Friday, January 30, 2009


That's what this job is's the pre punch list punch list of detail type tasks and scrambling to fix things that are wrong or have been overlooked.Needless to say, the owners didn't get the key'll be awhile and it's every trades "fault".Except for the HVAC guys...they bailed yesterday at lunch.But you can be sure , they will be back.
There have been eight revised prints , so some of the onus falls on the architects and engineers (not that they'll ever admit it).
I spent the day trimming out recessed lighting of them was missing an essential bracket so I had to make one out of found material , of course most of the material that I needed has long since been removed from the site but I managed to cobble together something that worked out actually better than the original missing part.At the end of the day a box with an extra complete unit was found.So while I wasted my time I gained improvisational experience points if it happens again (and it will). I also installed receptacle people install the receptacles themselves and some are too far into the wall - some are too far out...they are mostly crooked and what would seem a mindless easy task becomes an exercise in geometry.Some lack needed spacers and move around too much.It sucks.From my experience there is one way to install a receptacle...the right way - once.
We are working tomorrow (ka-ching!)I welcome the overtime even though it bites into the weekend.$$$...need it.
Annabelle suggested pinwheel flank steaks with spinach and feta cheese with baked potato.I thought it was such a good idea I baked the potatoes twice with cheddar cheese and sour cream.I love my food processor.I also got some honey wheat dinner rolls to go with the gravy we don't need for the potatoes anymore since I got all crazy with them.I found a bad ass spoon rest that was marked down to 98 cents and some cool dinner plates for 2.99 tonight.The spoon rest is doubling as a flatware rest for camera purposes.

What did you have for dinner tonight?
Have a good weekend...

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