Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I figure food is a safe bet...

I'm on the morale boosting committee at work this month.  It's a rotating position for three people who are charged with decorating the office in general and decorating the cubical or office door of anyone with a birthday that month (on their birthday.) We also coordinate a monthly potluck and come up with games/puzzles/some sort of activity with a prize for the winner.  The only budgeted items are one cake a month for all the birthdays and a couple of gift cards for prizes.  The committee last month set the bar pretty high with lots of activities, tons of decorations brought in from the committee members' personal collections and little Halloween trinkets on our desks in the mornings.  It's going to be a tough act to follow.

Rob donated some fall harvest decorations he found on sale at Walgreen's and I found some red leaf garlands at Dollar Tree, but I'm afraid our office decorations are going to be a bit sparse this month since no one has a personal stash of decorations appropriate for November.  However, I figure with the Thanksgiving holiday falling in this month, I can just make it all about food.  

Tonight I'm making three dozen deviled eggs to take in to work tomorrow morning.  Total cost, if you don't count the time, was under $5.  Items planned for other days are homemade Chex mix, Rob's famous V-8 chili, a big pot of my homemade potato soup, a batch of cookies, maybe some cupcakes and who knows, perhaps  I"ll spend one weekend making bread.  I've got a couple of other easy and cheap dishes up my sleeve, but don't know yet if I want to devote almost every weeknight to cooking.