Wednesday, October 29, 2008


But it is little Friday-payday for us union electricians,so I'll suck it up and go on in and give it my best.
I've decided I want portraits of the dogs in intimate settings...while that might sound strange,it's important to me to have images of my dogs that show the love.Here's the first one of Irene in the pocket.I started saying that when she first started curling up in the crook years ago.She loves it and I do too.It's a pet fest for her and she frequently will sleep in the pocket all night long.
To have something-someone really love you that much is nothing short of amazing to me...The peace she provides me when she is in my presence is god sent.
I am no stranger to violence...I lived with it coming up and I dealt with it in the extreme in my time as a social worker.While time has taken the edge off,make no mistake,I am still capable of it-in fact,I am good at it.Fuck with me and see what won't like it,trust me.But that is a very small part of what I am,but it's there and still very much alive.I am not afraid of anything.
I had a big kid threatening me in my office once a long time ago and I said to him "You know,I've seen a lot of scary things in my life and you don't scare want to talk-talk.If not,get the fuck out of my office...he gave me hard looks for a minute then stormed out.He was back in 10 minutes time-and we talked.It was an affirmation of my calling in those days,I didn't get shanked and I helped in some way...but I'd still rather be in the pocket.

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