Friday, January 16, 2009

Out of Sorts
I have decided not to go by the coffee shop tonight because not only is it friggin' cold outside (cold, that is, for these parts of the country) but also nothing has gone right for me since I came home from work. Including computer stuff which usually works for me even when it won't work for anyone else. And with the latest addition of almost having a head-on collision with a crazed driver, I've decided I'm staying put at the house with a cup of hot chocolate that I'm going to top off with some Crown Royal whiskey. I may even drink three cups at this rate because I am cold and frustrated and what could go wrong with hot chocolate and whiskey - don't anwer that.

I can't play my on-line game tonight (my account is fubar which is part of the previous mentioned computer woes) and Friday night TV sucks even for those who do like to watch TV (and I'm not one of them. ) I decided to work on the floor plan of that office complex I want to build someday, but I couldn't get the architecture program to work. I can sort of build it in the Sims 2 game or at least have a little fun with the concept, but that game won't load either. Sigh. Guess it's back to good old paper and pencil. At the rate I'm divesting myself of technology, I'll be doing cave drawings with charcoal in a month from now.

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