Thursday, June 17, 2004


We're done with the reno except for the punch list stuff, most of which happened this afternoon.My sub came by this after and, after the punch list stuff was done...put the bottom trim down, re-attach the sliding burglar bar thing in front of the sliding glass door...put the corner trim an Ann's metal magnet wall, he gave me an update that curled my hair.
The following events have occurred over the past week.
One of my subs main guys...the king of sheetrock and an all around likeable kid who was here from the demo to the first round of inspections is dead. From a drug overdose. Seems he died in some hotel somewhere after he shot up too much speed. I had no idea he did that shit, my experience with him was he was a nice kid and a hard worker who knew his shit. And now he's dead.
Another guy that worked here (bear with me) had two houses, one where he lived and one where he apparently had quite the drug operation going. Yesterday, he rolled up to his drug operation house with a friend. Friend's truck caught on fire for some unknown reason in the driveway. A neighbor called the fire department when he observed them unsuccessfully trying to put the truck out and then came out to let them know that he had done this great deed.
They bailed in another car before the FD arrived. When the FD arrived the truck was still burning and threatening the carport roof.In securing the scene the FD broke out a window,revealing a large amount of weed drying out on the front room floor.Further investigation exposed the rest of the operation. That guy is a fugitive now.
And finally, the electrician who did our new drop and service heard today that a longtime friend and coworker was diagnosed with brain cancer and has six weeks to live.
This messed with my mind.Beyond the fact that they were all somehow connected to me and Ann,it got me to thinking about how lucky I have been in my life.
Sure, I've had my share of tradgedies and fuck arounds. But when it all washes out at the end of the day, I have had what can be best described as a charmed life, swinging out of the grasp of the jaws of doom and defeat on more than one occasion and living to tell about it, often in close proximity of those very blood thirsty jaws.
I have been writing here about my life, a lot of it involves drug and alcohol use and the ensuing adventures. You could even say that this use has nuanced almost every moment of my life since I was 12 years old.
I'm not trying to romanticize the lifestyle here, I'm just telling my story ( I'm still not sure why I'm even doing it,but I am).The point is that news like this reminds me of how charmed I am.And fills me with a sadness for those who did'nt have "pretty boy's luck"** .
**Find and watch 84Charlie MoPic. If you've already seen it, you know what I'm talking about.
I'm up late and by all means shouldn't be. I built a fence today and I should be exhausted, but my head is swimming as I try to wrap it around this horrible news.

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