Sunday, March 01, 2009


My dear blog friend Blue witch (she laughed at me once...ONCE) posts a question every Friday and the subjects vary far and wide and they are almost always interesting but sometimes are eurocentric.That is to say they do not apply to life here in Texas.
The latest question is regarding people that show up on your door step selling something , whether it be insurance or cable TV or religion.
Those uninvited miscreants selling magazine subscriptions so they may travel to Spain or the south of France or go to medical school and become a doctor based on you buying subscriptions to magazines or agreeing to the application of siding to your home that will give you pancreatic cancer in 15 years.
I like BW's Friday questions but this one got my ire up.
Back in the day , when I was young my mum and me would hide away from the windows when the local jomocha...I mean jojoba...I mean jehova witnesses would show up at our home to expound the joys of a religion that would let a child die before they would allow a transfusion . They would knock and knock and then leave watchtower pamphlets on the porch before leaving. Mom and I would laugh and laugh about this. This is one of the things I miss most about my mom...she was a no bullshit person.A hard scrabble miners daughter from the north of England.Sensible and hard as nails - not someone to be fucked with.You did not fuck with Maureen.
And she passed that on to me...I have resisted the nature of who I am for years.Giving people the benefit of the doubt , much like my mom her peril sometimes.She was a hellion to be dealt with but if she sensed a need in you she was there. And I am my Mothers son.
With all of that said...
I have found the best way to deter a nuisance at your door is to rack a 12 gauge shotgun from the other side of that every time.
Trust me.
On an unrelated note...I've been gathering up my shit to go on my trip and plan to leave tomorrow evening...I still have to find uncle henry , but I think I know where he is...originally Ann was gonna drop me off but I'm taking the rodeo so i can take my guitar and have a place where I can lock up the valuable stuff while Beenz and I are discovering ourselves...OK...while Beenz and I are discovering me.Shes's a fucking dog for christs sake...she knows what she is.
Me on the other hand...well , we'll see how that turns out.
See you in a week.

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