Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Onward through the Fog
Brain Fog, Fuzzy Thinking, Memory Loss - call it what you will, but so far it's been the most annoying aspect of whatever is going on with me. Multitasking used to be my specialty, but these days I have trouble doing just one thing, much less many things at once.

I'll give you an example. This morning I was going to make myself some scrambled eggs for breakfast. I got the eggs out of the refrigerator, lit the stove and set the butter in the pan to melt while I got a bowl out of the cabinet. I set the bowl on the counter and turned around to get the eggs (which were on the other counter next to the stove) and promptly cracked the eggs into the pan and made fried eggs instead. Now, I didn't consciously decide to make fried eggs, it just happened. Later, after the eggs were cooked and eaten, I headed back into the kitchen to wash the plate when I noticed the bowl on the counter and wondered why it was there. It took me a while, but I did eventually remember that I was going to make scrambled eggs. Of course, in this situation, it didn't matter where the eggs were fried or scrambled, it was still breakfast.

Something tells me there's a good metaphor in that story if I could only concentrate on it. But I can't so I think I'll go do whatever it is I was thinking about doing earlier... it involved something to do with the bedroom... laundry perhaps?

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