Saturday, March 28, 2009

I was eating lunch today at McDonald's when two people came in and walked by my table on the way to the counter to place their order. I was reading a book so I only barely saw their torsos go by, yet I immediately got the feeling that these two were trouble and that I should leave. I looked up, but they had already gone around the corner out of my sight. I thought it was odd to get that feeling since I hadn't really seen much of them and they hadn't said a word at all or done anything to generate such a strong reaction, yet the feeling was unmistakable. And sure enough, five minutes later, from around the corner I heard a foul-mouthed verbal altercation with the McDonald's staff. I suppose they got their order since they came back around the corner and sat down one table away from me and at this point I could have taken a look at them, but I didn't bother. I just packed up my burger and left. There was no way I was staying there with those kinds of strong vibes floating around even if they had looked "squeaky clean". Now it's not odd for me to pick up a "vibe" about someone, but it usually happens because of some mannerism or something they say or some sort of clue. But in this case, it came from nothing tangible. Strange.

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