Saturday, January 03, 2009


This is where I've been for a solid (almost) week , and they have been by my side the whole time.Except for the couple of days that Theo's hips hurt so bad he cried a lot and couldn't get on the bed.Even then he was at the foot or the side of the bed.
Bod commented on the time capsule picture , wondering when it was time to dig it up. I decided that it was time today. So I packed a shovel in the car and drove over there. The main building is an architect firm and the out buildings are leased out to other businesses. I haven't been on this property since they shut us down in '94.
I figured no one would be home , but there were some graphics designers there occupying the side of the duplex where my favorite primary kid stayed.I told him the story and showed him the picture.There was this stick protruding from the ground for no real reason and after we looked at the picture it appeared to be close to the spot where I was driving the shovel. Go ahead and dig they said.
I wasn't the spot-or I didn't dig down deep enough.But as I was digging I was looking around and remembering those days, those kids, that team.
I shared some stories with those guys and directed them under the stairs in the main house to some graffiti my primary and I left there all those years ago in her safe place.
Maybe I did dig deep enough after all.
Somebody else should find that capsule...not me.

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