Friday, January 16, 2009


Irene was not her usual self this evening...moving slowly and while she went for her ride she walked slowly straight to the car and crawled in rather than making laps around the yard and jumping into the car on command.She sat differently in the seat and had a troubled look on her face the whole time.She didn't react excitedly when we approached the house on the way back.She showed no interest in a second bonus ride (!?).So I went alone :(.
Stuff like this really messes with brings up all kinds of bad memories of dogs lost.Needless to say , I am very attached to her and the thought of her being ill worries me to no end.But...her nose is cold and she has an appetite.She is also 8 years old and fell out of a tree a while back.Yeah , I know...stupid dad and his camera.
It's been steady cold for a few days and damp today to boot.Poor baby is just sore.I examined her with gentle hand pressure and she winced when I got mid way down her back.
So , there it is-I hope.
You can be sure I will be watching her like a hawk this weekend.It's suppose to warm up tomorrow as well...
I burned through 150 ft of metal clad cable today running the control circuit for 4 safety disconnects for exhaust fans.The disconnects are ceiling mounted and weigh in excess of 30 pounds...mounting them was a real treat.They were located in the four corners of the kitchen and had to be tied together on the same circuit.The whole day on various ladders cramming myself into impossibly tight spots navigating around a maze of HVAC stuff , fire protection stuff and data stuff. It took all day and I still need to button it up on Monday.I'm pleased with how it turned out and I got this bonus Arc flash hazard sticker...actually 2-one for the hard hat and one for my guitar.That poor stick figure guy-always getting electrocuted , blown up or falling off a ladder.:)

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