Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday pics...

FUNK #49

So far this morning I have doctored up my split pea soup with shredded carrots and onion, had an orange soda, dusted and swept the house, changed the bulbs in the livingroom light (I can see my keyboard again!)and cleaned off the dining table. I've got nailbomb going in the CD is good,even if it's a bit boring.
The highlight of my day will be a friend coming over to have a bowl of soup.
Irene has an upset stomach and has been going out back eating grass and then coming in and sharing it with me...I love cleaning up dog vomit.
Anyway...I have learned one thing turning 49...50 is just around the corner.
I'm kind of surprised I made it this far to be honest.But here I am...

Saturday, November 29, 2008


You know - when a man turns 49 he wants a bright red sports car and a 20 something redhead with a snapper, well...I don't like sports cars and I already have the latter
So whats a boy to do?

A roaster,that's what...Cornish hens tomorrow bitch!

When I had 100 plus turtles here at the house, aquatics and semi aquatics.I was all into the rescue rehab rehome thing for a long time, but the organization I belonged to went all batshit crazy so I bailed...

But I still have my original group of ornate box turtles...I nursed them all back from near death 8 to 10 years ago.They are from left: Nugget,Club,Nubs and Fluffy.
I post a lot here about the dogs, but these guys are family too,and I love them.
I knew it was just a matter of time before someone posted my favorite Jethro Tull song of all time (amongst his under 2 minute acoustic ones that is) and it was worth the wait...

Friday, November 28, 2008


We did the usual thing and went to Ann's folks house for lunch.Ate like feral hogs and then set out for the city of Lockhart with an ice chest full of food for the new parents with Irene in tow so she could have a walk with Joaquin.Irene has only been on one other long range recon, and that was last year to Waco...considerably farther away than Lockhart.She did great, perched on the console staring out the windshield in doggie awe.I think she was especially digging going for a ride with dad and mom.She did well with Joaquin until he tried to hump her (which is strange because she is fixed and he is too...must be that evolution thing) She put his ass in his place right quick and that was the end of that,but it didn't prevent him from treating her like a high hurdle...very amusing.He is a fucking spaz.
Anyway,we had a nice visit with the kids and then headed home in the dark.Which kind of freaked Irene out...she was perched on the console again but her eyes were bigger somehow and there were more kisses.She was very happy to get home.

Proud Dad...but enough about's the current proud dad...

Today I went to Reds indoor shooting range with my buddy Clark,who just got his dream rifle...he's been talking about this thing for months,and for good fucking rules.The range was choked with hunters getting ready for the annual bambi slaughter, sighting in rifles that sounded like howitzers rattled me and made an 11 or so year old cry from fear.The weapon in question was between us and the kid,and when it fired you could feel the shock wave.Poor deer.I feel sorry for them.It was strange being in a den of the tattooed hippy decoy and his black buddy, certainly not hunters based on the firearms we had in tow.That's right,people fucking stared.I only took one picture.

But you can imagine, right?
And I leave you with this the lyrics.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well , in my case you end up with 26 holes total, 16 pilot holes and 10 1-1/8" holes.
This is what a SDS hammer drill bit looks like when it's new...
This is what it looks like after I'm done with it...that's right,I melted the point right off that motherfucker.And that was just the pilot holes.
And then 10 holes with this beast , all before lunch...I'll tell you what you get: a sore back , numb hands , and other trades wondering who you pissed off.
It's especially fun when the bit gets stuck in the deck and the drill tries to break your wrists...fucking rebar.
All in a days work though , or in this case a half days work...woo hoo ! 4 days off in a row!
To celebrate I made a five cheese pie - ok I bought a take and bake - but I added black olives and prosciutto...

They get to go home tomorrow morning and Ann and I are taking them thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening.Should be fun...
Here's wishing you all a good one tomorrow!
I already had mine.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2:58PM CST....

Weighing in at 6lb. 9oz.,19 3/4 in. tall and only 2 weeks ahead of schedule...
Madilyn Lee makes her entrance!!!

Our third grandchild and witchy godchild for BW! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We both woke up this morning with bad sinus voodoo.I lazed around in the bed with the dogs till the last possible minute watching Con Air and then went and replaced a friends pond pump...a must do commitment because I said I would and there were fish on the line.
I got back from that and we decided to forgo the benefit at the Continental club for Xalapeno Austin icon/friend of Austin music restaurateur from back in the day.I've known Charlie for years and years...he's got a throat full of barbed wire and a heart of gold,so it's really cool that local musicians (that he supported wholeheartedly) would rally up and do a benefit for him because he is ill.

That is so cool , and I'm sorry we couldn't be a part of it.I'm sure it was a raging success.
Now it's into a short week and then 4 days off in a row!!!Turkey!Ham!Stuffing!Green bean casserole! And gravy...don't forget the gravy...Hoo Weee!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I did...

Fuckin' Martha can suck on it.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Some soothing....
Some not...
sweet dreams...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


At 11:30 at night , because you will be greeted by this , and I won't be smiling.

That's my new kilt and jungle boots...
I realized late in the evening that I had nothing to wear for work , so I got an outfit together and washed it.I was waiting to put it in the dryer when I heard a faint knocking at the door.It was enough to set the dogs off and since no one comes here unannounced (especially that late at night) and the incidents of burglary and home invasions are up in this neighborhood (thanks rich assholes from out of state who have built macmansions on lots making us a target of the thugs living in the project right down the road) I got my shotgun out of the closet and racked in a round from behind the door in the picture.
In response I heard "Oh shit" and recognized the voice of my new neighbor.I opened the door and he saw my lights were on and wondered if I wanted to smoke a joint with him.I told him I didn't smoke and he complimented me on my choice of shotguns and went home.
On a more serious note...Here's Irene being her cute little self...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am hating this job, but not because of the scope entirely.Sure,it's frustrating just like any other job.You have the same shit you deal with,change orders,mistakes on prints,do overs.But the physical demands are kicking my ass.I suck it up and give it my best but at the end of the day I am hobbled.
My thumbs are so split and raw that I had to wrap the right thumb in TP and cover it in duct tape just to do the shit my hands have to do.I have work gloves,but they just don't work for that finer motor skill stuff.So I have silver thumbs-awesome.
Plus,I'm multi-tasking on a number of levels.I have the job and I have the songs and I have the home responsibilities...the cooking,the errand running and all that.
I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.
Two more days and it's the weekend,then a short week and four days off for thanksgiving and on the Sunday of that break my birthday.
I've never felt my age before now, but lately it's been creeping into the picture.Shit!I say to myself,I'm gonna be 49 in 11 days time.
I think it's time for some new work boots.
I'm looking forward to the long break and I plan on a whole lot of nothing...yeah,right.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have been working on a book with a friend of mine...while it covers 34 years chronologically in a back and forth fashion - or something like that,it really covers our life can't tell a story without background, we didn't just pop up out of nowhere when we were teenagers and create the myth.
Things happened to make us what we were when we first met,important things.
I'm not the same person I was when this all started 48 years ago,and to explain it I have to somehow sort that all out. Big challenge...but I like a challenge.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This morning Irene was paying close attention to one of my indoor turtle pens and Ann suggested that she thought there may be a rat inside who couldn't jump out.
I went and checked and sure enough, there was not one but two adolescent rats sharing quarters with Xena.
I got my pellet rifle and it was like fish in a barrel.Close range hollow point pellets at 1100 feet per second.By the time it was over I had dispatched SIX fucking rats to their god damned rat maker.I fucking hate rats, and more importantly,I hate the developer that is changing the woods behind my house into an upscale gated community (where the rats used to live...they are wood rats who no longer have their woods ) and i won't even go into the neighborhood ramifications beyond that.
I was a killing machine in boxer shorts.And as much as I don't want to admit was fun.
Then,Irene and I went for our Sunday walk on the Gus... it was 42 f...Irene was a whirling dervish on the's amazing to me how energetic and vital she is at 8 years old,I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time.
Later on in the day I returned my borrowed kilt and scoped out some work needed at my friends store and came home with a kilt of my very own!The workman's awesome.
My batteries in my camera are toast,so no pics of the walk or the kilt fact,I should change them out now.
Back to work tomorrow...oh well.
Mass murder,a walk in the woods with my punkin' and new can't beat that with a stick!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


If this doesn't move you , you aren't human.

I was at the HEB for stuck up yuppie's earlier this week, shopping in the "chef prepared" aisle searching for something for my migraine deflicted honey to have for dinner. I got her an awesome looking garden salad,a muffaletto and some potato and leek soup.I also found some locally produced honey dijon peppercorn dressing.
Score...but what did I want?
I found a "chef prepared" shepard's pie and went with that.It was all very good.The one exception was the pie was loaded with peas (which I couldn't see,they were hiding under the mashed potatoes) I hate peas.
But I ate it anyway, and it was very good, but I knew instantly I could make a better one.
So tonight I did.
1/2 pound ground sirloin,1/2 pound ground pork,celery,onions and shoepeg corn.
Yukon gold potatoes on the boil...Salt, pepper and savory spice
Add some brown gravy to the meat and simmer,quarter stick of butter and some heavy whipping cream to the yukons...
...and there you have it...

Friday, November 14, 2008


The set was great...they just keep getting better.There was a dog at the club,and as it turned out,it belonged to the other girl singer in the band and her boyfriend.She met me at the gate on the way in. What's special about this is she was Irene's twin...the face (minus the grey), the ears, the disposition.It was awesome.She kept coming around for pets through the set...I have an affinity for dogs - and really drunk big girls apparently.
This girl came up to me and asked me to dance with her. I tried to decline and the following exchange occurred...
Fat chick: "Come dance with me"...
Me:"uhh,no thank you...I don't dance,I have 2 left feet".
FC:"C' with me"...
Me:"No really"...
FC: "give me a sip"... (of my drink...)
Me: "Please,just leave me alone..."
FC: "Can I slap you"?
Me: "Only if I can hit you back" (insert "don't fuck with me face" here)
She gave me a gentle slap and moved on then I jumped up and knocked her ass out (just kidding )
A few minutes later she was dancing with this androgynous chick (read-lesbian) when this little dyke dressed exactly like me ( but she had the wallet chain ) got in between them and busted up the party.
Amazing stuff.
Sometimes Austin is too weird for it's own good.As soon as the set was over,I chatted a bit and headed home.
I was glad to get here.

Several months ago I ordered this from Work clothes and more, the local Dickies clothing store in my neighborhood...

Well, they called me today and left a message that it was in.It had been so long that while I remember ordering it,I had forgotten what it looked like.
It may seem kind of silly, but I'm really proud of being months away from sitting for my journeyman's license exam and I feel like an electrician.
I was never compelled to buy a buckle that said social worker or pool nigga (that one I would have bought!).
I'm off to see The lost soul review...via cab,no sense in risking a bust for DUI.There is a new law in town that says if you refuse a breath test they can still bust you and get a court order on the spot for a blood draw.Fucking unconstitutional if you ask me,but what are they gonna do to stem drunk driving incidents?
It is Friday after all,and I've had a few,so the cab makes sense.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


On this job,the foreman and I and a long time crew mate almost always go to lunch together.We almost always go to one of the many mexican restaurants that are nearby,but we also share a love of chinese food.
So once or twice a week we hit Mandarin on Oltorf.The lunch special is a great deal...soup,egg roll and entree for under 10 bucks.And while the service is sometimes shaky,the food is always very good.
Yesterday was chinese day...I got the chicken with mushrooms and it was fucking awesome.
As is always the case,I had to ask for a box.Of which I would partake of when I got home.I love an after work snack...hell,I love asian food cold for breakfast! But it was not to be.
On the way back to the job site, I tripped on a sprinkler head and my snack went flying to the ground...eggroll,fried rice and the yummy chicken and mushrooms scattered for the grackles and squirrels to enjoy.
Today there was no group lunch...and I had the car.So I went back to Mandarin and had the same thing,and managed not to dump my leftovers in the parking lot.
Who says we don't control our destinies?
Yay!!!Tomorrow is friday!!!8 more hours then 48 hours of freedom :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When Skeeter died , everyone , including me...pushed Ann to get back in the saddle with another dog. As it happened , my vet had a new batch of puppies and I talked Ann into meeting them. Theo nuzzled into her hair and that was it. He came home with us - I mean her.
He didn't like me very much for years...which is understandable as all of the techs at our vet were women, and it was highly likely that it was a guy that ditched him and his brothers and sisters on the side of the road.
Guys...fucked up ones anyway, do that kind of shit.
I tried really hard to win him over for years, and while he was cool with me for walks and dinner and treats there was a standoffishness that prevailed. I have to say that when he got to be full grown ( 90 or so pounds and taller than me ) I was afraid of him. And he knew that somehow, and played it to his advantage.
He never bit me, but he menaced me on several occasions.
Sullivan, on the other hand , I think was afraid of me at first...he came from the same clinic, but I knew a bit more about the previous owner and I understood.He never bit me either,but the vibe was very different.
Now, Sullivan is long the ground that I pounded with my fists and screamed like a banshee at his passing...he loved me and I him.
But Theo is still here...almost 14 years old, old and grumpy and frail.
Something happened - I don't even really remember when , I think he was about 7 years old. But Theo decided I was OK. It's like he made peace or something.
And I'm glad about that.He drives me crazy with his demands for attention,for food, for water, but he is my dog now too...he has been for some years,but time brings us closer.I can feel it.He never leaves the house save the back yard...too grumpy and unpredictable, but mark my words.
Before he leaves us we will have a winter walk in the woods.
I owe him that at least.
I'm just sayin'...

I spent the entire day and night yesterday in bed watching TV and feeling horrible.The dogs didn't mind one bit and their presence was comforting.But...
The allergies are bad...very bad.And the safety /QA nazi's have descended on the job which means there are people pushing dust around all day in a vain attempt at keeping the job site clean and somehow safer by the effort.
The end result for me,however, is a constant itch on every square inch if exposed skin in addition to concrete filled nostrils and coughing and a runny nose and watery eyes and a low grade headache.
Annabelle is also allergy stricken,and a by product of that is snoring.Really fucking loud,non stop snoring.Plus,she has a migraine.A bad one,so she escaped to the darkness of our bedroom early last night (where I was watching TV) and fell asleep before The Shield even came on.I know she can't control this,but I think I got a total of 2 hours sleep last night.Which made the day today even more challenging.
I recall at one point,around 3 am , thinking to myself, Ann's lucky she's my wife and I love her,because if we were in jail and just cell mates and this was happening I would suffocate her with a pillow. I may have even said it out loud before poking her for the bajillionth time.
That doesn't work either.
Any way - wah wah wah...
Almost time for Sons of Anarchy!

Monday, November 10, 2008


This was the song that cemented my relationship with Kyle's mom.I was in the office and it was playing and as I turned and screamed "outside the trains don't run on time",there she was looking at me like I was a nut.
I just smiled,and they haven't run on time ever since...

And this is probably why...
F*CK IT...

Tomorrow is a holiday for us union guys and half the crew took today off as well. I went ahead and went on in thinking it would be a light day with not a lot of other motherfuckers around.
Well,I was half right...and I was out of there by 10:00.
(Gang of four sings in my head-"To hell with poverty!We'll get drunk on cheap wine"!)
See what I mean?

So I spent the afternoon in the bed with my doggies watching the karate kid II.Then I fell asleep at this very desk watching a chunky Angelina Jolie in this movie called Bug. I'm gonna watch the rest after son raves about this movie,and it is very weird.Which may or may not raise some concern about me and why he likes it so much-ha!
Regarding the one legged blind guy...this was straight out of a fucking David Lynch movie.He was a guest of a friend of a friend of Billy boy's who came to the shower.
I don't know how he was rendered sightless and legless,but he was drunk,and the image of Bill and him sharing a bottle of Orange Jubilee will forever be burned into my brain.Priceless.
I talked to my friend today about the kilt I borrowed and I get to keep it!Actually,I get to go pick one out that's more my size in exchange for some work later on this (rather next) year.
I wore it to the pharmacy this evening with my creepy subhumans shirt,and they always ask for you to recite your address before they give you your script.The tech is a geeky looking guy who was undoubtedly fucked with big time when he was growing up.So what did I do?That's right-I fucked with him.
When he asked me my address I gave him (with a completely serious tone)"13 13 dead end road".
It was hilarious...I thought his head was going to explode!
So I say- "I'm just fucking with you" and gave him the real address.It still took him a few to re-group.
I guess you had to be there,but trust me,it was awesome.

Finished watching,just wow.Thanks Kyle-I think.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Shower your love on me.It was the most amazing thing ever.I could write down the words but I would so miss it,I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.I cannot tell you how much this night meant to me...we even had the obligatory one legged blind guy.
Club Spit baby showers fucking rule...enjoy-

Is this not the most beautiful child you have ever seen? I'm just sayin'...


Fucking Austin hippies- I love them,listen to that wah-wah...:)

Irene and I went for our hike and then it was into the kitchen for the grub for the baby chile chicken chili and queso.I'm a crock pottin' fool let me tell you...
Irene was very frisky this morning (it was chilly) she was on point the whole time.
Cool flowers...we ran into a gang of dogs on the way in,it was a pet fest for me and Irene was particularly taken by this young boxer looking mutt who was all white except for his head which was splotched white black and brown,a very cool looking dog.
Come on dad...pick it up.
I do because I can...I got another crazy ass jesus shirt yesterday...these things are too funny.I won't be wearing it to the shower this afternoon,but I will be wearing the kilt.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

IN THE 70'S...

I heard this song when I was in love...

I listened hard but could not see...

You can define that in any number of ways. The conventional and the not so conventional. I have a family at home and at work. It's like that.
Annabelle and I have been together for a long time - we never had any kids, I came with one and we were too busy trying to be rock stars to bother with kids. And here we are all these years later, a son,a daughter and grand kids.
Beyond that we have a family...these are our kids, brother and sister.

Like I said...Family.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Well,here we are again.I can't remember being so happy to walk off the job site as I was today. It was a confounding week, I made mistakes, simple things became monumental tasks, someone tried to kill me with a ladder.
I'm not sure why it went down like that but I have some theories.
We are using a tremendous amount of MC cable on this project,it has to be run through studs,studs come with holes to accommodate this, the framers are not bothering to line up the holes.That means I have to drill holes,sometimes through 4 or even 6 studs back to back,that requires using multiple drills and drill accessories.
I fucking hate MC cable.
Today was not so went by quickly without too much bullshit.
I guess I'm lucky to have spent all this time in this trade and can count my shitty weeks on less than one hand.
Next week will be better.
Got the baby shower this Sunday...:)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Too Much Surfing
I spent so much time today at that I almost forgot to post. The "Will Draw Anything for $2" concept intrigued me and once I started looking at the drawings, I found I couldn't stop. Something about this fascinates me and I'm not sure if it's the requests, his interpretation of the requests or both. Unfortunately I do have to stop and go to bed now, before I've looked at them all. But if you have a moment, do stop by and take a look. I'm curious if anyone else gets hooked like I did.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Shittiest day ever for me in my time as an electrician (except the day I got electrocuted).
Obama is our president elect and that's a very good thing,even though I stayed up very late watching the talking heads,I woke up refreshed and still feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.I've always thought Bush was a weaselly bastard since he was gub'ner here in Texas and I hate him. I focused on this hate through his reign as emperor and it didn't occur to me until last night that he was also responsible for the pervasive sense of dread that has followed me around for his two "terms".
I hope he burns in hell along with the rest of those scumbags.
At work today I heard a variety of comments,most of them positive but these four stand out (and are not positive,which is hard to believe considering union guys are almost always democrats-I guess democrat doesn't negate racist)
Comment one: "I guess it's officially ok for me to say nigger out loud now"
Comment two: "Do you think Obama will pardon Micheal Vick"?
Comment three: "Anybody of his family members that get in trouble with the law will get a pass".
Comment four: "Fried chicken, watermelon and sweet potato pie-that's what's on the menu at the white house now".
Rednecks,you got to love them - maybe they were joking...
I had a five foot run of pipe with two back to back 90's that kicked my ass all morning.The bends were fine,but the overall length was a bit short,the were obstacles all around and window installers underneath me ( I was doing this from atop a 12 foot ladder ). With some help from one of my brothers I finally prevailed though.Then there was a material delivery of 10 foot lengths of 3" PVC pipe that had to be carried to the basement...35 of them,with only 4 of our 7 person crew off loading down a narrow stairwell,one stick at a time.There was 350 feet in total...8 trips up and down the stairs each give or take.On trip 4 I twisted my ankle.
Not a good day.Lunch (and my stress level and the hot sauce involved ) gave me the worst heart burn I've had in a long time,and other trades kept getting in my fucking way or placing material in my way.
I am unphased however,and I know tomorrow will be better.
And,I get to close the night with a new Sons of Anarchy.
So it's not a total wash.
Dreaming of carrots
Depending on who you talk to, it might be carrot planting time in my neck of the woods. Or not. It all depends on who you talk to. I'd always heard January was the best time around here until I started looking around on the internet. One source said September which would actually work in those years where we cool off early and stay cooled off. I suspect a September crop of carrots would be pretty hit or miss, but considering you are only out a bit of seed if the weather stays warm it's probably worth giving it a try. Either way, I missed that date and I'll be missing the other suggested date of November. Yes, yes, it's just now November, but the planter I have in mind for the carrots isn't ready yet because I was planning on January. You see, we have two stock tanks that are 2 X 4 feet that used to be ponds. Rob came up with the idea to turn them into planters and put them in the front yard and plant cactus in them to liven up our otherwise drab front lawn. I decided I'd rather grow something to eat in them which means they still have to go on the front lawn for the sun and to heck with landscaping aesthetics - I want some home grown food. Maybe he'll forgive me for co-opting his planters if I plant him some cucumbers in May.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


He don't win nothin'
He don't win nothin'-no nothin' at all
And that shrill Sarah Palin
She'll soon be bailin'
Straight back to Wasilla that's right back to Wasilla
Where there's indictments waitin'
And that old man river
Lost his ass to a brother
And we won't endure another
4 years of the same...

I can't even begin to describe the relief I feel,our national nightmare is over.
I thought I might have to fall asleep before the election was called, but I was in luck. I'll be sleeping just a little bit better tonight.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I decided tonight that that was what I want on my tombstone.

Now that's dead stylin' innit?
I met a new years resolution way ahead of schedule this weekend.I had resolved to write and record 4 acoustic songs before years end,and i wrote the last two and recorded them over the week or so.I got the cover art picked out and all that's left is to format burn and print.I'm very pleased with myself about that.
This past year has been challenging on a number of levels...I finally got to address my drinking in a way that makes it better for me and everyone around me.Don't get me wrong,I was never ever an asshole drunk,but I was drifting into sloppy drunk territory,and we all know asshole drunk is right around the corner from that.And I could never do that.
So I didn't,and I'm a better man for it I think.
I believe part of that process was closing the gaps in my life,as Annabelle so aptly pointed out-I have unfinished business.
I have had the opportunity to reconnect with lots of people from the past this year...some I will see again and stay in contact with and some I closed the book on,and even some I've been able to reopen the book on.I no longer grieve the loss of great friends and surround myself in sadness,I celebrate our time together and remember them with smiles.
I feel very fortunate to have had those chances and the magic of it all is not lost on me.
I have another grand baby coming,that makes three,and while that would make your average almost 49 year old recoil in panic,I can't wait to lay eyes on Maddy.
And while I still have unfinished business-who doesn't,whether they admit it or not?
I know inside that I am on the true path.
It's almost over
Tomorrow everyone who hasn't voted yet will vote and then it's all over except the counting. I'm thinking about getting a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Because no matter who wins, just the fact that the campaign is finally over is reason to open a bottle of bubbly.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


First,I found this this motherfucker is funny.

Then Irene and I went to the grocery...
I scored some serious shit.
And part of that shit was this...a really cool halloween flashlight marked down from 7.99 to 2.25...the tag on it said the batteries were included,but it didn't light up...
At check out I pointed this out and the fact that the battery door was held in by a screw,so there was no way for me to check I get the cat for 2.25 and i get the 2 C batteries (4.99) for free.And as you can see,it works just fine.I'm gonna put it in my tool bag and the next guy that asks me for a flashlight is getting this...I can't wait.
I talked to Special K today for well over an hour and then Chuck for well over an hour.We had queso and lil' smokies for dinner.
Beat that.