Friday, October 24, 2008


Just kidding...I couldn't wait for 3:30pm to get here.Work has been an unending slog of climbing up and down 10 and 12 foot ladders installing metal clad cable and twisting up joints (not those kind).When you spend a good portion of the day standing on a ladder it kills your feet.By lunch time I'd be limping around and finally started taking an aleve after morning break with minimal effect.The good news is we are ahead of schedule and in spite of the discomfort I'm really happy to be in the company I'm in-they are good guys and we work together well.
But 2 days off looks really good...
On to my dinner with my first wife...I initially thought it would be on familiar ground for both of us,but it turns out she had gone to another mexican restaurant on Lamar with her sister (Lamar is crawling with them)so my good fortune in regard to strategy turned out to be one sided after all.
50 looks good on her,but 2 things struck me...she still has that sparkle in her eyes and the very same laugh she had when we were young.After a very few awkward minutes the conversation was easy.We caught each other up on ourselves,family,friends etc. and drank a shitload of margs.It was fun.I hesitate to say it was closure,but more of a closing of a chapter in our lives that didn't get dealt with when we split up.
I felt like a circle was finally complete.
There's that circle game shit again :)
Here's the funny part (to me anyway)...our waiter was max attentive,and at one point late in the evening while C was in the bathroom he came by and asked how we were doing.I remarked that we were fine and then shared with him the fact that we had been married but hadn't seen one another in 28 years.He gave me that Monty Python nudge nudge wink wink look and said "well,good luck with that dude".
I let it go for what it was and laughed.

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