Monday, March 16, 2009


There were 2 short calls (temporary)today for journeyman and 157 names on the books.I got my unemployment debit card in the mail today and filed for my second round of benefits.
There's just something demeaning about this situation. I know it's mostly out of my control and I just have to ride it out. Life is hard sometimes. But god damn...I'm not used to this.
I worry about stupid shit...losing our home is high on that list. That's not even a remote possibility right now , but I am quick to jump to the worst case scenario.
Waiting to hear from the hall is a grind. I check the job board every morning and go to the hall once a week to check in. Then I fill my days with dogs and shitty TV.
I'm going to get out early tomorrow morning and try to be productive...go to the hall , network with friends and work on the rodeo.

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