Sunday, May 04, 2003

What does it take to be interested again?
I go through my life 24 hours at a again
routine with no spontanaity
What's wrong with me?
I used to plan,I used to have I just jackboot through the day waiting for it to be over so I can be inert.Inert and doing nothing beyond numbing myself from the world as it goes through it's paces of bullshit and nothingness.
I can watch it on the TV...our government spokesmen spewing thier bullshit to misguide us,sitcoms to numb us into a manufactured reality...a conspiracy of propaganda designed to placate us,to indoctrinate us into being blind sheep.
May 1st is now "Loyalty Day"...did you know that? Loyalty to what exactly?
Loyalty day...please...a national holiday proclaimed by a former piece of shit govenor who is now the illigetimate defacto pResident pretending to be a hero or something that he is most certainly not...He is a killer and a thief...proclaiming a "loyalty day"...what a fucking joke.
I think I just answered my question about why I ca'nt get motivated.
Jeez!That is some angry,maudlin shit!
What was I thinking?Here's some more....
Where's Osama?Saddam?I here that the taliban are making a move in Afganistan and things are shaky at best in Iraq.So what have we proved to the world?That we are really good at kicking ass and we suck at taking names (different from calling names...something we excell at).
Suddenly I'm motivated this some new found patriotism on my part or am I sober?
The answer to both questions is no...not really.
The real question is: What the fuck is wrong with us?