Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Annabelle warned me she would be snoring tonight and she was right.I went to bed and had Theo snuggle up with me and I'm laying there on my back with Theo in the crook of my left arm with us making the grunty noises that we make with each other and there's Ann-honking away...poor thing with her allegies.I usually have the TV on as a distraction but tonight I just wanted to lay in the dark and listen to the roar in my head and think about stuff.
I write a lot about Irene,but not so much about Theo...I guess he's my secret dog.Actually he's Ann's dog,very much a mama's boy,but over the years he and I have formed a bond...mostly we snuggle...and by that I mean we lay beside each other and spoon.He is an enormous dog...when he's stretched out he's taller than me.He rolls over on his back and presents himself and lets out the biggest sighs and pushes into me like he loves me so much.I am like another dog to him and I'm cool with that.He's looking at me now with that lets go back to bed look.He gives me a "boof" and I'm like what Theo...are you ready to go back to bed? And Ann...who is also awake now says no,that's his outside bark,and sure enough,he needed to go pee.
So now he's back in and we are going back to bed.
It's amazing to me the connections you make with a dog after 13 years...it's like Theo has transcended dog and is human to me.
I pal around with Irene,and don't get me wrong,I love her with all my heart...but Theo is home and hearth.
And heart.

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