Saturday, August 16, 2003

More internet connection problems
This time it was (and still is) the phone line. No internet connection yesterday meant I had to turn to the cable news networks for information on the blackout. Aside from being a lousy source of information, there were so many commercials that I kept falling asleep during the commercial breaks. I would doze for a while, then invariably wake up in the middle of yet another commercial break only to doze off again. Rob came home from work and carted me off to Maudies (a restaurant) where I drank many large glasses of iced tea in an effort to shake off the TV induced somnolence. This had the advantage of keeping the payday celebration bill a bit lower than normal since iced tea is much cheaper than beer. Once we got back home, I was prepared to become wonderfully informed about the days events only to promptly fall back asleep during the first commercial break despite enough caffeine to give an elephant the jitters. Ah well, at least I know what to do the next time I can't sleep at night.
* posted at the blazing connection speed of 4600 baud *

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