Monday, September 29, 2008


Chuck...airport job...03-2008.

I first met Chuck when I was working on the crew at UT a couple of years ago.We were tool buddies at Brazos Place and the airport.After the airport job he got laid off and went on to work for another company.
I remember the day he got his walking papers,everyone was surprised,but that's how it goes in this trade.I'm very lucky to have been with the same contractor the whole time...crosses fingers and knocks on wood...
We said we would stay in touch and we have.I've got my close long time friends from the treatment center days and even some from high school,I've made good friends with some fellow electricians,but it's mostly on the job friendship.Even with Clark,I'm sure if he lived in town we would hang out,but he doesn't and we don't,but we are tight nonetheless.
But Chuck is another story.He has a similar background...he was in the social work game as well,so we have that affinity.He's a thinker and has a similar connection to this thing we call life that I have.We click.
We talk about god...not in that smarmy evangelical way,but in terms of understanding the terrain we are currently deployed on,and how god works through people who make a difference,because,as Chuck say's "I guess he can't do it himself".I'm not sure what his leanings are as far as religion is concerned,we've never discussed it.I lean to a Buddhist way of looking at the world,but we've never discussed that either.
I just know that somehow I am a better person by virtue of my connection with him and I'm proud to know him...sure,he's crusty-but so am I.
He tells me tonight how it amazes him that I have managed to hold on to my past,what with my connections to Toody et al and my reconnect with Carolyn and a number of other people from the past that I see on the guy that owns the florist shop I went to high school with,and Brian the guitar player-also from high school.And the list goes on.He has only his memories...nothing on this mortal coil,but he says in his next life he might try my way of doing the memory thing.
I'm a very lucky man in many respects I guess.
You should be so lucky.
That's a wish.

Creepy old song...couldn't find the Lemonheads version, so this will have to do.

So I'm running late this morning and rush out of the house and get on MoPac heading north at a high rate of speed to the job.As I'm approaching the RR 2222 exit (about 8 miles from home), I remember that I'm doing a service call on a job from last year about a 1/2 a mile from my house ! And that I'm suppose to report to the shop...10 plus miles in the opposite direction.
I call the one person I know who will be at the shop that early and tell him of my dumb-ass-ery as I turn around and head back south.
I roll up 20 minutes late,but it's all good.I got to work with Shane today, which is cool.I like him and we work together well...Service work is different from construction in that you don't have to wear hard hats and safety glasses and deal with safety guys bird dogging you all day long.It's quieter and more laid back.
Plus,this one was at the shelter I ran as a manager about 10 years ago.But,I dressed for the construction job,which meant that I was wearing a bandanna pirate style ( a liner for the hard hat ) which probably wasn't a big deal,but I felt under dressed.As luck would have it we had to go to supply house.I asked the salesman if they had any hats and here's what I got-
...very cool.He gave me a blue one as well for Shane.My collection of supply house caps grows!
It was a fun day even though it started with a misstep. Tomorrow it's back to the grind-but that's cool too.
I'll leave you with this funny picture Ann took of me last night clowning with the doggies...
Oh yeah,I almost forgot...BW quoted me on her thought for the day today...I'm honored.
Not only have I made her laugh,I was (in a fleeting moment)quote worthy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Sunday afternoon brought to you by Warsteiner & Monopolowa

Drinking and music, what a great combination. After an hour or so of Rob's blistering guitar playing, we revisited some of our musical influences. The playlist:

R: Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out
R: Grand Funk Railroad - Paranoid
R: Grand Funk Railroad - Mr. Limousine Driver
R: Grand Funk Railroad - Sin's a Good Man's Brother (in memory of Mark D.)
A: Budgie - Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman
A: Blue Oyster Cult - Dominance and Submission
R: Blue Oyster Cult - Cagey Cretins
A: Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
(Rob goes to the store so Ann sneaks in Jackyl - When Will it Rain)
A: Black Sabbath - Supernaut
R: Crowbar - Obedience thru Suffering
A: Down - Ghosts Along the Mississippi
R: Ministry - Let's Go
A: Rush - Working Man
R: Humble Pie - I Walk on Gilded Splinters (a 23 minute song!)
A: Gamma - Wish I Was (this one's for LT & Badger)
R: Midnight Oil - US Forces
A: Derek & the Dominos - Layla
R: Thin Lizzy - Still in Love with You (with the awesome Gary Moore on guitar)
A: Paul Simon - Kodachrome (Ann & Rob dance around while pointing at their Nikon camera)
R: Cracker - Take Me Down to the Infirmary
A: Bob Dylan - Black Diamond Bay
R: Neil Young - Powderfinger
A: Rare Earth - I'm Losing You
R: Johnny Winter - Leland Mississippi Blues (damn it, that's twice I've had to spell Mississippi)
R: Johnny Winter - Dallas
A: ZZ Top - Blue Jean Blues (this is one we should cover with Brian)
R: Bob Dylan - Buckets of Rain
A: Blackfoot - Train, Train
R: The Lemonheads - Knoxville Girl
A: Social Distortion - Cold Feelings
R: Subhumans - Pigman
A: Buzzcocks - Hollow Inside
R: Ministry - No Glory
A: Black Sabbath - Disturbing the Priest (yo, LT)
R: MC 900 Foot Jesus - The City Sleeps (awesome poetry)
A: Megadeth - My Darkest Hour
R: Black Flag - In my Head
A: Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac (which will forever be my birthday song, thanks LT)
R: Grateful Dead - Box of Rain
A: Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy (ooo, this was a bad choice)
R: Motorhead - Ace of Spades
A: Poison 13 - My Biggest Mistake
R: Steve Earle - Billy Austin (Rob says this song goes through his head when he is in stairwells.)
A: James Taylor - Mexico
R: James Taylor - Sweet Baby James
A: Al Green - So Tired of Being Alone
R: Ice Cube - Pushin' Weight (Rob says, "Thanks Clark.")
A: Otis Redding - Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
R: Smokey Robinson - Tears of a Clown (we had to go to YouTube for this one.)
A: Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile
R: Jesus Lizard - Cold Water (Rob sez, "Some people should die, they should just die, Andy are you listening?")
A: Thin White Rope - Down in the Desert (I always think of Carl from Hines when I hear this song.)
R: Soul Asylum - P-9 (Rob sez, "Dirk! - call me bitch!")
A: Soul Coughing - 4 of 5
R: Soul Asylum - Ship of Fools
A: The Toadies - Little Sin
R: The Toadies - Doll Skin (the song that scared our neighbors.)
A: Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot
R: T.S.O.L. - Code Blue
A: D.R.I. - The Five Year Plan
R: Poison 13 - One Step Closer
A: James McMurtry - We Can't Make it Here Anymore (the truth hurts, don't it?)
R: Zookeeper - Trumpets
A: Oleander - Why I'm Here
R: Clutch - The Dragonfly (another one for Mark D.)
R: Clutch - The Soapmakers
A: Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Dragonfly
R: Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
A: Cream - Badge
A: The Who -Another Tricky Day
A: XTC - Dear God
R: Soul Asylum - Run Away Train
A: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (in memory of Matt from Hines.)
R: Peter Case - Poor Old Tom
A: Paul Simon - Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard
R: Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl (master of the one note solo.)
A: Three Dog Night - One (had to go to YouTube for this one.)
R: Thin Lizzy - Little Girl in Bloom
A: Pink Floyd - Dogs
A: Gary Moore - Still Got the Blues for You
R: Thin Lizzy - Angel from the Coast (... it's much too hard...)
A: Tool - Sober (not, as I polish off the 12 pack)
R: The Lemomheads - Into Your Arms
A: Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole
R: Ministry - Jesus Built my Hotrod (Redline/Whiteline version)
A: Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon
R: Neil Young - Barstool Blues (Rob sez, "I'm going to bed now. Ann wins. My final entry is Stupid Girl, enjoy. Goodnight.)
R: Neil Young - Stupid Girl ('re such a beautiful fish...)
A: Loudness - Crazy Nights (hahaha - LT!)
R: Melvins - Boris (okay, this really is the last one for Rob.)

And the last for me as well - bedtime for all!

Is a game Annabelle and I play where we trade songs...we've been going for an hour or more so far...this one may last all night.I got a call from Toody Byrd and in her message she said "Bless your heart" in that twang- I burst into tears- Bless my heart? Toody, I love you with all my are the reason I and I'm sure many others are alive and not behind bars.People should be so fucking lucky to have someone like her looking out for them.
Now it's Dylan's "Black Diamond Bay" turn next.
I love games...

Are you fucking crazy or what?Do I look foolish?Fuck that trail...

Did a little Gus Fruh action but took a rarely traveled part of the trail.I crossed this,but Irene was having no part of it...she bailed on me.After crossing back I understood why.Once we got back on level ground she was fine.
Much prettier with water but still a nice view I think.
Interesting plants...

These cliffs are amazing,lots of nooks and crannies.I really enjoy this trail.
Enjoy your Sunday...

Do you have any idea how long it's been since those words have come out of my mouth?
It's been months.I didn't intend to get shitty last night,but somehow it happened and I'm paying for it this morning.
Fuck me.
There are sad drunks and mean drunks and funny drunks...last night I was retardo drunk. If we had lampshades I would have been wearing one and doing a poor impersonation of Shecky Green.
Very amusing stuff I imagine,I was there for it but I couldn't tell you.
Ann asked me to check the sheets on the bed and it was all over.Snoozeville.I'm sure she can add to this in the comments.
How do people do this everyday?
Irene and I are going to walk this off right now.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The week that was

I have managed to keep a bit of that post-vacation attitude at work. I also achieved what felt like a satisfactory balance between giving too much of a damn and not giving a shit at all. Thursday & Friday were high stress and high workload days so I feel like that was a pretty good accomplishment. And of course today was Saturday and Saturdays always suck, but I wasn't completely wiped out at the end of the day. Let's hope it lasts.

I listened to the debate last night (didn't watch, just listened) and was not impressed with either candidate. I would like to feel a bit more excited about Obama, but that debate did nothing to spark any enthusiasm. And McCain just managed to annoy me even more. Why does it always come down to voting against someone instead of voting for someone?

The big news in the US this week is the bail out of the financial sector. I have yet to read an adequate explanation of why this bail out is so necessary or why it has to be done practically overnight. In fact, I am rather pissed that I might pay an estimated $10,000 in extra taxes to save some Wall Street fat cats. Yes, I know there is more to it than that, but I don't think I'm alone in having that as a first gut reaction.

I didn't get any more swimming done this week. Rob was worn down from hard days at work while still recovering from his extra long hike last Sunday and I was worn down from working longer days at the call center which is very hard on my back. It was just too easy to blow it off and promise to make a better effort next week. Not swimming did allow me to get to bed at a very early hour most nights which I think I needed more than swimming anyway.

Last week I had Sunday off and then went back to work on Monday. As a result, we had a bit of a laundry crisis because I usually do laundry on Mondays. That's gonna repeat this week unless I remember to do at least a few days worth of work clothes for the both of us tomorrow. And well, clean socks will always be a problem for Rob no matter how often I do laundry because no matter how many pairs we buy, I can only find three or four pairs come time to do laundry. Other folks might complain about getting socks for Christmas, but I welcome them. Rob never has enough even though I don't wear them except on the few days that we get freezing temperatures and I drag out some closed toe shoes. Otherwise it's sandals or no shoes at all for me and while I might be descended from German immigrants, I don't do socks with sandals. Either there is a stash somewhere in this house of about 100 pairs of socks or the aliens sneak in and steal them along with our forks and spoons (there's also quite a few of those missing.)

The weather this week has been wonderful and we've actually had a couple of weeks of fall now. I sat out on the porch drinking coffee yesterday morning and the air felt chilly to me. Of course it wasn't really chilly at 60 degrees, but that's 20 degrees cooler than it had been a couple of weeks ago. It's almost cool enough to fire up the chimenea again and today's wiki-how was how to smoke fish in a chimenea. We are definately gonna give this a try some weekend.

So it's decided,the Wolves are covering the circle game...a very sweet love poem from Joni to Neil in response to his sugar mountain...So I broke out the arsenal to try and work something out.Running through the Laney- new tubes- so it screams.
It's been fun, but I need the band to work it out.the acoustic shit is easy.
Now it's time for a nap...I can do that,it's Saturday.

If only you could see into me...Sade

A bit of salt and pepper added to the mix,but still Albert.We picked up where we left off,which is always nice...catching each other up on events and family.Our time together at the oaks didn't come up at all which isn't really surprising.That's water under the bridge and would probably only come up if we were sitting around the living room table doing shots of tequila (a whole nother story from a long time ago...maybe I'll tell it someday).It was nice to see him and spend some time together,we agreed to do the hiking thing again when he comes to town.

I love these kind of rocks...this is on the trail about a mile and a half in.

Of course,the beenz was with us.Turkey creek is leash free,so she gets to interact with lots of dogs on the trail.Albert was impressed that there were so many dogs running loose and they all get along. It's just the vibe there...On the way out however we passed a couple with a reddish chow looking dog that apparently rubbed Irene the wrong way.Until a couple of years ago,she was very dog aggressive and walks like these would have been impossible even with a leash...anyway,she and this dog approached each other and were nose to nose,the other dog being much bigger.Irene,out of the blue, chest bumped this dog,much to it's surprise.And then we moved on without further incident.I guess she was just letting him know it was her trail and he was just on it. It was pretty cool.
I saw lots of funnel spider webs today,this one was guarding the entrance and just as i got the focus right Irene came over to investigate and he high tailed it back down the hole.So you get the web and no spider.
A very nice Saturday morning spent with a friend in a beautiful place.You can't hardly beat that can you?

Friday, September 26, 2008


My foreman's dog died yesterday and he spent his morning burying her on his parents property, on a hill overlooking the pasture.The same spot his other dog is interred.
He said the hardest thing about it all was explaining death and dying to his 3 year old. I've worked with this guy for a long time and his dedication to family is one of the things I respect about him.
Being the gossipy hens that electricians are (don't tell anyone :)) the crew was buzzing about why he was late - he never is.And the talk turned to our own dog stories.
I was telling a buddy about Theo and how he communicates with us, he has:
A bark for water.
A bark for food.
A bark to go out.
If I get home before Ann,he waits for her to go out...apparently Ann is the only one who can operate the patio door.
When I get up in the morning, he stays in bed until Ann gets up and then barks the outside bark.
He comes out of the bedroom at the same time every day and positions himself by the door waiting for Ann to come home.
He will come to me and paw me on the arm,signaling a need for a chest rub.
He tells us when he's ready for bed,and looks at us expectantly to join him.
He trades trash items for treats.
His tummy clock changes when daylight savings kicks in without missing a beat.
The title of this post was my buddy's response to these facts about Theo.
Being that he is a large dog with moderate/severe hip dysplasia from the get go,it's a miracle he has made it to 13 years.We know his time is probably short,and I'm not sure I can dig another grave...but long may he run.
It was nice to share dog stories with some of the crew...some funny, some tragic,but it was clear that these guys love their dogs...just like we do.

I didn't do all of this myself,the 2 cans on the right are mine,the 2 on the left are by another IJ with many more years in the trade.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Back in the day,('84-'85) I was in this band called Left for Dead. It was me and my current drummer, Badger, and was filled out by my buddy and occasional collaborator to this day Jon with another high school buddy on bass, Pat. And a harmonica player I knew from the hospital where we worked, Albert.
While it was great fun, it never went anywhere.
Everyone eventually parted ways and connections were lost only to be regained over time.
But Albert pulled the biggest shift of all, he went overseas and dedicated his life to ( simple explanation ) repatriating Vietnamese refugees. While he would come home annually for a vacation and a get together with his old hospital buds...time marched on, things and situations changed, and we lost touch for awhile.
I ran into him once about 5 years ago on a hike and bike trail here in Austin...he was home to stay and we vowed to keep in touch. Didn't happen.
Things and circumstances changed for both of us and we were both consumed by family and work and the usual bullshit.
I need to insert here that back in the hospital days we were rebels and allies and very good friends, as well as band mates. And he was a very good friend of mine.
Well,as luck would have it, we reconnected a few months back,but haven't seen each other-just a few phone conversations - (he lives in a different town) but the conversation tonight turned to ACL - the Austin city limits music festival - which he is attending.
You couldn't drag me with a gun to my head to this aberration.The crowds,the devastation to the park, the assholes gathered enmasse trashing the park and the neighborhoods surrounding the park...but he's always been a festival goer so he's going.
Even the chance to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss could not sway me to suck it up and go.Not even the Foo fighters...I am resolute in my disdain of crowds and crass commercialism at the expense of peace of mind.
So I asked if he had any free time while he was here what did he think about:
Coffee...drinks...breakfast...a hike?
He say's "when do you go for a hike"? I say "7:30 or 8".He says "In the morning"?
And I say "yes".
So the outcome is old friend and I are going for a hike Saturday morning (with Irene of course)early.
Times have changed a lot since we have seen each other, but the core is still intact.
I can't wait to see him, and hopefully, we won't get lost.
And I am reminded once again of that wonderful song by Joni Mitchell-
The circle game.


I imagine this stuff bores the hell out of most of you, but I am quite proud of how this is turning out.When it's finished it will be the breaker panels that control the entire first floor.57 3/4 in. pipes and 1 1-1/4 in. pipe providing 168 individual circuits.

Big fun!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Actually, it's a happy hour show ( 8 to 10 ) so it should really be called a couple of hours in a club. But Ann and I haven't been to a show in a long time, and this is a really good friend of ours that we encouraged to pursue her musical ambitions way back in the early 90's. It has paid off...she has an amazing voice as a folksy singer and as a pop/rock singer.Her current project is a group called The Lost Soul Revue - R&B stuff.Should be fun!
And it was...If you like 60's R&B...all the greatest hits,you should check them out- The lost soul revue

Monday, September 22, 2008


I know I've posted this here before,but what an awesome song...and that glitter green telecaster.I want it.Bad.

I really love this software.

On Friday,we were discussing pranks pulled on journeymen and apprentices and a journeyman buddy of mine shared this prank he pulled on his cousin (also an electrician - apparently it runs in families down here,just not mine).
His cousin had spat some snuff spooge into his mountain dew and he ended up drinking it.
Very nasty.He warned his cousin he was going to get paid back,and the next day he left his new pack of smokes unattended on the cart while he went to the truck for something.
My buddy took them and ran about 12 of the smokes filters along his ass crack and put them back in the pack.He warned his cousin's apprentice to not, under any circumstances bum any smokes that day-"trust me,he said,just don't do it".
At lunch,the apprentice said to my friend,"man,I don't know what you did but your cousin says he might have to quit smoking because his cigarettes were tasting like ass.
He repeated that statement at the end of the day to my buddy who replied,"well,remember that snuff you spit in my mountain dew yesterday?There's a reason they taste like ass"!
Electricians are sophisticated like that...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The fat lady goes swimming
I haven't been swimming in about 15 years. That's about the time that I decided I was just going to stay out of the Texas sun. As a kid, I had to start on my tan in March and I had to really work at it. In fact, I used to have a chart of what time of the day to lay out during what time of the year when I would tan and not burn. I think that sort of information is available now on the internet, but I learned by trial and error. I did always manage to get enough of a tan that I could spend 3 to 4 hours swimming at the pool in the mornings (forget afternoons - even with a good tan, I'd still burn.) And I swam a lot because when you have arthritis, swimming is about as good as it gets for physical activity.

Now as an adult, that whole building a base tan thing is way too much time and effort. And I hate, absolutely hate, indoor pools. Maybe it's the chlorine gassing off in an enclosed area or maybe there is mold growing in the corners, but every indoor pool I have ever tried has given me a splitting headache. Plus they are always crowded, noisy and cost money.

I had pretty much given up on swimming, but recently Rob started swimming at Stacy Pool in the evenings and I thought, "Hey, it's September. I could get in the pool in the evenings and not burn." Except I had no swimsuit and swimsuits in my size and torso length cost about $100. However, I really wanted to try swimming again so I cobbled together some exercise wear that sort of looks like a swimsuit and with an oversized black t-shirt covering it all up I gave it a try tonight. The outfit worked well enough and I discovered that I haven't forgotten how to swim and I can still float on my back forever. Ah, the back floating - so relaxing & pure bliss. I think this may be the perfect thing to do after a day at the call center.

An incredible version of a Cohen song I found at crook's and liars late night music club, what they fail to mention is this is a first take...

Amazing stuff...and a beautiful song.
Alison Crowe has some pipes.

We started at Gus Fruh and finally came up for air at Twin was a much longer walk than we had planned,I swear there is a bermuda triangle effect on this trail,as I got lost the last time I was there.
My hiking buddies called it an adventure...I'm sure they called it something else later at brunch,but it was fun really...walking on unfamiliar trails on a beautiful day.
These two hiking buddies didn't mind at all.
Me and the beenz...
At some point you just have to admit you don't know where the fuck you are...
At least it's pretty.
On the trail to ???
Irene was happy to get home.
I went and scored tacos from Torchy's-so I'm gonna eat my trailer park (of course it's trashy) now and then join Irene...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I don't know why, but I find that very amusing and vaguely sexual in some ambiguous way.
But enough about my cookies.
I have Saturdays to myself,as Ann has to work.Even if I sleep in,I'm up and about by 9 or so,and while the day used to be dedicated to getting as drunk as possible before sunset-these days are now filled with activity.Sometimes it's on the trail with Irene,other times,like today,it's filled with lay about laziness and the internet.
Which allows for some reflection.
It occurred to me that there is something missing in my demeanor of late - I'm not worried - not about anything specific - I just feel better about things in general.
Maybe it's because I'm not trying to kill myself with self neglect,ignoring my health issues and having a fuck all attitude.Maybe it's because I've mended fences and reconnected with important people in my life.
Maybe,as I've said before,I got my shit all in one sock,but this time the darning spot is holding.
As I write this,the dogs emerge from the bedroom and take their places by the door,waiting for Ann to come home,and it reminds me again of what's important.
Little things matter.more than we know.
I don't know if any of this makes any sense to you-but it does to me and I just needed to write it down so I could see it.
What I did on my summer vacation
I slept. And slept. And slept some more. It was mah-va-lous! I did do a small amount of housework and I spent some time playing Eve Online, but mostly I just took a lot of naps. I think I've discovered a new personal definition of luxury - the ability to sleep or nap whenever you want.

I went back to work on Wednesday and the first thing I saw was a big sign on the back door that said "DO NOT SLAM THIS DOOR". This was a perfect reminder of how things are done at this company because this door has a hydraulic closer that causes the door to slam shut. The only way to prevent the door from closing with a bang is to stand in the doorway and let it hit you on your backside. Once again instead of fixing a problem, they just slap the employees on the ass.

I also got a good chuckle over the memo that had been posted when it looked like Hurricane Ike was headed our way "The internet never closes and neither do we. You are expected to report for your shift NO MATTER WHAT." As if the service we provide is so important that people need to risk their lives to come to work to earn their $8/hour paycheck.

The vacation obviously did me some good since I just laughed at both of these things along with quite a few other typical scenarios that normally would have made me angry. I'm curious to see how long this new attitude lasts - it sure would be nice if it's a permanent change.

Friday, September 19, 2008


While the details are sketchy, Bob Hope's silhouette graced the cover of my senior yearbook with the caption "There's hope in '77"-the school played a prerecorded message over the PA system every morning for weeks of Bob giving us an uplifting message.After all these years I still wonder-whose idea was this? And why???
This,of course,has nothing to do with the above just came to me.
But seriously,who would have been in attendance at a Bob Hope roast back in the day?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The way better than Taco Bell's 99 cent double cheesy beef burrito you can make at home.
Heat up a giant tortilla on a plate...
Add filling-browned ground beef,rice and burrito seasoning.
Add grated cheese...
Roll that sucker up and drown it in queso...
Hoooo-Wheee! That's eatin' !*

*Extra dessert idea...have ya some shortbread maple creme cookies after to cleanse the palate for that lone star in your future!
Thanks to our sponsors:Blue star ointment,cures jock itch,teter and athletes foot-Blue star kills that jock itch better than witch hazel!Faster too!Blue star-if yer balls are a itchin-quit yer bitchin'-an' buy some today!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If they win in November we will meet our demise at an accelerated rate.After all,they are the party that set all of this in motion-thanks Bunnypants,you inbred pile of dung.
I have refrained from commenting on this election for a number of reasons,but it really boils down to a couple of key points.
McCain is a lying flip flopping asshat who'll do anything to win because, after all,he was a POW and deserves to be the one who finally does us in.If he prevails,he'll probably be taking a dirt nap in 6 months and that uber bitch will be in charge-god forbid.An incompetent, ultra right wing religo-crazy war monger at the helm...oh wait...isn't that what we've had for the last 8 years?
Now,as far as the democratic ticket goes - please don't take this wrong because I don't really feel this way...but who is going to vote for the nigger? People like Bill Cosby and they loved Slappy White,but you never saw them in the white house,did you?It's called the white house for a reason.There are not enough enlightened people in this country to ensure them victory ( I hope I'm wrong about that BTW,that will at least buy us one term before we go under-unless some other "meth heads" succeed in killing him before he gets started ).
And Biden? Remember Fred McMurray from my three sons? Yeah,that dude...ZZZZzzzzz...
oh! I'm sorry! I'm so bored by Biden I fell asleep for a minute. He's like picking a limp dick for your running mate.And he's not a Washington insider...sure he's not.
I hate to bum you out,but in my estimation,based on current events,we are fucked regardless of who wins the race...which,by the way, has been reduced to a Jon Benet pageant.Which is to say-who the fuck cares anymore?
Now-go out and VOTE! (like a makes a fucking difference at this point).
And that's all I'm going to say about this sham until after November-if we haven't been vaporized by then.

Would I ever do this:
Assembling a scaffold.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I ran into an old friend from high school this afternoon while buying Ann flowers for her birthday,and in the course of our catching up he told me he was having a medical procedure done later on this month- "you know Rob,the 50 year old guy thing".
I knew exactly what he was talking about,having one myself a couple of years ago on account of my family history.
We proceeded to have a very detailed conversation about colonoscopy with out ever uttering the word itself,or "camera shoved up your ass",or any such references involving the words chute,tail pipe or bung hole.
I advised him to go home after the procedure,because they fill you with air in the process,and of course,that air has to escape...loudly.I further advised that it was pain free yet undignified.
It feels good to share-even in code.

I found this little gem over at BartCop E! (see links) this afternoon , and boy is it fun!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


I love this song for a bunch of reasons...but here it is for gloomy days sake or for nothing else.
I went for a walk early today with an ex friend who is now-I think-my friend again.I didn't forgive him and he didn't forgive me, but we are cool with it.I just told him that what had happened didn't matter compared to the time we had known one another.
I value shit like that.
I spent the afternoon with another old friend , who , (enough spaces for you Bill?)
not only put a smile on my face , but bought my margs- thank you.I feel lucky to have friends that go back so look at them is a treasure, really.
But back to the song...there's something about gloomy days.and I don't know for sure,but maybe this song has something to do with it.If it doesn't-it should.

I love this place,there's always something new to see.That's Hera,Irene's new friend.

There's some Cracker song that says something about all of this nature...
Yeah...that's the one...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The squirrel hunter...

Tunnel rat.
Ike at 6 AM
Theo woke me up because he had to go outside so I grabbed this radar shot which shows Ike passing well to the east of us. If we do get any wind and rain, it will probably come between now and 5 PM or so, but for now I'm heading back to bed.