Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have spent the last 2 days installing cut in switch boxes and running flexible conduit up inside finished walls above the ceiling grid where they terminate in surface mounted boxes.Three rooms that have to be tied together and then terminate at the panel on the same circuit.These 3 rooms somehow got forgotten for the rough in...when there was no sheet rock on the studs and the ceilings were open.
How did this happen ? I don't know...it's on the print. Yet somehow it was overlooked.
Now , while some might find this situation annoying , I do not.
It's like navigating a maze. The cut in boxes etc. are pretty straight forward , but the tying in is a challenge what with so many things in the way.
I'll button this little project up by lunch tomorrow and these rooms will have lighting (2x4 lay in fixtures)-still have to install those- that operate by occupancy sensors.And then it's off to the next mission.
They expect us to turn over the job to the owners in 7 days time...we'll see. No lay offs (allegedly)in the immediate future. We'll see about that as well.
I'll get my first full check since right before Christmas this Thursday and Annabelle and I can begin to catch up.Whew to that.

I almost forgot...we have a new President and first lady...look at them.
Awesome innit?
Someone to wash away the obscenities of the last 8 years...someone who can complete a coherent thought...someone who has our interests at heart. And someone who clearly loves his partner.What more could you ask for?

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