Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I got the Rodeo registered today...which it has not been since March of '07.It has not been inspected since June of '06 - that's next.
I got a line on a floor jack to do the brakes so I have that to look forward to over the next couple of days.
The dude at the DMV was looking me all up and down about the amount of time it's been unregistered wondering if I had been driving it. No , I said and fed him some half truth about it being down and the wife and I carpooling , but now I need a vehicle of my own...yada yada yada.He asked if I had gotten any tickets for expired registration. No sir I have not...which is true and some kind of miracle that I drove around in this vehicle and never got a ticket for something so fucking obvious.
I also was given new plates...great I think to myself , now I have to memorize a new plate. Why in the world that's important to me is anybody's guess but it is.
So I get home and I'm installing the plates and my neighbor comes over and I share with him my disdain for having to memorize new plates and he say's "What's the problem man...that's almost your name dude". Which is when the plate number actually registers...damn! He's right. Instant memory chip installed.

Brakes on the horizon and life drones on.

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