stick of 3/4" pipe through the hole protruding down a foot and strap it down)- three side by side,I was strapping the final one when the vibration from drilling the screw in freed the one next to it and it shot 16 feet straight down to the bottom of the first floor like a rocket.It bounced off the floor 6 inches behind one of my crew mates. This is why we wear hard hats!
I can't wait for the debate tonight! It's a town hall style apparently,so there will be little opportunity for Obama to respond to the repugs recent vicious lying attacks unless an audience member asks about them.And in the meantime one can only hope that that Palin woman trips and falls on her knitting needles (you know that thing masquerading as a human woman has to knit ) or maybe one of her wolf leg lamps will short out and electrocute her.If you're wondering if I've moved from mild disdain to white hot burning hatred of the thing-why yes,I have.
That's it for me until after the debate...

Monday, October 06, 2008


I need to do the brakes on the Rodeo this weekend,so for now it's parked.Which means we are down to one vehicle.I called Clark and I'll be riding with him this week so it worked out.But,being a different morning routine,I of course forgot some stuff.Like soda money and my frozen bottles of water (a must have).I did not however,forget my pants.
On a plus note,Irene got some early morning porch time with me while I waited for my ride.And when I discovered I had no cash at break,my foreman gave me one of his Dr.Peppers.Like I've said before,a very nice guy.
So,me and my tool buddy were taking turns running that rotary hammer today,in the same area as some welders who were running a hammer drill of their own between sending down showers of sparks from the ceiling.It was very loud-however,the light show was pretty cool.I was toast by the end of the day and yawned all the way home.I also realized it's pretty cool to not have to drive.
The kids calling me-gotta fly...

Sunday, October 05, 2008



This is the most ridiculous song that anyone did a hip sway to...but I fucking love it.

This is more like it..."If I seem a little strange-that's because I am"

Yeah baby...

Kiss me good bye and write me while I'm gone
Good bye my sweetheart-hello Vietnam.

I have a very close friend who served in Nam in 1970-71.I've never been to war,so I have no clue what it's like or what it does to you.My experiences in the psych field were often horrific, but didn't involve gunfire and rockets.
Right before the first gulf war things were shaky in my job and I thought to myself "self,you always wanted to be a medic-call a recruiter".So I did,and they wanted me-bad.They promised me this,that,and the other thing.
Things straightened out work wise and they still wouldn't leave me alone-for months.
I sometimes wonder what would have happened to me had I gone through with it.A medic in a war your head around that.

We didn't make it out as early as I'd hoped,but it was still pretty spectacular.One other car in the parking lot bode well for us as we had the trail to ourselves.
Say hello to the crack of dawn.
We should go this way dad-trust me...

A little waterfall...
Wild daisies...
A morning glory vine...
Sweet dreams punkin' :)

I only had 3 miles in me this morning,it was a hard week.But Irene had a good time anyway.Running around like crazy-chasing squirrels and stuff (imaginary stuff).She's a good dog.We encountered a large group of dogs on the way out-mostly football dogs...about 10 of them,all loose.A dachshund named molly chased Irene to the car.It was really funny.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


But that's OK...I can't help myself.Your past is your present and your future.You have an obligation to remember where you've helps you focus on where you're going.It's as simple as that.
You can call me sentimental or whatever you want.That I can look back and smile means the world to me.It makes me whole.
Enough about that...
Irene and I are going out early tomorrow...before the sun comes up...people free trails and the animals will not be expecting us.Should be pretty cool,but right now she's telling me it's time for bed-Theo good night.

You should be so lucky...
It was a smaller turnout than our previous brunches,but that's OK.Toody was,well,Toody.
When I think about the people who have had an influence in my life she is at the top of the list.
I kept looking at her hands...all gnarly and wrinkled and used,years of a life dedicated to the service of children condensed into hands-they tell the story better than anything else.
And here she sits with some of her favorite "children" 30 plus years after the fact.
We were (are) lucky.
Toody,I love you...more than you'll ever know...but you already knew that.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Between years of the rock and roll abuse and the new found incredibly loud noises I encounter on the job, when the AC window unit by our desks is running this is how the conversation goes:
Ann : Murf yurg nurgle hmmph ugggh
Me : What? I can't hear you...
Ann : (A bit louder)Murf you nurgle hmmph tonight?
ME : What??? I got like half of that...
Ann : (practically yelling)What do you want to do about dinner tonight?
It's annoying to me,annoying to Ann,and I'm sure the AC could give a damn.

On a lighter note...I got tired of trying to find the lemonheads version of Knoxville Girl so I made one...enjoy...

There aren't many worthy pictures of Evan on the google tubes and I couldn't be assed to get really crazy with the effects...maybe on the next one.

This little beauty can kick your ass...
I'm glad the weekend is finally here.Looking forward to some quality porch time with Annabelle and Irene,and tomorrow-
Brunch with Toody!
Enjoy your weekend!
Now-to get out of these damned boots...

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just got done watching the VP debate,and I've got to tell you,if I wanted to listen to people take turns ragging on Obama and McCain I would have just gone to my local bar and listened to the bar stool pundits there.
I was amazed by 2 things however...Biden had no gaffes that I picked up on and Palin didn't come across as the vacuous parrot that she did come across as in her previous outings.She did have a few moments early on of the winking "aw shucks" FAKE down home persona she presents that makes me want to tape up a sock full of wood screws.It was almost like someone with a firmer grasp of things was talking - through a mic taped to her thigh so we couldn't see the bulge bunnypants was sporting.
This was definitely 90 minutes of my life that I won't get back...I came away from this debate with this-
Both parties are basically full of shit and propaganda and they will say anything to get elected then proceed to do the exact same thing.
Had this been a forum focused on the character and morals and ethics of the respective candidates it might have been a different,and far more shaping exchange.
But it wasn't,and that's a shame...for us in the long run.
Two different roads leading to the same dead end I'm afraid.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I originally learned this way of dealing with a tight budget from my mom,use what you have available and cook something up...
All that we had available was a package of boneless skinless chicken thighs and a variety of spices.So I ventured out to find some bargains.This is what I ended up with:
2 cans tomato sauce - $1.38
1 can ranch style beans - $0.69
1 small white onion - $0.28
1 pkg. elbow macaroni - $0.69

$3.45 made dinner for us and lunch for me tomorrow...observe the magic...

I'd like to give a big shout out to Austin Energy for putting a fucking on our bank account 3 days before we both get paid as inspiration for this new chili.Boo Ya!
Unexpected distraction
If you want to forget what ever it is that you might be worried about, be it your shitty job or an impending meltdown of your country's financial system, just come down with a stomach virus. Trust me, no other worry will permeate your misery while you are living in the bathroom. And if you're a woman and catch it at the right time of the month, then you can have bonus suffering! Monday was horrid, yesterday a bit better and this morning I'm going back to work even though my stomach is still making noises that sound like a creature from Star Trek.

Yesterday, after I was feeling a bit better, I attempted to make some sense out of this bailout of the financial markets by watching and reading the news. I didn't learn much. In fact, one expert I watched being quizzed on the situation answered every question with, "It's complicated." Oh yeah, that's a helpful explanation. As far as I can tell, this bailout is necessary because without it the credit markets dry up and if the credit markets dry up, things will come to a grinding halt because we are a nation of borrowers, not savers. Now I'm sure that's an oversimplification of an issue that's so complicated, but you can blame the lack of adequate information out there for any misunderstanding on my part.

I had plans to talk a bit about that whole concept of borrowing vs. saving and how pervasive it is, not just with corporations, but with the average American. Rob & I used to have savings, but that got wiped out after a series of layoffs for the both of us and we've never been able to build it back up. As for credit, we don't have any so it's strictly paycheck to paycheck for us right now and has been for years. And while I'd like to ponder on this a bit more, I have to take my smack-talking stomach to work now.