Friday, March 06, 2009


Ann went to the doctor this morning and it turns out she has moderate to severe bronchitis.Bummer.
I went to the grocery today and shopped like I was in college again (read poor).I managed to get a full weeks worth of nutritious meals plus extra fluids for Annabelle and food for the dogs for under 100 bucks...yay me. that I have a weeks worth of meals to prepare it became necessary to do a full clean on the kitchen. Get everything ready for my cooking needs and let me tell is a task and a half. Our kitchen can best be described in 2 words...shit hole. I have been a triage style cook for almost a year now...just washing and using what I needed to prepare the meal of the moment.
I threw away lots of stuff today...most of it inconsequential , and emptied the giant restaurant style sink we bought when we remodeled a few years ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time and it looked really cool , but it was a set up for people as lazy about housekeeping as we are. Three deep basins for stuff to wallow in. What killed me was I was unable to save some of my calphalon cookware.It was just too damaged from sitting unattended for so long.
And there was always something better to do than clean the kitchen. It's funny too , that someone who loves the art of cooking as much as I do to let his kitchen go to hell. But I'm correcting that , and while it kicks my ass to throw so much high end shit away , the process is cleansing and it feels good.
You will never see my or Annabelle's name in the same sentence as good housekeeping but I have all this time on my hands and there's just so much electrical shit I can do here.
I had to remove the hood latch mechanism on the rodeo to get the hood open...what a GIANT pain in the ass...but I did it. I'm not gonna bother with repairing / replacing it. Instead I'm going with hot rod hood pins. Ironic really...putting hot rod performance parts on a soccer mom vehicle. I think it will look cool.
My camping plans have been thwarted again...this time by the weather. Rain in the forecast through at least Tuesday. I may just set the motherfucker up in the yard at this point (just kidding).
So here we are...slowly sinking with the rest of the country. Trying to figure out how to rise above (again).
The news annoys the shit out of me. The republicunts just won't give it up. Someone needs to put Limbaugh out of his fucking pill head dominican boy fucking syphilitic misery that he's making us endure. I think it's awesome he's being touted as the de facto leader of the republicunt party...they deserve the "honor".
I am so sick of Nancy Grace and her obsession with the "tot mom"...please bitch , her name is Casey Anthony and she may have killed her child and tried to cover it up. Sad and horrible to be sure , but it's not like she's the only one whose done something like this. The latest being that asshole in Ohio that killed his entire family and then killed himself ( thanks by the way dude , for saving us the money and the drama of a trial and all the speculation about your motives ). You were a piece of shit that killed your family and now your dead...good enough , let's move on.
Crime is up , hand gun sales are up .
You do the math.

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