Saturday, January 31, 2009


I don't usually post about this sort of thing but it's been eating at me for a while now and quite frankly my feelings are a bit bruised. I made this CD and sent out copies to several people who are important to me - some more than others and they are important for different reasons. And I have heard feedback from exactly one of those people.I'm not trying to be a crybaby and this is not a general indictment...I know people are busy with life and the terrain they are deployed on , but there is one in particular that puzzles me.
Back in the day (and this is way back in the day) we fostered her aspirations and went out of our way to encourage her...we recorded her first demo here at Club Spit and she has gone on to enjoy more success than we have and while that's all good...Oh fuck it...I really don't care when you get down to it.I'm at work on the next one and will keep plugging away until I can't plug anymore...but it still sucks to feel like a footnote to someone you love.
I knew I couldn't do this kind of post and I will never do one again.Promise.

I'm working on a new song that involves the kick drum to help me keep time and add some's the set up...

And I made dinner...Garlic and ginger infused shoulder roast with brown rice and dinner rolls with brown gravy...and a cucumber salad with roasted garlic and sour cream...I also cut the fuck out of my left index finger pulling one of those bowls out of the sink...caught a knife blade , go figure.

EGO diligo ut crustulum quod planto music

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