Thursday, October 09, 2008


There seems to be an explosion of children of late around here,as I write,the neighbors great grand kids are playing hide and seek with some other neighborhood kids,and the playing field includes parts of our front yard.We can hear them counting off and shrieking in joy.
Yesterday,the Cul de Sac across the street was jam packed with kids playing stick ball (I think).There were parents out watching from their front lawns.
Now,there was a time when I would be outside waving my fist around like a grumpy old man screaming the age old "you darn kids get offa my lawn"!That was before my own grandkids.They have cured me of my hatred of most children.
The fact of the matter is,these kids have been here,they are just old enough now to come out and play with each other.The wheel has just turned to this point in time and we are witness to it.The days of a quiet neighborhood are over-they have come out.
And you know what? I don't mind.
There is a little girl across the street,who, for some reason,really likes me.When I come home from work-if she is outside,she greets me with a giant "Hi Robbie"! and an enthusiastic wave.Her dad and I are friendly neighbors so she's had some interaction with me.She also knows I play guitar.She got a beginner guitar last christmas which sadly,has already bitten the dust.When I learned that,I dug out an old acoustic that has been sitting idle for YEARS-cleaned it up and gave it to her with the promise of giving her lessons.I'm looking forward to that-that guitar is almost as big as she is!But if I can foster the love of music to anyone I am happy to do it.
Just doing my part for the neighborhood I guess.
I might add that she is only the third person ever allowed to call me Robbie.The first being my mom,the second being my dear friend Lisa.
Bottom line is,I like what's going on around here.It still feels like home,only noisier and more carefree.

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