Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day Blues
Once again it didn't work out. For 2007 Rob claimed Married -Zero and I claimed Married -Zero plus $25/check (which is an extra $600 bucks a year) and we still ended up owing over $500 bucks when all was said and done. Crap. The extra $25 a check worked for us last year, but what the fuck was the difference this year? I have no idea. The cumulative effect of this over the years has us owing enough to the IRS in interest and penalties for it to almost be worthwhile to high-tail it to Mexico. We have been stuck in some shit-ass tax mess for years and I'm sick of it. One year we are fine, the next year we are fucked and the only thing that changes are the god-damned tax tables the IRS gives our employers to use. Grrr.....

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