Thursday, April 08, 2004


While the crew was removing more sheetrock from our ceiling today, a box fell out of the attic and onto the floor. Out of this box spilled years of old spin magazines. This isn't the manna...mixed in with the spin were 9 spiral notebooks, the staff communication logs from the crisis intervention team I worked on in the late '80's.
I have been reading down memory lane tonight! The serious harrowing stuff was reserved for the official record (I have a summers worth of these somewhere else) these books are day to day communication regarding patient issues, bitching about the cleanliness of the office, cartoons,top ten lists," build a story" stories and other misc. items.
I had dinner with an old soldier from those days last night and we couldn't remember what betadine was called (it's betadine,btw) and I said "I'm trying to remember that song me and Mark Dorsey(God rest his soul) wrote about's called...uhhh...uhhh , and we both said at once "BETADINE"!
So without further introduction, an entry from the CSO comm log for 8-88 to 10-88:

(sung to the tune of "Come ye thankful people come")

Come to thee se-curity room and hear thy tales of gloom and doom
And if the troubled we restrain-we'll wash thy troubles down the drain
We'll rub and scrub the sun do shine
Thanks to our St. Betadine
Come gather 'round the hallowed shrine- to bathe our sins in betadine
It kills those germs that make us ill
Provide our soap St. Rocky will
If we contact open sores - Ol' betadine will even the score
So gather 'round our sink and shrine
And wash your sins in betadine

Mark and I made this up on the spot, singing it aloud while washing our hands and forearms together over the sink in the staff bathroom after a particularly intense and bloody restraint, complete with chants and everything.

Those were heady intense times, but these notebooks are filled with the musings of a team that really cared about what we were doing and each other. And besides, we thought we were pretty damned funny.

The reno continues, but alas my computer has taken a dump (I post this from Ann's laptop) so I can't upload any new pictures tonight.Maybe tomorrow.
I have this grin locked on my face...Cris, if you read this, you know what I mean.:)

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