Thursday, January 22, 2004

I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with various banks, title companies and county agencies trying to figure out where this lien of '77 came from.See:Travels with murphy My last conversation with my loan closer ended like this: Her:"I asked the title company to check again to make sure there wasn't another...pause...there wasn't a mistake made on the first check". "You have to try to be patient".Patient!?Come on! We're headed into day 42 of this god damn nightmare...I have done 90% of the leg work for your (let's all laugh together) "Title Company" and you have the balls to tell me to be patient!???
I wanted to say that,but when your dealing with someone who is going to loan you money,you bite your tongue...almost off today.
She also informed me that if we didn't close by the end of the month,I would have to reapply...all I could muster at that point was..."you've got to be kidding me"...
Depending on who I talked to, I was told the time it would take to resolve this issue was anywhere from a week to a month or more.
I contacted the mortgage company I had paid off and inquired about the release of lien and was told it had been filed and recorded on nov.3,2003.
Now...I asked myself,If the release was filed and recorded by my mortgage company how could the lien from the original mortgage still be on record? It can't is the simple answer.
I called the county office of records and inquired,and sure enough,they had my release of lien on file...not only that, I could get a copy of it...for a dollar. A GOD DAMN DOLLAR!
So, I drove to the records office,and in less than 5 minutes,I had the document in my hands.They also had a bank of computers that were available for public use...AT NO COST! In another 5 minutes,I learned that my property was free of ANY liens...FOR FREE!So,let's recap:
Bank: 41 days and counting...still haven't gotten it right.
Me: 5 min. phone call, 10 minute drive,10 minutes at the records office, 10 minute drive back to the shop...35 minutes to verify a clear title,AND I had the document in my possession.
Not bad for a parts manager whose never worked in a bank,eh?
I faxed the document to my loan closer along with a subtly snarky note and took off my gloves and spit out my mouth guard.
We'll see what happens tomorrow.
"Look OG, I've discovered the wheel"....

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