Monday, October 31, 2005


The spin is on...I saw a commercial last night painting our DA as a veritable demon for going after that legitimate demon Tom DeLay. Imagine if you will that that Chapman guy that killed Lennon had the money to make commercials supporting his cause, or maybe the Son of Sam. Or maybe Dahmer...I can see it now. That Korean boy really wanted me to gape his ass and then drill a hole in his head and fill it up with muriatic acid because he wanted to be a zombie sex slave. Please.
These are extreme examples of a corruption of justice, I think I know Tom hasn't fucked any korean boys or drilled holes in their head, but he is still a suspect in a crime. His money and connections should not allow him the opportunity to bullshit the rest of us. Tried by FACTS...not by SPIN. What he is accused of doing is on so many levels worse that the murder of one ( or 12 or 25 ), he has raped the trust and integrity of america. For personal gain, for partisan gain. He shouldn't get away with it because he can afford better spin commercials. That's just wrong.
And that's whats wrong with all of this...DeLay, "Scooter", Frist et al; they think they are above the law because of their means...they have the means and the influence to negate the facts. And they believe that we as a populace are so stupid, that if we see a slickly produced ad on the TV we'll buy it. Sadly they are mostly right.
Think about that for a minute...These people have the means to alter the facts and get away with all manner of malfeasance. How do they pull this off? Good question. They have power, they have money, they have a (admittedly small but powerful ) group of americans that are, for a variety of reasons, insane, and buy into the bullshit. This neo-con agenda.If they didn't offer this particular brand of neo con religio- bullshit, they would stay home on election night...Pounding the bible and minding their own business.Molesting the kids with the poison of this party and watching the PAX channel.
And the people that could make the most difference are so beaten down by the never ending onslaught of bullshit, stay home and clean their guns...or smoke a joint...or both.
Don't be fooled by the spin...they are guilty...Guilty as sin.
Get out and vote...advice I should take myself. And you know I will.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day 21; the Saturday from hell that wasn't
Saturdays are always the worst shift of the week. It was Monday that was the busiest when I was an L1, but those L1 Mondays pale in comparison to L2 Saturdays. But today we had that magic staffing ratio that made the morning shift I picked up a piece of cake even with a major ISP outage. Sweet. And since it was only a half day shift, I wandered home at noon, drank a few beers and took a 4 hour nap. Even sweeter. The whole nap thing was such an evil chore when I was a kid, but as an adult it's a rare and glorious opportunity. I don't feel a twinge of regret that I "wasted" 4 hours of my day snoozing.

But it's not your usual nig bashing visit. No sir. This time they are gathering to support the amendment to ban gay marriage, or as a klan spokesman put it " to support christian values". Apparently they are putting aside the hate of all the "mud people" to spread some hate on gay people. Wow...the klan has really evolved.
But in Austin? Sure, it's the capitol of Texas, and while it is slowly turning into a cesspool of conservative horseshit, it is still an island of tolerance in a state full of backward redneck idiots. Austin has a large population of gay and lesbian folk, who by and large live unmolested and accepted in this city.
I live in this city too, and sometimes forget how unique it is in comparison to the rest of the state. I remember the last time the klan came into town, in conjunction with a multi purpose march of liberal causes...I was there, with my son slung over my shoulder in a papoose carrying a sign that said "there's enough for all our need but not for all our greed" . Along the shoal creek trail part of the march, a busload of the hooded peckerwoods passed on a bridge...we pelted the bus with gravel and rocks.It was 1986. solidarity with our gay brothers and sisters, me and my buddy Don and hopefully our boss Rusty and the other Don will be there to show the klan that they and the ideology of klan hatred are no more welcome in this town than they were 19 years ago.
We represent a rainbow coalition of our own...Me: Tattooed skinhead looking radical liberal...Don...ex army black dude from Jersey...Rusty...longhaired skater era liberal radical and the other Don...50 something old austin hippy. Diversity aligned in a common cause.
It should be interesting.
"Christian values" Please...

Friday, October 28, 2005


Welly welly well well well... It would appear that "Scooter" Libby got his ass handed to him today. Hooray!!! One count! Two counts!! Three counts!!! FOUR!!!! This administration is a dying whore!!!!! Go Fitz GO!
Now that I've gotten my joy out of the way let me give you a scenario of what might have happened "behind the scenes"...
Imagine if you will a room like the one they had on "Get Smart", you know, the one with the "dome of silence".
Underneath the dome are Bush, Rove, Rice, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Here we go...

Rove: Somebody's got to fall on the sword here people, someone high enough in the food chain to appease the dems and make them feel vindicated.
Bush: Sword??? I don't know about a sword...I...
Everyone else in the room : SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!
Bush: Hey! I'm presid...(Cheney smacks Bush up side the head ) OW!!! Unka Dick! That hurted me!
Cheney: We said shut up shut up already, nobody cares what you think anyway. Rummy, any suggestions?
Rumsfeld: That's a 15 part question Dick, on the one hand, we're a bunch of corrupt liars, on the other hand we're a bunch of corrupt liars, but if you meet in the middle of the corruption there's a potential for 13 mind bending responses to this problem that won't answer any questions but will serve us to no end in terms of spin.
Cheney: What?
Rumsfeld : I like number 11, as opposed to numbers 6, 4, 10 and 16.
Rice: 16??? I thought you said 15.
Rumsfeld : Shut up Jemima...15, 16...what's the difference? really piss me off you woodchuck lookin' negro.
Rove: Hey Hey Hey...
Bush: FAT ALBERT!!! I loved that sho...
Everyone: SHUT UP YOU FUCKING MORON ! ( Rove gives Bush a "titty twister" )
Bush: OWWWW!!!! I'm gonna tell my Daddy on you. ( Rove gives Bush an "Indian rope burn")
Rove: Go ahead you retard...Tell him, see if I care...If you think I'm up your ass, ask your "DaDee" about how intrusive I can be...Hehhehheh...
Bush: But my daddy fired you...
Rove: Yeah right.
Cheney: Boys...BOYS! Settle down...we really need to pick a scapegoat, times running out. Condi?
Rice: How about Scooter?
Cheney: MY Scooter????
Rice: No Jackass, I'm referring to Sting's Vespa in the kids are alright.
Cheney: What?
Rice: Nevermind Golem, Yes...I Lewis "Scooter" Libby. He's high enough up to make a point without compromising the plan. If we give him up our problems will go away.
Cheney: MY Scooter????
Rumsfeld: Get over it Dick, we'll find you another lackey.
Bush: Lackey...hehhehheh...I never liked that Scoo...( Rice throat punches the president )OOOOFFFFF!!!! AKKKKKK!
Rice: Good's decided...Scooter will smoke the pole...
Rumsfeld interrupts: I'd like to smoke his pole....
Rice: What did you say???
Rumsfeld: That's an interesting question Condi, and there are several answers to it, but none that would explain my desire to smoke Scooters pole, or have you smoke mine while I smoke his, or have you smoke his while I munch your nappy box...or...GEORGE!!! Put little george away...NOW!
Cheney: OK, Scooter it is...But he has to be pardoned at the end of the term.
Rice: Agreed.
Rove: Agreed.
Bush: Who'se gonna pardon him?
Everyone : SHUT UP YOU IDIOT ( Cheney hits Bush with a sock full of wood screws )
Rumsfeld : OK, the only thing left is the secret handshake...everyone pull down your pants...George...assume the position...
Fade out and CUT!
Day 22 - the countdown to vacation begins
Didn't sleep very well last night. I suspect the bad day at work had something to do with it, though Rob was pretty restless himself. Turns out a lot of folks at work had a bad day yesterday and we all agreed that it wasn't the workload, but the customers that had us pulling our hair out. If there's such a thing as a world consciousness, then it must have been a bit off yesterday. We all agreed that today was much better, though none of us could say why. I've been trying to come up with a Halloween costume for Monday because we are supposed to dress up for work, but I haven't had much luck. I was considering dressing up as the Ancient Mariner with a couple of DSL modems around my neck instead of an albatross. But I don't think anyone there would get it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ding - dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? Why Harriet Miers! And she killed herself ( figuratively speaking ). Interestingly enough, it was the uproar from the "grand old party" that pushed this forward more than anything else. I never thought I'd be thankful to these asshats, but in this case, I am.
Speaking of asshats, Tom DeLay admitted the other day that the irregularities in contributions to his legal defense fund, were in fact, irregular. He tried to pass this off like he'd just discovered it and was being forthright, but why would a person dig up old bones in a case where they had gotten away with it? Jeez...what a slimey bastard.
Speaking of slimey bastards, it was revealed that Bill Frist had been contacted at least 15 times with updates on his investments in his families company that he has continually denied any knowledge of. What a stupid cunt.
Speaking of stupid cunts...Kay Baily Hutchison said on Meet the press last weekend that she hoped the coming indictments related to the plame case wouldn't be "some perjury technicality" to validate the money spent on the investigation. Really? Do you remember that little Clinton deal involving perjury way back when you waxed philosophic about how truth was a cornerstone of the system and all that other bullshit? So...does that mean Clinton shooting his minions on some fat chicks chin and dress is worse than an entire administration leading us into war and commiting treason to pull it off? It was a few blow jobs for christs sake, Monica didn't mind and I'm sure Clinton was digging it. I don't think the families of all the people ( all of them on both sides ) killed since this shitstorm started see it the same way, in fact I'm sure of two faced bitch.
On to the indictments. There is so much spin around this I'm dizzier than usual. They were supposedly coming out today...not. That's like a dry hump in my book...put out or get out dammit! People are calling this "Fitzmas"...but it's playing out more like "Chanafitz"...dragging out what should be 30 minutes of ripping off the wrapping paper in glee to 7 days of boring hints and speculation. Come on! All indications point to the end of this regime, let's get there already.
Maybe tomorrow.
*thank you shizgirl, for my favorite word...ever.


On a lighter, spiritual note...I am now an ordained minister in the Universal life church. I can do weddings and funerals. So, If you're fixin' to die or get married ( is there a difference? HAHA- I joke!) I'll be happy to officiate.
Seriously...ULC is a nondemoninational church that espouses as it's main credo " Do what is right ". I like that. I like it alot.
I can legally do weddings! Alternative weddings!
And if I wanted, I could start up my own that. I just want to do alternative weddings...punk rock weddings, heavy metal weddings, square dance weddings.
This could be fun.
Not so keen on the funeral angle...but I'd do it for friends, as long as it was right.

Days like this
I had one of those days at work that make me want to take of my headset and ride off into the sunset, never to return again. This workday left me fervently wishing Rob would be waving a winning lotto ticket when he picked me up from work. Alas, he was not, but I do have some good news in that my vacation request was approved. It's less than a month away and since most of those days are NOT going to be like this one, I think I can make it. Plus, Special K has reminded me of the suckiness of being unemployed and desperately trying to find a job, ANY job. Even one you know you are going to hate. Which was where I was when I took this one. It's actually turned out okay, except for days like today. And the truth is that ANY job, no matter how wonderful, will always have days like this.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I went to work for the state of Texas shortly after my eighteenth birthday, had I stayed in the employ of the state, I would be retiring (less than 5 years from now) before I was fifty with a retirement income of upwards to 2500.00 a month and plenty of time to get another job, or even maybe another career.
I didn't do that.
Instead, I moved to Colorado with my then wife, and a couple of years later I was divorced and back in Texas, went back to work for the state for seven months and left...again, the lure of the rocky mountains was too much to resist. But, alas, that didn't work out. So I came back to Texas, hat in hand.
After a brief time in go nowhere jobs and part time schooling, I landed at a company where I spent almost fourteen years climbing the ladder, only to be kicked off of it in the end.
Things were changing during those years and I was so busy climbing I didn't notice the changes that were occuring before my blinder equipped eyes.
I was raised with the kind of work ethic that should have kept me in that first state job for my life, but I was also a product of a restless social ethic, change on the one end, radical on the other. I was the human equivilent of pong on this one, bouncing to and fro from traditional values to radical activist. Conflicted. Very conflicted.
Fifteen years ago, life was still full of options. Social worker, artist, musician, administrator...the sky was the limit.
I had the energy and the means to do anything I wanted back then, I had the time and I took it.
Social worker...If you want a fast track to hating kids and thier parents and the health care system and the judicial system in this country, jump on this one. I once thought this would be my lifes work, but my lifes work bled it out of me, slowly and painfully from both ends. All I have to show for this time are some stories that freak people out and this unrealized dream of changing the world.
Artist...I was once a prolific cartoonist, but I lost my steam. I can't remember the last time I drew something. My social worker experience beat it out of me I guess. I was at least able to pass the passion on to my son and my "niece", so that's something. I've been talking about doing some paper mache masks recently, but that's just talk at this point...we'll see what happens with that.
Musician...I was in this band, and I was in my thirties. We had some incredible songs. I used the aformentioned means to finance the band and it's aspirations. We would be rock stars, critics darlings, blah blah blah. I still think about the night we blew the roof off of trophys was perfect. A large crowd littered with our friends witnessing the power of our band, the applause, the appreciation.I'm standing on that stage with three people I love, peering out from under my cap burning my guitar work and lyrics into the crowd...I was a rock star that night. It was awesome. And it fell apart shortly after that. Just as we were hitting the peak, suddenly it wasn't fun anymore. And without a fight or a rational word, we just kind of collectively gave it up. Our friend BW issued a challenge to me to start writing again and to post the song here. I've been trying to write a song about something I care about. I haven't had much luck with that, so I've started focusing my attention to someone I care about and hopefully I'll spit something out soon. After all, I promised.
Administrator... Of what? I can barely manage my own life. There was once a time when I managed teams in concerted efforts with great success. Not anymore.
Passion. I have no real passion. It has somehow escaped me.
Now, before you shrug this off as a giant pity does sound like one, but it's not. I have misplaced my passion, the leprechans in my house have hidden it from me. But I am searching for it.
I am relating a scenario shared by millions in this country, millions of people beaten down by prevailing political and social winds, some in thier control, others not.
I still have alot to be thankful for...I have a woman who loves me, my best friend. I have a job with some promise and a roof over my head. Ann will always be there, the other stuff I'm not so sure about.
And I remain conflicted...but that's life, right?

Friday, October 21, 2005

I will have been at this job for one year on Nov. 1st. That means will I have a week of vacation time available after that day. I've already put in for the time off. If it's approved then I will be taking my first paid vacation since Rob and I took two weeks off for our honeymoon over 11 years ago. Since then I've always had jobs where I could never take any time off, even when I had vacation time accrued. And sure, I've had breaks from work when I was unemployed, but that is most definitely not the same as a PAID vacation. After a year of working at a job that provides no holidays at all, you can bet that I'm pretty excited about the prospect of an entire week off.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Sunday Ann and I went out to my foremans place to look at a car, a late model oldsmobile that they want to get rid of. The common belief is the catalytic converter is bad. A simple enough fix, plus the car is free. They just want it off the property. Good for them, good for us. A coworker of mine from Hines was there with his daughter as well (small world,eh?), a nice bonus. It was good to see them, we're better friends than I thought, he's not the most demonstrative person, but the vibe was still there.
There was much drinking of beer and shots of Jager. And a meal at this mexican restaurant that rocked.
Then it was back to the house to mess with the car. We got it started a few times, but it wouldn't budge when put in gear, so we finally pushed it out of the field (weeds 6 feet high) to the front of the house. Several beers and shots later, we headed home.
Ann, being the temperant one, drove us home to Austin. On the way I blasted sabbath bloody sabbath, drunk on...socializing. It occurred to me that we had not done anything like this in months. We had a fabulous time, had some fabulous food and company and generally had a good time. I even scratched some tickets...booyah! :)
On the way home, once we were in Austin, we stopped at several convience stores for orange juice...none of which had any (?!?!) WTF!? So I ended up with country time lemonade and three reeses mini cups I pocketed when the cashier wasn't looking ( I told you , we had some drinks ).
I fell asleep on the couch ( passed out ) blaring The counting crows goodnight elizabeth and a long december over and over before 10...a good nights sleep = no hang over, and based on the beer, jager, vodka trifecta, I should of been dying.

Monday, October 17, 2005


That really started around Thursday of last week. My sons baby blog is gone, replaced by a darker, more sinister version of the original. Cryptic statements abound, plus the ongoing war between him and a former friend ( who my son is convinced is my beloved anonymous...could be, who knows? It's still fun. ) getting uglier and uglier. Gloom and doom on the horizon. Lack of employment...eviction. I spare the details to maintain privacy...for Kyle and his family. That's right, he has one of those 20 years old, the reality of which I think has fucked with his head some. Suffice to say it wasn't good and I was concerned.
Concerned enough to call my ex...his mom,to reach out and join up forces to go down to his place unannounced on saturday and suss out just exactly what the hell was going on, and to do something together, as his parents. Of the concerned variety. Needless to say, he was stunned to see us together.
Now,regular readers of depthmarker have read things I've written about Kyle's mom and me...In that writing, I've tried to paint an unbiased picture of what happened. I may or may not have been successful in that endeavor, time has a way of clouding things. It went south, I did my stupid shit, she did hers...but the bottom line was and is we love our son, and he spent more than a few years splitting us off from each other ( you know I'm right kid :) ) but that doesn't matter anymore. It's a different scenario.
When you get right down to it, we came together to try to help our son, we are the reason he's here, we are obligated...out of love and devotion and all that other stuff.
So we lined up together and went in as a team.
And a funny thing happened on the way. We had some windshield time, aside from coming up with a plan for this visit, we had a chance to make some small talk, and through that small talk I remembered some of the things that attracted me to her in the first place. Not the romantic lovey shit, but the core person shit. A woman of conviction
and a skilled educator, banging away as a teacher all these years, plying her craft. I had a chance to study the lines in her face, a roadmap of what she's been through in these years since we were last together, and they told a tale of loss and remorse and grief and pain, and hard work. Just like me. And some joy...I'd like to think there was some of that for her too. I've had some.
It was a chance to make some peace, and help our son and his family.
I hope we pulled it off.
No matter what else happens in my circle between now and when I check out, I want my son to be happy, and successful and fufilled.

Friday, October 14, 2005


This afternoon after work, me and Rusty ( my journeyman ) were heading out to the lake to help an electrician friend out on some electrical stuff. The road to the lake is windy and hilly, and unfortunately loaded with traffic because it's a popular place to live. It wasn't always like that, but that's another post. Anyway, we're on this downhill "S" curve right before a major intersection ( RR2222 & 360 for you local readers ) by The county line on the lake, when this service truck coming in the opposite direction ejected a 6 foot ladder from its rack right in front of us. It skipped into the outside lane (we were in the inside) and this toyota truck in that lane locked up his brakes in front of us as the ladder passed under his truck spitting it back across the lanes, and he spun around sideways into our lane no more that 15 feet in front of me, he had wheels in the air and looked liked he might flip over.Here I am in a 3/4 ton service truck going 55mph down a S shaped hill with a 30 degree grade trying to dodge a small truck. He managed to correct after skidding in and out of our lane a couple of more times and roll to a stop on the right of way, and I managed not to hit him. It was a close freaked me out. I said something along the lines of "that was fucking intense, huh"?
And Rusty looked up from his paperwork and said " You wanna turn around and go get that ladder"?
Dammit...and I thought I had nerves of steel.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Baby needs a new pair of shoes
It's mid-October which means there's a chance we'll get our first blast of cold air in the next couple of weeks. Or not, depending on the nature's mood. But when it does happen, it will be time to retire my trusty pair of sandals for something a bit warmer. The problem is I hate wearing shoes. It drives me crazy to have my feet encased in something for 9 hours a day. As a kid, I dealt with this by wearing moccasins. In high school I switched to tennis shoes, but I never liked them much. After I started working in an office I had to settle for sensible pumps which I survived wearing by kicking them off my feet any time I was sitting at my desk. My current job has a very lax dress code which means I could try my hand, er foot, at moccasins again. But since I'm now prone to kick off my shoes when seated at my desk (despite the company email forbidding such practices) I'm undecided about which make and model of moccasins to buy from the huge selection available on the internet. And given the prices, I'm reluctant to buy something I can't try on first, but under no circumstances will I drive around Austin shopping for a pair. So I may just go with the next best thing - houseshoes!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


While the city begins rebuilding efforts, rumors and accusations fly about it's destiny. I hear the left say Bush and corporate america will turn it into a commercial paradise. Swimming ( no pun intended ) in casinos and million dollar townhouses and condominiums. No bid contracts for the cronies! Is the war cry. I hear Bunnypants say rebuild, and little else. Will NOLA be rebuilt faithful to it's past glory? That will never happen. Will it be a loving approximation of what it once was? I can't tell you and he isn't saying one way or the other, but the repeal of the Davis-Bacon act isn't encouraging.
But rest assured, it will never be the same.
Many of those displaced will not return. The basic element that made it the city it was are gone...dead, in surrounding states starting over, or languishing in shelters.Shelters that are reaching the end themselves, many have given notice to their wards who have no place to go, to go.
So...back to the rebuilding. Who are the laborers doing the hard work? According to NPR, the Houston Chronicle and the LA times, wetbacks, I mean "guest workers". Why aren't these people in the shelters doing the work? Rebuilding their city? Because the "guest workers" are doing it, in fact, if you believe reports, they are flocking to the city to do it and the contractors are snatching them up. Why is this happening? If you believe president Fox of Mexico it's because mexicans are willing to do work "black people won't do", and considering most of the folks from NOLA are black, Fox's foot in mouth comment makes sense.
I don't think that's why, not entirely anyway. Almost all of the "guest workers" I've worked with over the years, or even known, were and are hard working people. Six dollars an hour beats the shit out of the pennies a day they made in mexico and central them it's good money. Even before the repeal of the Davis-Bacon act, contractors have taken advantage of "guest workers" for years,they work harder for less and don't complain, compared to the domestic work force...who generally want more for less, are entitled out the ass (because of how they were raised and the society they were raised in), and complain, and fake injuries, and file lawsuits, and the list goes on and on and on.
I'm not saying its right, but if you were a contractor, who would you rather have doing your grunt work, an illegal alien, that even at time and a half, earns less than that american made unskilled laborer that is practically genetically engineered to believe you owe him ( or her ) something?
So, enough on that soapbox...I'm not saying all american bred unskilled laborers are like that, but there's a reason this phenomenon exists, and I think what I said has a lot to do with it. And greed, lets not forget about that. The contractor that pays less in labor cost sees more in profit. And with these "guest workers" pouring across the border hungry for a piece of the "american dream", why give up a slice when you can pass out crumbs?
Back to New Orleans. When the rebuilding is done, how many of these "guest workers" will stay? Will the population change to a small amount of obscenely rich people and a huge population of latinos? What if it does?
Me and another IJ were opining about this today, and based on our conversations I present:


10. Crawfish etouffe now crawfish enchiladas
9.Marde Gras replaced with Dia de los Muertos
8.The main float in the parade will be a giant taco
7.Voodoo replaced by Santaria
6.Hurricane replaced by rocks no salt margarita
5.Street mimes replaced by raggedy children and women pushing cheap gum
4.Boudin now called chorizo
3.Rice and beans somehow not the same
2.Tejano bands playing blues and jazz
1.The mardi gras queens face painted up like a skull and she's wearing a giant sombrero, with dingle balls

Bonus: Locals now called "cajucans"

I loved New Orleans...I'll miss her.
The cost of working
It seems odd to me that we are just as broke now as we were when I didn't have a job at all. Now Rob did earn more money back then and things were a bit cheaper, but it still doesn't seem to add up. Or maybe it does. I had the time back then to really manage the money and I suspect there is some waste going on now simply because I haven't the time or the energy to do things like plan a smart grocery list and look for sales. Still, there's no way I could trim, cut back and or save enough to do away with my job completely. But I can follow through with a promise I made to myself months ago which was if I could find a way to save $10 a day, then I could drop down to 36 hours a week instead of 40. I actually did find those savings. I found them months ago, but I've continued to work 40 hours a week or more. The "savings" went elsewhere, not sure exactly where, but I suppose they are helping to pay the electric bill or buying a better cut of meat for dinner. However, given my stress level lately, I've decided it is time to make good on that promise to myself. Starting this week I'm working 36 hours instead of 40. I'm not entirely sure that working four hours less on the phones per week is going to make me a happier and healthier person, but I figure it can't hurt.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I'm a bit behind the rush on this one, but I find two things interesting about this. Two events headlined in the papers in as many days. First and foremost, the CDC has reconstructed the spanish flu virus from 1918.
In 1918-1919, the so-called Spanish flu killed some 50 million people -- including 675,000 Americans. Most of the victims were healthy people in the prime of life.It was an avian flu.
Secondly, Bunnypants makes a speech about a potential avian flu pandemic, and rambles on about calling in the military to deal with it.
Anybody ever read The Stand by King? Some yahoo at the CDC dropped a petri dish and wa-laa, end of the world as we know it. Is this life imitating art? Does the GOP read King? Well...that's just crazy, so let's stick to what we know...
We've got these people at the CDC reconstructing a virus that killed millions and a retard president talking about a flu pandemic at the same time.
If anybody drops a petri dish, lets hope they drop it in the oval office.
I'm just sayin'.
Time to Relax
I took the weekend off from both job and housework. I did do a bit of physical labor, pulling weeds and prepping the raised bed for carrots and onions since the weather was about as perfect as you can get for that. But mostly, I just lounged around and soaked up the fall weather. It was nice while it lasted, but it only took one day of work and real life to put me back in stressed out mode. So I'll be working on that a bit this week. Less coffee, more herbal tea. Eight hours of sleep. Maybe some yoga in the mornings and warm baths at night. A maybe a few books from the half-price book store for evening reading to help me get to sleep on time.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


It was the first cold snap in October that took him, way back in '92. I can't forget my Buddy. That would be wrong. I love my dogs...Theo, Irene and Sully. But there was only one Buddy...

Still missing you .

I had this scroll saw, it was my dad's. It was a free standing model...craftsman, quite nice,actually. I really had no use for it. Enter this friend of a artist. I gave him the saw because alot of the stuff he was doing was large scale, plywood related art. The deal was he would make me a turtle end table in exchange for the saw.
That was about two years ago. I knew this guy was busy, so I didn't hassle him about the table. I figured he would get around to it when he had the time.
Come to find out the other day this friend of the friend told the recipient of the saw to not worry about following through with my turtle table. That I would "forget about it".
HUH? and WTF?
I have'nt forgotten...I've been being patient...apparently patient like a jack ass. I have no table because this guy thinks my friend can read my fucking mind.
I want my saw back.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Why is it that during katrina and after we could never get a death count? Seemed like nobody knew how many perished...but like 5 minutes after this earthquake in pakistan hit we had a fucking blow by blow? That's all I've heard many it's up to 18000. Funny how these third world countries know how to count bodies and we don't.
You got to wonder about shit like that.

Friday, October 07, 2005


This looked like it might be fun....In a pointy,sock full of woodscrews kind of fun. :)

If money were no object, what would you be doing with your life?

Rescuing turtles...smoking lots of kind bud ( because I could get away with it, cause how difficult could it be to rescue them if money was no option? ) and building the greatest collection of vintage guitars known to man. And snubbing the people who blew me off when money was suddenly an "object".

Money is just that - an object, so why aren't you doing it?

Because the economy sucks.

What's better: horses or cows?

Depends on the height of the stool your using, and your ability to dodge kicks.

What do you think the secret to happiness is?

A warm gun.

When was the last time you had a dream that you either remember well or did not want to awake from?

The day before involved oral sex.

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ice cream soldier from the Sgt. Rock comic books, or...a rock star like Ozzy, until that show on MTV ....Jeez! Oz.... I had your posters on my walls in 73...WTF????

Complete this statement: Love is …

A lifetime commitment, and a bitch, all at the same time, but it's worth it when you finally find the one, and that's where the bitch part comes in...finding the one.

Can you tell a good story? (write one!)

You think? Come on...

Can you remember your last daydream?


If you were to thank someone today, who would you thank?

Sly Stone.

Carry on...


Twenty two indictments could come down the pike anytime now against major players in Bunnypants administration. Who could they be? How will they be divvied up?
Will one person get all 22? 11 and 11? 4 fives and a 2? Who knows? But Gawd Damn! Twenty two indictments on the heels of the DeLay indictments...? I'm in heaven.
The events of this past week have served to galvanize my enduring belief that this administration is criminal and corrupt. I could of told you idiots about Bunny when he was still busy fucking up Texas. Not our guy...never was our guy, unless you got the money. A right bastard that one.
Surrounding himself with minions of his daddies administration the second he took office...picking up right where they left off.
And's looking like they might finally pay for the blood on their hands. From before Iran-Contra to the 6 marines killed today for no reason except the greed of these elitist bastards, the reckoning is just around the corner (we hope). And we also hope it's not too late for the real America.
And watch out for that avian flu...Bunny's "final solution".
"Keep your pecker hard and your powder dry"...King, from Platoon.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time Passages
So this song comes up in the CD shuffle and I start reminiscing about buying Roger Dean posters from Unicorn Gallery and the Frank Frazetta artwork hanging on the walls at Conan's pizza and watching Wizards at the midnight movie and shopping for albums at Inner Sanctum Records. Rob did the same damn things at the same damn time in the same damn town so he knew exactly what I was talking about. Now we didn't hook up together until we were in our thirties, but it seems we've got all the benefits of being high-school sweethearts without any of the actual adolescent trama. And that's pretty damn cool.

Well...yeah, I think so. I renewed my license for another year. I keep showing up. So, yeah...I guess I do. I'm working with the foreman now, I've been waiting for that. To learn the theory behind the mechanics I've been learning for almost two years now. When I first got into this, it was my friend helping me out after I lost my job with a couple of weeks of work to make ends meet...that short call has turned into a regular gig, and now I'm paired with the person who bailed me out and I want to learn from the most. Cool.
I can do this. But I'm conflicted, and I'm forced to come to terms with what I really want.
In no particular order, here's what I really want:
Win the lottery in a big way and travel and go to school just because, you know...take classes just because .
This will most probably never happen...but I can dream.
Be in a working , viable rock and roll band. I was/am in a band. Since 1994...we rock(ed) but I'm 45. Coming in on the twilight just doesn't seem like a viable option. I am a decent singer/songwriter, and have thought about that acoustic route, but can't bring myself to even play my guitars these days, much less write some songs to move you. I write them in my mind, but that's where they stay. I have wanted to be a rock star since I was a kid, but I'm afraid the frost is off the pumpkin on this one.
I need to start writing songs again...I can dream
Get a really big inheritance.
HAHAHAHAHAAAA!Like that will ever happen.
Get back into the psychic wars...NO...Fuck THAT I won't ever do that again, but I am sad that my chosen profession has led to my general hatred of all things adolescent. If I could run a program like I wanted, they would get right, in spite of themselves. But my way is the way of the dinosaur as much as it pisses me off. My way is the right way. The truth. And it seems nobody wants to deal with that anymore. Pity.
So, I have this opportunity. To learn a trade from someone I respect, make a decent living and maybe even have some magic time come my way.
O.K. ... I think I can do that.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

11 months and counting
Eleven months at this job and it doesn't seem like much has changed. I thought by now work might seem less of a daily grind, that I would have adjusted and have a smidgen of energy left at the end of the work day. Instead, I'm still going home exhausted. I'm not sure if this is because my job duties have changed several times and I'm only three months into my current incarnation so I haven't adjusted to the new demands or if it's just the nature of the job or perhaps there is some flaw in my personality. I have to wonder how many, if any, of my coworkers IM-ed their supervisor today asking where the monthly call stats were when they didn't show up in the electronic employee file after the first of the month. Probably not many since most people I've talked to at work don't give a shit what their average talk time is unless it gets them in trouble. I, on the other hand, obsess over my stats and make an effort to improve them each month. Now don't you think that I do this because I assume this effort is going to get me anywhere at my job. I've busted my ass for nothing more than a pink slip at far too many jobs in the past to still harbor the illusion that busting my ass is going to get me anywhere down the road with an employer. I do it because I'm very competitive, though not with others, just with myself. It's why I chose bowling and street racing as my favorite participatory sports as a teenager. Both provided nice hard facts about my individual performance that I could strive to beat the next go around. And I suppose that makes this job suit me in a way I hadn't considered before today. Tomorrow might be another daily grind, but at least it's a grind that I can measure. Though I think I'll still keeping aiming for a long term career goal of beach bum or campground host.

Monday, October 03, 2005

GUESS WHAT?! I'VE BEEN PROMOTED TO A JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN!!!!WHOO-HOO!!! foreman, who is coincidently a longtime friend, decided that since I was his friend and had "been there" for him so many times in the past I was worthy of promotion to journeyman status. Nevermind the fact that I haven't completed 2 of the 5 years required for this promotion...that I am a little knowledge/ a lot of danger in regard to my experience. I mean I can hook wires and breakers up but I have a VERY limited knowledge of how they interact, or the consequences of a bad judgement on my part. But,he's my buddy and he owes me and we just said "fuck all to the protocol".And just as fast as you can say what?, I'm in.
Sound ridiculous? It is. Nobody in their right mind would do such a thing. Especially my foreman. He may be my friend, but he's not an idiot.
And with that I give you Bunnypants latest nominee to the supreme court...retarded drumroll please...

The stuff nightmares are made of...all in one face
Harriet Miers.

Here's Harriet's resume in a nutshell :
* Now this is not automatically a bad thing...but taken into context to the gravity of the situation...a lifetime appointment to the supreme court of the united states where most people are married (at least once) and have children ( at least one) she is far removed from having the life experience you'd think a justice on the supreme court would need to judge a variety of complex issues. Unless your opinion of qualified is a lifetime dedicated to the corporate interests of the republican party as a LITIGATOR...not a JUDGE...ever.
I refer you to this link for details on her history
While our new chief justice Robert's ( A-hole,Facist ) has a paper trail shorter than hirohito's junk, Harriet has no paper trail at all. Her confirmation hearings might as well not be held at all, because it's obvious what's happening here.
And anyone who can argue otherwise, please explain to me how a person who has never been a judge could be nominated to the highest court in the land by her buddy the president, who she represented personally.And explain it in a way that makes sense then let me me rewire your house. You'll be ok...really.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Today was the first saturday I didn't need to get up at the ass crack of dawn and drive Ann to work. And I didn't even have the added bonus of declining the need for wheels and letting her drive herself. She was off today as well. I managed to sleep in till 8 am. This is what I did today....
Got up and had a cup of coffee and a slice of last nights pizza, went back to the bedroom and layed down with Theo and Irene and turned on the TV...found a Law and Order Criminal Intent marathon on the USA network. I like this show.
Started drinking screwdrivers around 10am, and everytime I would emerge from the bedroom to make another I would refill Sullivans kong with a variety of stuff. He was in heaven.
Around noon I switched out the dogs and Sullivan and I had a nap on the bed.
When I woke up the marathon was over and golf was on...ewwww.
I switched over to the sci fi channel and watched "Frankenfish" .... OK, mostly I just spoiled Sully.
I finally got dressed around 8pm and went to the store.
I came home and made tacos and got undressed...boxers and crispy tacos. Daddy like.
I didn't get a thing done all day except relax, give my dogs some undivided attention, and remind myself that the sci-fi channel should stop making original movies, or at least make them for the comedy channel.
Good night.
Now this is funny...