Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to work?
I went back to work Tuesday having managed to wrangle a temporary modified workload with less multitasking and fewer supervisor calls. This has restored my confidence in my ability to do a job of some sort and provided some desperately needed income, but today I was reminded just how much this particular job sucks. I was talking to an angry, profanity spewing customer that would not accept that fact that he was talking to the wrong department and I suppose I could have listened to his tirade for an hour if I hadn't finally broken the rules and hung up on him. There is no way I get paid enough to keep talking to a man that has just said, "Fuck you, you fucking useless fuck." Actually, I don't think anyone gets paid enough to stay engaged in that sort of conversation and while this example is at the extreme end of things, truth is that most calls are pretty much the same as this one if you take the profanity out of the conversation.

Man, I have got to find some other way to make a living. So far, applying for other jobs isn't working. And temp work doesn't seem to be the answer either since I keep getting told by the temp agencies that they have nothing for me other than another call center job. Eeeech.

I need to find a different approach and I just got an email that there's a coffee shop in a nearby neighborhood that is under new management. I'm thinking about stopping by tomorrow afternoon to check it out. Maybe if the "vibe" is right, I'll ask if they are hiring for that early morning shift that the college students never seem to want to work. Who knows, could be the perfect job considering how much I love coffee, breakfast and customers. Well, unless the customers are screaming at me over the phone - then I don't love them so much.

P.S. The coffee shop's sign is lime green... people that know me will understand...

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