Saturday, March 14, 2009


A friend of mines attic has been invaded by racoons...he trapped one and thinks the rest are gone...they have done some damage to his wiring and I'm going to check it out.
The thought of popping my head into an attic only to be leapt upon by an irate coon gnawing angrily at my ears is not appealing , so I will climb into his attic with this...and a bright beam flashlight...
a walther pellet pistol.Co2 powered 8 shot semi automatic pistol just in case.He trapped one and believes the others have left but will leave it to me to find out and correct the damage...thanks.
I love raccoons...they are my favorite animals after dogs but I will not be assaulted on a mission to help out a friend...and I'm sure you can't deter an angry coon with harsh language...hence the pistol.
This will all be stay could be interesting.

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