Tuesday, October 21, 2008

28 years is a long time

That's longer than my son has been on the planet...which makes sense,since I was married to her before I was married to Kyle's mom.What's important here is we haven't seen each other in 28 years.
And tomorrow,we will be face to face after 28 years.I'm a bit nervous...but doing the things I've been doing for those 28 years I think I can handle it with grace. I can't wait to lay eyes on her and talk about those 28 years.
Divorce is an interesting thing...when we split up it was quick and clean (our youth no doubt had a hand in that)when Kyle's mom and I split it was contentious with years of animosity until circumstances mandated that we line up together for the sake of the child we both love.And now that said child is a man with a family, it is his family that bonds us and allows my fond memories to emerge of our time together.
Ugly things happen but they don't have a half life unless you allow them to.
28 years is a lifetime,and that we are here on this plane and in contact is amazing to me.
I don't take relationships lightly...these people are important to me.
I'm still nervous though...go figure.28 years...dammit.
At least I'm not bald and fat.

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