Friday, November 05, 2010

Blink; it's Friday again!
Another week has flown by and with the weather turning colder and windy, I've had a couple of nights of hibernating in my RV which has been wonderful. However today, I decided that I'd had enough of the indoor life and since there was no blustery north wind to contend with, I spent the evening outside grilling sausage and hanging out until temperatures dipped into the low 40's. At that point it was time to go inside and crank up the electric heaters in preparation for the freeze warning tonight. My electric heaters can only raise the temp inside the RV about 20 degrees so I'm in for a bit of a chilly sleep tonight, but I've got warm clothes, good blankets and a big ol' dog that's willing to share body heat when it's cold. I could wimp out and use the propane furnace, but I'm trying to spare myself the expense. For someone who hates to be cold, this is a challenge. Right now, it's a still a balmy 60 degrees inside, but that's going to drop as the night goes on. I'm hoping that later on I will be sleeping, snug as a bug under the covers and not notice.

Something cool happened this week. I'd had a couple of invitations to go camping lately and had been thinking about getting the gear again to be able to do that, but I've hadn't had the extra money to actually buy anything. Then this week an old friend of mine, who I haven't talked to in about 12 years, sent me a message that he still had the camping stuff I'd loaned him and he wanted to give it back. I had completely forgotten about that; this was camping gear that I had before Rob and I got married and one of the few things I took with me when I divorced my first husband. Since Rob had his own camping gear, I didn't mind loaning mine out at the time and promptly forgot that it ever existed. Well, here I am years later wishing for camping stuff and suddenly camping gear appears. I'd say that was a pretty good sign that I should take up my old camping hobby again, eh? It is, after all, one of my favorite things to do and at this point in my life, there's no reason not to take it up again. Theo is a grumpy old dog, but I can board him if it's a group event or take him with me if I'm going solo. Despite protests from the peanut gallery, I used to go camping by myself all the time and never had a problem, even solo without a dog for "protection". In fact, it's probably a good deal safer than an evening out on Sixth Street in Austin and in my option, a hell of a lot more fun (though to each his own.)

Speaking of Theo, he's currently informing me that it's past bedtime and we should go get under the covers before it gets much colder in here. And I agree; see y'all later.