Friday, October 10, 2008


Well,I'm off to a different job site starting Monday, and while I won't miss the commute I will miss the crew on that job.Most of the guys that I started this adventure with are there,as is the foreman that first taught me the trade and the foreman I've worked with the most.
It was cool riding in with Don this week, it gave us a chance to catch up.That's one cool motherfucker.
The job I'm going to is manned by people I've worked with for a long time as well,some of them culled from this last job and the project manager is a foreman I worked for several times as well.Basically,it's a hand picked crew and I have some pride for being included.
Ann and I have been talking about rearranging the front of the house for a while now and part of that plan involved moving my desk to a new spot.Well, Ann was off today and moved my desk.The monumental task being cleaning it off!Observe the results...
Have a great weekend!

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