Saturday, October 11, 2008


I look at that scar by theo's left eye and I remember one of the fights he had with Sully.Both times they happened I wasn't here and Annabelle had to deal.They bit her both times...on the stomach and the thumb and on the fuck you finger.
When I got home there was blood spatter everywhere,furniture was turned over,things were broken.It was war.
Since Sully died - and god rest his guts- things have been ultra mellow around here.
Theo and Irene are like peas and carrots.
Dogs are interesting this house I am the alpha...Ann is my second and then it's Theo and Irene.We all accept that order.
But lately,I've had the itch to shake things up,bring in some new blood.
Nah...not until Theo passes anyway.
That would be another mistake...but you can be sure,whoever it is will be black.

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