Saturday, March 28, 2009


Our front porch had fallen into disrepair over the winter , and now that I have some time on my hands , I decided to do something about it...With items laying around the house and some tinkering - I think the '09 front porch is the best one yet.

We had one of those typical 55 gallon drum grills on the porch , but the grilling surface was wasted...all rusty and full of holes. Shit , we bought it 10 or so years ago. I went to buy a replacement cooking surface for it and it ended up being cheaper to buy this Brinkman combo. I cured it and cooked on it tonight and it's wonderful . I love it. And I especially love the amount of space it opened up on the porch. Some may consider a new grill a luxury , but for me it was an essential cooking tool. And considering the original grill would have burned out it's bottom by the end of the season it made sense.These are open bottom cookers and require a pan underneath to catch embers and drippings. I just happened to have an extra trash can lid laying around that fit like a glove.
Annabelle and I got those canteens as wedding gifts 15 years ago , they are all oxidized on the inside and useless for camping / seemed fitting to hang them on the post with the fishing net and the other stuff that chronicles our time together.
I had fun doing this , and beyond the new grill , it cost me nothing but time. Time well spent I think...ya think?

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