Saturday, January 24, 2009


I watched The Outlaw Josey Wales for probably the bajillionth time tonight. I love westerns and I especially love westerns with Clint in them. He directed this one in the twilight of the big screen western and had to fight to get it made. Good on him.
It's a great story with good casting and all the elements of a great revenge / redemption film. "Your words of death have do your words of life"..."I reckon"
And this on the heels of Tombstone...Val Kilmer has never been better..."I'm yer huckleberry"...I love that line and try to use it whenever possible.And Dana Delaney is smoking hot...what a beautiful woman she is.
I would have liked to live in those days.
But instead I did electrical work today...ladder intensive stuff again ,being it was a Saturday it was more relaxed.No hard hat and the sheet rockers were blasting that horrible Mexican pop music from their shitty boom boxes and in protest I walked around singing "Chingaaaa! Chinga tu madre putaaaaa!* I'm yer motherfucking Chinga dero"!(*Mother fucking whore) They didn't like that very much and after some sideways comments to my crew (Much more of this shit and I'm gonna run out into the's bad enough we have to be here on a Saturday , but to have to endure this bullshit music is a bit much ) in earshot of the offenders they finally turned it off.
If we work next Saturday I'm bringing my box and sharing The Jesus Lizard with them.
So I only get one day of rest this weekend , but I made a half a weeks pay in 8 hours and it went by fast.
I guess I can't complain...
Enjoy your Sunday.:)

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