Friday, October 31, 2008


I spent the last part of this week in the basement installing PVC conduit.Fun,but almost impossible to make it look good,thank god I was a former pool nigga so I know some tricks.
Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...if you can call 7am "in".
Annabelles not feeling great so we boycotted the trick or treating tonight.I couldn't be assed with it either,so we left the porch light off-and so far so good,the munchkins are taking the hint.I will deliver a bag of treats across the street for my little pumpkin and her brother tomorrow though.
I did the flyer for the baby shower we're throwing for the kids on the 9th...I don't usually do "cute" so it's kind of rough...

It should be a good time in that family oriented kind of way.Food,music,fun and babies!

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