Saturday, January 10, 2009


The next dog I get I'm going to train him or her to scare children...not to bite them or anything , just menace them on command.
Let me explain...
I have these neighbors who have a son my age only he's a bigger loser than me.He had kids who ended up being raised by his parents because he was in jail or off being a crack head or whatever.They grew up to have kids who are being raised by the now great grandparents. (I've lived here for a LONG time.)
These kids are fucking feral and they are relegated to the yard on a daily basis for hours at a time where they scream and yell and howl and basically make our lives miserable.There is virtually no adult supervision.
I have been biting my tongue because for a period of time our band tormented them with our own version of screaming and yelling and howling and they were cool with it.
But enough is fucking enough.
Tonight the children were in a truck in the driveway yelling and screaming and honking the horn...nary an "adult" to be seen.
I lost it.
I went outside and yelled at the top of my lungs- "HEY!That's ENOUGH...CHILL the FUCK OUT!"
They just honked the horn some more.A clear indication that the adults in their lives are worthless when it comes to I followed that up with "I'm serious you FUCKING BRATS!"
And lo and behold they complied...You see , when the adults do intervene with these monkeys it's in the form of profanity , verbal abuse and threats...we've heard it-many times over.
So that's why I want a menacing on command who bites only when I tell them to...

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