Sunday, January 04, 2009

I have an engraver...and I did this to a perfectly helpless chrome zippo lighter...I got done with that first cross bone and said "fuck it".Annabelle says it's cute...I say otherwise.
Have I said I love the Band of Horses ? They rule. A patchwork of my life if there ever was one.
I have been a lot of things in my life and I have seen some amazing things - believe me.
But today was a killer...The other day LT dropped off a VCR tape of the baby shower.I thought we had a VCR around here somewhere, but I apparently shot it full of holes and tossed it out.They don't make them the stores I went to anyway.Much to the amusement to the sales staff I asked if one existed and they looked at me like I asked for a unicorn.
But old friends come through.I called Al to give him my new number and asked "Do you by any chance have a VCR"? He said yes.And he gave it to me (as opposed to a lend) and he brought it to me.Man...I am lucky to have such good friends...
So...anyway-within the hour I had a brand new VCR with which to watch the tape.
And watch it I did...grand babies dancing around chewing on our mics-pounding on the drums...little rock stars.
I was hypnotized...grainy VCR memories...McKenzie on my lap playing my ASAT.
A kiss and a hug.
And this film plays on...people close to me coming in and out of the frame, my son...his band Annabelle.
Frozen in time.
It was a moment.
A moment in time dedicated to love.
Have I mentioned Band of Horses? Seriously...check them out.

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