Friday, January 25, 2008


To different degrees.Irene can place her foot on the plate-container and hold it in place on the floor,while Theo (grumpy old dog) places his foot on the plate-container,but follows it around the house...for example:the spaghetti I gave him tonight started in the kitchen and ended up in the living room.Hey,he's got to give him that.
Sully was a pro at lock the plate - container down to the floor,he was an ace at it,always using his right paw.I miss my boy,but he lives on in Irene and snack time at least.
It's funny really,how I attach so much of who I am to my animals...not just the dogs,but the turtles as well.I love them all.But none as much as my Beenzie.She is 8 years old at least,and I rue the day.
I rue the fucking day.

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