Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I went back to work today and when it was over I was exhausted.I haven't been on my feet (or in boots for that matter) for 8 hours in over a week. The crew was glad to see me , and that experience always amazes me..."they missed me , wow".
After the handshakes and the questions it was off to a change order project that involved lots of high work and ladder time...throw me right back into it.
The physical plant has changed a lot as well...where there was once dirt is now grass, the pavilion is full of pave stones.The changes were dramatic...this job is winding down.
For lunch I went to Flacos with Ricky Ricardo...Since I'm on soft foods I decided to try the menudo...big mistake.That stuff smells like shit but tastes good , but my brain could not over ride the shit is made from stomach lining after all...from the taste. I will NEVER eat that shit again...nor did I finish a third of that bowl of cow bowel...ugh.
Very nasty.
I spent most of the evening in bed with Annabelle and the doggies...I could get used to this.
And considering there is another round of lay offs slated for tomorrow it may be unemployment time...

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