Sunday, January 27, 2008


If there was ever a reason for me to start doing drugs again,this video is it.

Higher than a motherfucker indeed:)
But that's not what I'm writing about tonight.Tonight,I'm rambling.Have a seat...
my girl is sick,really,in the bed full of several medications sick.And I have been doting on little),ginger ale and a humidifier.As the dogs stand guard over her,I make my periodic checks.I don't think I'm being a nuisance.
I went to Borders last night and cashed in a coupon for the Simpson's movie and one that I had been looking for for years-Once were warriors-about ancestors of the Maori .I can't explain it rightfully,it's a painful thing to watch,but you'll better be for doing it.
There's a guy that works there who used to be my clinical supervisor at CLC West,where i was a "milieu coordinator",which is gay ass fancy for team leader...did I mention Mike is gay?See "milieu coordinator"...right.
Anyway,we are almost 20 years away from when we worked together,and it's nice to see him whenever I go in for a book or movie.We have a nice chat and it's nice to know there are people around from back in the day who smile when they see you.
I've lost so much weight that my pants and belts don't fit anymore.My tools pull my pants down at an alarming rate,so I've been wearing some denim bib overalls that Ann bought me years ago for christmas.They don't fall down and are tool friendly.Today,I got a pair of duck overalls at the local Dickies store.Duck pants (and overalls) are wheatstraw in color and very tough.We have several pairs of the pants and they have out lasted every other jean/trouser in our wardrobe.
Finally,I replaced the wall lighting in the bath room and the living room lighting.Not too shabby for an old fart.

Bathroom lighting....

Living room lighting.

Have a good one...If I was a priest - I'd be the priest of god dammit.Love that line...

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