Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My son called me yesterday with dire news...his stepfather was involved in a single vehicle roll over and seriously injured.That's all you need to know about that.In the bigger picture it's really none of my business and by extension, none of yours.But shit is what it is,and these bare facts are important to the rest of this.
My son has been thrust into a crisis...and while he is not the only support available to his Mom,he is an important one.And based on my conversations with him he is rising up to the challenge.He is my conduit for information regarding his mom and this is a big deal to me.There was no love lost when we split up,but she still means a lot to me and I am still connected.But enough about me for a change.My son is manning up and hanging in there for his family.I don't know where he got the where with all and I don't really care right now.I just know that I am proud of him.Juggling all the challenges he's already facing and then stepping up to this.He's got the balance.
They all are on my mind and in my thoughts.
I talked to my niece today right after lunch-I was sitting on a box of fittings by the gang boxes...I had called her with a question a week or so ago and she was just getting back to me.It was about her wanting babies.There was a cross communication about it,and she somehow got the impression I thought it was a bad idea.I think it's an amazing idea-they would be beautiful babies,and if it's a boy,she better include my name in there somewhere!While you might think this would be an awkward conversation,we cleared it up right away and it was all good.I know that our overlap when she was not doing so well and I was a social worker had a lot to do with that,plus the fact that I've been a part of her life for all of her life made that possible.I was 20 years old when she was born for crying out loud.
She shared her progress with the skulls I sent her recently and shared plans for her right arm sleeve.It was a short call while I was at work...I normally talk to her on my porch on the weekends.But I had a smile on my face when I got off the phone and the afternoon went by faster as I thought about her dad fucking with me about her tats.It's really not my fault-really-HA!I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again...if I could have had a daughter,it would be her.And I'm sure Kyle would have no problem with Wen as a sister.
Speaking of family-I was at the bank downtown last week and ran into her brother...also heavily tattooed-sorry Bill :).He's followed a similar path to Kyle...and me really,got to go over fools hill to see the light,and things are going well for him now-I hope it stays that way.We were not as close as Wen and me for obvious reasons,but he still holds a special place in my heart.
We've all been through a lot,but here we are.Still connected.
That means the world to me.

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