Wednesday, March 04, 2009


A few things have come up...first it was the battery in the rodeo being dead.Then the hood release cable broke and I couldn't get the hood open. Well I finally did only to discover the remaining gas in the tank had evaporated while attempting to jump it.
But probably the biggest thing is Ann is sick again , and I am not leaving for several days while she is ill.
So , between fighting with the rodeo and trying to take care of Ann I have been amusing myself in the kitchen...
I saw this on some food channel on one of those nights when Ann was guiding ships in through the fog and with one variation (blackberry instead of strawberry jam) I present the grilled frank monte christo with swiss. Not very appealing to look at but damn tasty.
I have also been digging around in the back of the house and found these...
I killed the pits that killed Cypress and almost killed Diamond...such a long time ago , but it's like yesterday in my heart.
Our wedding day...pretty cool.

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