Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I fell easily back into the groove after the first day...I mean , driving a shovel beats being at home in pain any day , right?
I've been working up on ladders since going back which plays hell on my feet but I just keep rotating those boots.
It's been colder here of late and I've been digging that.
As this job winds down it's hard to justify the 14 guys on the crew...I can see it happening , material and equipment getting taken off sight , pre punch list stuff in the works...I've seen it before on countless jobs and what follows is lay offs.
I have made the cut so far so we'll see what happens tomorrow.
While I would prefer to keep working I haven't had a real break in a long time. If I get laid off I will go to the hall and sign the books and draw unemployment until I get a call.
That potential reality used to send me into a panic , but , for some reason I'm cool with it. I'm much cooler with staying on with my current contractor , but I've been with them from the beginning - a real feat in this trade.
I haven't said anything about Annabelle's recent difficulties and I won't now except to say that it's disconcerting to watch someone so vibrant and capable slowly begin to unravel. I don't know what's going on - and being a person who lives to know what's going on - it's not easy to watch that happen and not have a solution for it.
Time will tell I guess , and in the meantime I will be here , just like always. It's the least I can do.
I'll let you know if I make the cut tomorrow...

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